...And the Knork Ran Away With the Spoon

You're familiar with the spork, sure, or "foon" if you will, but how about the Knork?


photo from knork.net

Check out a review of the knork and other utensil hybrids at the Washington Post, link via slashfood.

I laugh at their foolish attempts to improve on fingers (although chop sticks are a good second).

//as I eat a turkey sloppy joe with nothing (checks up both sleeves) but my hands.
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"We are sick of your cost cutting, we want our cream back - and our forks, knives and spoons! No more sporks, spknives and knivoons - it's like a Dr. Seuss kitchen down there!" --Andy Richter Controls the Universe
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Man, I need to click through, because I can't tell what makes this a knork at all. It seems like it would be dangerous to make the handle sharp, but the tines would be even worse!
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I think the curved and thickened edge of the last tine makes it easier to cut food than a traditional tine.

They may have added serrations, probably less than a butter knife, but I really doubt they would make it *sharper.* I know I would injure myself on such a thing.
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My cousin lost her arm a few years back in a car accident. She's been eating with this kind of utensil since then - it's much easier than trying to use both a knife and a fork to cut something with only one hand.
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My father has a bunch of these, at least 50 years old. He told me they are navy forks. They are a result of a sailing philosophy that states, "One hand for the ship and one hand for yourself." Using a knife and fork required two hands for one's self.
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We had these in Australia over 50 years ago, but our were called Splades (or Splayds). By the 70s they were considered to be incredibly daggy and no one would admit to having them. More details (and a photo) here: http://www.legendfeelco.com.au/whatever.htm
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Knorks are great! I can't eat with regular forks they are funky and don't work - it's a better fork. Next time you go to a restaurant watch how many people tip their forks on their sides to cut through foods. It's genious!!
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