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Old Man Goes Nuts At Car Wash.

Old man goes nuts at a car wash because he lost his glasses according to police report. And the whole thing was captured by CCTV. Link: Youtube

Every man secretly desires to go apeshit in his car one day. This is proof that, if you live long enough, the temptation will become too great.
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This reminds me of that movie, "Falling down". It would have been my distinct pleasure to knock out that old man after the car stopped moving. And if I found his glasses, I'd step on them.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) let me think...whats the best thing to do now that ive lost my glasses and i cant see two feet in front of my face? i know! drive a car! what an idiot!!! did he "lose his glasses" in the car THAT quick? and were they soooooo lost (IN THE CAR) that he really couldnt find them?!? there is so much wrong here...
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Well there's no proof that this guy went nuts over losing anything since all we have is a brief intro to the clip. Or that it was a guy. Or that anything else this clip was represented as is truthfull.

But if he did go nuts, I bet he was on psych meds and he was experiencing one of the many side effects when he did this.
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Well, the Carwash probably want to protect themselves from lawsuits and false accusations. This is after all due to the sue happy nature of folks.
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The unfortunate thing about The Who's classic line, "I hope I die before I get old" is that you end up being old before you know it. one day you're in your mid-twenties, you blink and suddenly find yourself 20 years older, blink again and you've lost control of your car in a car wash. I feel sorry for the old bugger, a more appropriate quote might be, "there but for the grace of god, go I" ... for now. TTtalkin' 'bout my gggeneration.
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First to make a total fool out of himself? Truth!

Old people in vehicles are an endless source of entertainment! You think that driver in the mini-van will sue? Oh yes, yes they will.
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the old man was building a prototype laser cannon, part of which was left assembled on the back seat. The car washer chap noticed this and mentioned it looked 'kinda like a big flash light'. The old man freaked that his laser gift to the world had been discovered and went nuts. Fair enough!
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