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Manterns: Manly-Scented Candles

Scented candles -- if you're a married man, get used to the accursed things.

Or try an alternative. Manterns: scented candles for men. With soothing aromas like "Bacon cheeseburger" and "Sawdust", who could resist?

Commentors: what scents would you like to have wafting through your house?

Link via Jeff

I don't get that gender typecasting.

Do most men like stinky smells over nice ones?

I actually like citrus/fruit/fresh smelling candles (of course maybe that's from working in a lab all day that at best smells of isopropyl alcohol and at worst you can't imagine).
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Sawdust actually sounds pretty cool; the smell of any sort of hardwood lumber as well. Also, the smell of a charcoal grill.
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I don't mind good smelling candles, but most are overwhelming and sickly sweet. ie. it doesn't smell like flowers, it smells like you are drowning in flower goop.

but I love the smell of sawdust.
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Bah! After you try to place an order, you get the message: "Sorry, but every single last one of our candles is sold out. Need a gift right away? How about a funny t-shirt?"

Then they say they'll mail you when they are back in stock. Why not say so before putting in all your personal information, huh?
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In fact, I can't think of a reason why they haven't made a candle with added petrol. It's a surefire hit.

I would also like a scented candle that smells of wax. Yeah I know, a guy can dream.
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I'm with Rohin. I used to love the smell of gasoline when we got a fill-up in my youth.

What about "Summer Sunday"? A mix of newly-mown grass and charcoal grilled steaks? Or "New Car"?

"Frat-House Party" for the nostalgic.

But I would have to vote for the candles that smell like single-malt scotches. Any aficionado can tell you that the smell of each is distinct and with its own identity, and the smell of the scotch is part of its delicious mystery.

Just no "Old Stogie", gods forbid.
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Mm, sawdust smell. I enjoy the smell of hardware stores in general, though (mainly the lumber scent with the rubber overtones).

What I would like scents for are: candle in a pumpkin smell (no spice aromas), burning leaves, and that smell you get after it rains...
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Kentucky Fried Chicken. Specifically, whatever addictive chemical they put in it to make you crave it fortnightly, smart*** ...

Love the aroma, hate the chicken.
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I may be a girl, but I think a good manly scent would be "Campfire." Who doesn't like finding that jacket that you last wore on a camping trip that still smells like campfire smoke? Ahh, comforting, relaxing, outdoorsy and very, very manly.
Also, going along with the stinkier scents, "Pool Hall." The smell of sour beer and cigarette smoke, chalk and sweat with just a hint of urinal cake.
Perhaps, "Bowling Alley." Similar to "Pool Hall" except with the smell of greasy nachos and shoe deodoriser.
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the uncanny smell of old cars. this very peculiar mix of smells : metal, rubber, oil, gaz, exhaust fumes, cloth upholstery, and this "je ne sais quoi" that makes you travel in time when you seat in one of those oldies.
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I'm with VonSkippy... anything smells better than formalin and rotting flesh. There isn't a candle in the world that could cover that. I had a fantastic sense of smell before I started working in labs, now I think I've burned 40% of my olfactory receptors. My favorite candles are the Lollia ones. Sweet, fruity, and slightly floral.
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Ali S. Says:
If I had to choose a scent it would be the smell of “Napalm in the Morning” - You win!

I liked the idea of cut grass scent so I looked it up and there are several companies that offer just such a candle.

I enjoy a sugar cookie candle but like most I can only burn it for a few minutes before it gets overwhelming. Most of the food ones though just lead to disappointment - coming home to the scent of fresh baked apple pie, for example, just to exhaust yourself in a futile search for the tasty treat.
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White Barn and Yankee Candle both have campfire-scented candles. They're lovely. I also went into a gift shop in Nashville, IN recently and they had a leather-scented candle. I almost bought it.

A few years ago around the holidays, Bath & Body Works had a mashed-potato scented candle. It smelled so realistic my mouth actually watered. I don't think I'd actually want my house to smell like that, though.
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Demeter makes a whole line of unusual scents. I have a bottle of Woodsmoke cologne right in front of me. It smells like sitting next to a campfire.
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I love the smell of campfire! I remember looking for a campfire-scented perfume. Or a dirt-scented perfume (kind of a gardening/camping/fresh dirt after it rains smell). Maybe a dirt candle?
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Huh. Girls can like "manly" smells too! I love the suggested ideas of Sawdust, Petrol (Gasoline), and Hardware Store. I'll add:

Tire & Auto Shop
Permanent Marker
Greasy Car Repairman
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Mmmm, campfire-scented candle...*sigh*

Or a real pine-forest-scented candle. Not just the fresh leaves,but also the dirt and composting dead needles. It all combines to make this incredible aroma that I have yet to find bottled up.

Or the thick, aromatic leathery skin that peels back to reveal a pecan in-the-shell. It smells so wonderfully resiny and earthy, and makes my mouth water.

On the raunchy smelling candles, I'd have to suggest Sweaty Belly Button Lint, or maybe Gym Locker. Ewwww!

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hey rich-- they do sell pot scented candles and insence at head shops, or you could just pick up a reefer habit.. then you get the smell AND the calming after-effect.

someone mentioned a dirt smelling candle or perfume-- you could always use patchouli, but your friends might start calling you a dirty hippie. then some of your other friends will find it necessary to tell you that they HATE the smell of patchouli, not implying that YOU smell bad, but that people who wear it do... i mean, hey- they don't want to make you feel bad or anything, but they'll definitely let you know where they stand on the issue. and then the rest of the people you run into will say things like this: it smells like trees and dirt in here; who smells like insence?; did someone just light a spleef? you get the picture.. but if you have a strong sense of self, it won't bother you.

i'm trying to avoid the gender bias here, but since we're already separating men and women by candle scents, might i suggest that men stay away from candles to begin with? i mean, if they're so worried about SMELLING girly, i'm sure they don't want to APPEAR girly too.. allow me to suggest burning insence instead. it's more musky and creates much more of a "manly" ambiance with the slight touch of smoke in the air. make sure it isn't too near your guests though, because depending on what kind you burn, it could be a little heavy and overbearing. plus, the smell will permeate your clothes and you won't have to use your old spice at all! but then again, you might get all the "dirty-hippie" ridicule, so you might not want to take my advice anyway. oh well. happy days!
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I actually saw these cats on CNN the other day talking about the manly scented candles they were making up. Showed them pouring them and everything. It was great! I wish I could remember the scents they talked about on the segment. Anyway, I think they'll be the perfect "gag" gift to go along with the "real" gift for any guys b-day or whatever.

Personally, I think I would dig- fresh, cut grass; hot pavement after a rain; gun powder; sawdust; and sorority house. Nice.
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For some reason I have been focused on nostalgic smells these days and needed to vent about it.
There is this small hole in the wall at my work that has a musty damp basement smell... for some reason it is nostalgic and actaully makes my mouth water... I know.. that is weird.
Other than that.. the smell of two stoke engines (for me it is dirtbike - but also speed boats in the summertime)
fresh cut grass with charcoal bbq
the very first smell of spring in the air - it is amazing
railroad ties
If your ever driving on a motorcycle at night - on an old country road on a warm summer night the smell of the sudden cold bogs/mist
Coffee and cig are nostalgic because of my dad
Fresh soil from the garden
My budgie even smells good
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I love the smell of a lot of things but I think the best smells is coffee in the store,Fresh mowed grass,new leather and Hay. My husband has to practailly pull me out of the coffee bags on the shelf in the store.There all years ago smells for me.
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