How to Trap (and Humiliate) a Thief

A while ago, British TV show Swag (by Madonna's hubbie Guy Ritchie, btw) staged a trap for would-be thieves. They parked a cargo truck with its door open, revealing a tempting assortment of goodies inside. When the bandit went in for a quick steal, they closed the door and unravelled the cargo truck's covering to reveal a mobile cage!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks wade7!

Here's another example: Thief trapped behind a security glass door after attempting to steal toilet paper in Redfern, Australia.

hey roger, is it legal to steal stuff from the truck? he started it!!!

but you're right I think they had somehow to exchange a disclaimer with thief charges dropping.
good legal case if the guy does not want it : you're going to prison for stealing, but with wads of cash for kidnapping, humiliation and whatnot... I guess you have to think about it. what's the ROI?
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My initial reaction was "Bwahahahaha! Suck it, thief!"

Then I thought "Hm, if he is a criminal, what are the chances he'd have a gun or something?"

@Roger, re: entrapment - don't police do it all the time? They just call it a "sting operation".
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Alex: I didn't use the word entrapment, which means something completely different, not "trapping somebody" . I also wondered what would happen if the guy had a gun - could have been a real public danger.

Christophe: I know the guy started it, and the video is a very funny just reward. It just seems blatantly illegal to kidnap someone, criminal or not. There must be some legal loophole that allows them to do this, like a citizen's arrest. Even so, I would think doing so exposes the producers to legal liabilities which far outweigh the ROI from one prank.

There must be some more background on this out there somewhere...
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I believe its called a citizens arrest. Its the same law that allows a store security guard to detain a shop keeper till the cops arrive. Also this may well be staged.
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The legality of it all is certainly questionable. However, the first thing that crossed my mind upon reading this was the Child Catcher from the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"...
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Theres another version of the same clip at:
Quality isn't great though, but at least you can get the idea.
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