Shaggy Dog Story Archive

I'm going to share with you a fantastic website that has been around for a long time: Alan B. and Brian Comb's Shaggy Dog Story Archive.

The website has over 2,000 shaggy dogs, feghoots, yarns, and groaners. We can quibble about the details of how a feghoot differs from a shaggy dog, but these are basically short stories with atrocious pun or really bad punchline (hence "groaner" - the listener invariably groan when they hear the ending!). Most of them have been around, like, forever . Chances are you've heard of some of 'em but didn't know what they're called.

What's with the title "Tarzan's Tripes Forever"? Well, here's the story (I warn you, it's a groaner - but it illustrates what a feghoot is):

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, was innocently leaping from tree to
tree one fine day, when a band of crazed cannibals ambushed and killed
him. They devoured him almost immediately, except for the lining of
his stomach which they stretched over a hollow log to make a bongo drum,
and gave it to the son of the chief cannibal.

The boy was delightedwith his new drum and played it constantly for weeks. Until one day, he came crying to his father the chief. "Daddy," he whimpered, "my
bongo drum rotted away."

"Son," replied the chief, "you can't play 'Tarzan's Tripe Forever.'" (from NetHistory, who has a few shaggy dogs)

Get it? I told you it was a groaner!

If you haven't seen it before, or haven't visited it for a while, it's worth a visit (they've got new stories!): Link

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