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Telltale Sign that Chuck Norris Was Here

Thanks Trey! Does anyone know where this split rock is? (Or whether it's photoshop)

Q. Does anyone know where this split rock is?
A. Yes. It was right in front of the bow of Chuck Norris' row boat. It is now behind the stern of Chuck Norris' row boat.
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Chuck: "You know, I came across something on the Internets that said that I split a big rock on an ocean. I'm not offended by it; boys will be boys. But what's truly important is to remember Who walked upon an ocean and who is indeed our Rock."
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Its definately in New Zealands Abel Tasman National Park. Allegedly it was split by a strike of lightning. The above links are clearly not the same rock. Check this one out...its a splitting like that one? LOL
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Yeah...God....I could go on this huge rant about what a load of crap that astrotheological literary hybrid of a book the bible is, prove that Jesus is fictitious and holds no value, and undermine EVERYTHING there is about the Christian religion and all of it's outdated doctrines and morals whle at the same time promotin gtings like paganism and egyptian mythology at the same time, and then I could back up my rant with facts. Can Jesus do that? I think not. Regardless, Chuck Norris facts are funny. Muc lawlz to be had.
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In portland oregon, Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson are in A Murder conspiracy together.
And Clackamas Walmart are acttively helping them by hideing Eric's employment there from me and my family.
For over A year now Eric Carlson has been going by the name gashel, last name unknown by me, he dyed his hair black, and Walmart agreed to hide his Identity from my daughter, who also worked at that store.
Joan and Eric have friends in Authority protecting Joan and Eric from prosecution.
I have reported this repeatedly to the Authority's and they are ignoring Joan and Eric's CONSPIRACY.
I would be more than happy to Testify to this but the Authority's are covering this up so my testimony would simply dissapear.
My name is Terry Wagar and Im backing up these charges.
Nomatter how many people Joan and Eric poisoned the Authority's here in portland Oregon refuse to arrest them.
Im making these charges public because of the blatent coverup of these charges.
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