Moms Find Solution To 'Plumber's Crack'

Two Central Coast moms say they have come up with a solution to the old problem of "plumber's crack," the revealing and often embarrassing problem of exposed backsides resulting from poorly fitting pants.

Christine Meeks and Kelley DeSerpa have come up with the Hip-T an invention designed to keep your assets covered.

Meeks and DeSerpa, who have patented their idea, said they came up with the idea when one of their daughters complained about the problem.

About a year ago, Meeks and DeSerpa converted a bedroom into an office and business with about $15,000 saved between them.

Most sales take place through their Web site and they have already shipped their product to addresses in all 50 states. The hip-T runs $19.95.

Video: Youtube

Those news men were covering their assets by stretching that "news" into three and a half minutes!
I could almost see the shadow of the camera man signing "keep it rolling - I need 2:45 more!"
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The Deluth Trading Company has been selling "Longtail T's " for years, at about 12 bucks a pop.

They also sell a lot of "blue collar" tech stuff for manly men.
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This is nothing new. This type of belly band has been marketed to pregnant women for years. All these women did was decide to target a different market.
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Another good solution I've heard of is sew a little lace along the bottom of the shirt.

Only works for boys, but you can be sure that the shirt will stay tucked in.
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so why doesnt it need to be shared? i don't HAVE to look. also the extra 20 might just be enough to buy a fitting pants
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This strikes me as prudish. These ladies must be a barrel of fun in the sack, surely the type to always turn the lights off and talk about their day.
At the same time, I agree with covering up a tween's bits and pieces.
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Wikipedia is generally reliable: the journal Nature recently published a study that showed Wikipedia to be about as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica.
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Those stupid broads are trying take away my God-given right to see a little lace when I ask for the girl behind the counter at the gym to bend over and get me a towel.

Next they will try and hid the worlds clevage.
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c-dub: Generally reliable but not everything gets filtered and since anyone could submit into the database, small things get missed.

I could see where they're getting at this. I'm a fan of long t-shirts/shirts myself being slightly taller than norm (relative to my schoolmates) but sometimes I find it a little problematic to shop with this restriction.
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Yes, small things get missed, but small things get missed in every reference. The brilliance of Wikipedia is that while there may be a few people adding erroneous information, there are thousands more seeking it out and removing it.

Again, it's been proved to be about as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica, so questioning its value as a reference is a little disingenuous.
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What kind of wanna-be academic bothers to complain about the use of Wikipedia to reference a pop-culture term for a fluff news story?
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