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Party of ideas

You'll forgive me, please, for breaking one of my own rules and posting something political here on Neatorama. I am indeed one of the sinister coastal liberal elite, a New Englander programmed at the University of California at Berkeley, but since I'm a guest here, I usually try to keep my politics in my pants.

This time, however, I am posting something political. Not just because it's neat - I think it is (I also think that it is a couple of years old) - but because I need our readers' help identifying the man in the video. I remember seeing him perform something similar some time ago. Does anyone recognize who he is? [LiveLeak]

I'll not post my political status, but I'll have to say this was an interesting video, but I could not sit through the whole thing. The "music and singing" made me sick. Sorry Adam, not really that neat.
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He sounds like a voice actor... hmmmmm I'll think on it.

And dag! That dude is annoying and some of those facts are a bit exaggerated.
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haha Thespian. I was thinking the same thing. With the long introduction Mr. Stanhope gave, I was expecting some neat-o political theater. Now that W is on the way out, this type of thing is getting rather stale (extremely stale, actually). There are only 800,000 Youtube videos rehashing the same themes, along with 9 billion blog entries and 10^10 message board comments to this effect. GWB is a liar and a hypocrite. Ok, next topic? please.

There's something about this f-you style of political expression that leaves me weary. Even where I agree with the gist of the political critique, being in-yo-face, calling Dick Cheney "Dick", is no longer edgy or rebellious. I had to stop this 3/4 the way through, because this flabby dude spitting in my face reminded me too much of the guy who cut me off on the freeway and then gave me the finger the other day.

So basically, not so-neato.
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I think that it may Toby Keeler. That site (Dognooz) is owned by Fine Cut Presentations, and Toby Keeler is on the FCP site as a voice over person. He looks like that guy in your vid, and a quick Google search shows Keeler into politics.

David Lynch seems to be tied into this organization too, but I'm not quite sure to what extent.
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Adam, it seems to me that you post more of this kind of crap than anyone else. Maybe you should start up your own website. You're really starting to lower even your low standards.
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Lex, in all fairness, it would be much less effort for you to go to another website for your entertainment than for Adam to start his own. Or even just skip the posts that list Adam as the author. I've done that with one of the authors here (although I haven't seem this particular person post in a while).

I love it how everyone has their own idea of what Neatorama should be, as if it were their own personal website.
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You see, in our two-party system, the Democrats are the party of no ideas and the Republicans are the party of bad ideas. It usually goes something like this. A Republican will stand up in Congress and say, “I’ve got a really bad idea.” And a Democrat will immediately jump to his feet and declare, “And I can make it (worse).”

~Lewis Black
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There is something curious about the word "liberal".

In english (I don´t know if only in US english or also in UK english), liberal are leftish: Communist, anarchist etc.

But in Spanish, a liberal is a radical neocon.
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As a left-leaning political independent who loathes W just as much as the next guy, I can honestly say that was probably the most irritating thing I've seen in a really long time. The irritation was not worth attempting to identify whoever it was. I only lasted about half a minute.
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what's funny about this is, I'm republican and all for this type of thing, it's freedom of expression ... it's awful but it's freedom of expression, YAY !!!

Also if this is the guy that the left wants representing them and the quality of the work product that represents them ... I'd rethink it
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Seems to me that Adam knows this is inappropriate for Neatorama or he wouldn’t have offered up such a lame excuse/apology in his intro. If he really wanted to know, he would have posted this on one of the “Liberal” sites with likeminded individuals who are probably familiar with this material (and could have answered it quickly). Adam has a background in Guerilla Marketing that fits right in with his motivation to force his personal ideology out to others through any forum no matter how inappropriate.
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i consider myself pretty liberal and honestly, i didn't watch the video either because i didn't think i'd like it. is it really that hard to skip past something that you know you won't enjoy? i guess it's easier to watch it first and then complain and be dramatic, but my guess is there wasn't some secret sinister force at work here just to piss you off.
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I admire the intestinal fortitude of those who were able to stick through it for longer than 15 seconds.

Beating a dead horse, yes. Why bother trying to find out who it is? Looked and sounded awful. They can't all be Stephen Colbert, but please...
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Ummm... He kinda looks like he could be Bill Clinton's long-lost brother, Zeppo.

No worries, Adam; sinister coastal liberal elite though you may be, I'll still read your stuff. I've heard it said that a social liberal is just a conservative who hasn't had kids.
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This coastal liberal became more liberal after he had kids. All the more reason to want the future of this country not be pissed away by war-mongering, fat-cat catering, religious zealots.

But this video sucked. Was it supposed to be funny?
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Whaa, the video hurt my political feelings. Somehow I don't think these whiny people would get offended by topics that are critical of the policies and actions of other governments. Hypocrisy methinks.

Anyways I don't care for this video because it plain sucks as others have pointed out it's no different than countless other videos of political oriented themes. This guy isn't entertaining or funny he's annoying.
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That was crap. Plus, there are a billion sites for politics of any persuasion - I come here for the neat. Political stuff should be extra-neat (or at least subtle) to share a page with Elmo's mugshot and hibernating tortoises.

Save the crap choir-preaching to the pundits.
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I've been a parent for almost 16 years. Truth be told, parenthood made me more of a liberal.

As far as preaching goes, if I wanted to use Neatorama as a soapbox for anti-Bush propaganda, don't you think I'd pick a better video clip than this? Or at least one that isn't several years old?

I just want to know who the guy is. I know I've seen him before, but I can't place him. A wacky guy that looks like Gilbert Gottfried who accentuates his speech by banging on pots and pans? Come on, people - that's priceless, regardless of what he is talking about.
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That video is awesome. Stuff like that makes me miss public access tv. The only person that guy resembles to me, though, is 'TV's Frank' from Mystery Science Theater.
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Lol, totally Bif from Back to the Future, also kind of like a Gary Busey thing going on. I liked it. Maybe the ideas are as dated as the guy's six-pack, but it was kind of crazy beat poetry. Or maybe gong-politics. Perhaps a rant-solo, like a drum solo, but with more cymbals and no flow.
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john.302 & Adam: A corollary to that quote is that a social liberal who is still a liberal after having kids doesn't really like them. Or hasn't thought very hard about their future.

Anyway, have a nice day!
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Anything that needs such a long disclaimer probably doesn't belong on this website. I'm all for free speech, but the reason I enjoy this site is that it is an oasis from political discourse. There are plenty of places to go and find this sort of thing. Keep neatorama neat!
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@ Dave:

My love for children inspires my liberalism.

I don't want them to have to grow up in a country run by narrowminded, backwards, bible thumping, nativist rural rednecks. (social conservatives)

Or a country run by day-trading, trickle-down crapononomic professing, Larry Kudlow loving lobbyists for multinational corporations. (economic conservatives)

Or a country run by empire building, unilateral action taking, no-bid contract giving (with kickbacks), diplomacy-shunning, cowboy commander in chiefs. (neo-cons)

My worst nightmare of all is a country ran by an evil coalition of all three. Repiglicans. So, that explains my "lee-buurr-awl-ism".
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I'm a west-coast radical programmed at the University of California, Class of 1967, and I invented guys like you.

Keep it in your pants, Adam, you're not that bright.
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Heart in the right place, brain in neutral. I hate the marriage of no accountability + across the board fuckups of the Bush administration as much as any other reasonable person, but that video was just annoying to the nth degree. About as "neat" and subtle as The Half Hour News Hour.
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