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Man Found (Some of) the Confederate Gold

After he retired, Bob Brewer embarked on an adventure to find the missing Confederate gold, supposedly hidden by the mysterious Knights of the Golden Circle of the late 1800s to finance a second Civil War.

Everyone thought Bob was bonkers ... until he found some of the treasures!

He sketched the symbols others described, tracked them down when he could and plotted them on topographical maps. During a stint as a state inspector of beekeepers, he explored remote areas of the forest and found more carvings on trees and rock faces.

Many were recurring symbols: snakes, turtles, crescent moons, crosses, numbers and letters with odd flourishes. Brewer figured they were cryptic indicators of distance and direction, clues to buried riches.

LA Times has this fascinating story of buried treasure, Jesse James, Knight of the Golden Circle, cryptic symbols: Link (Photo: Tom Ewart)

Holy Shit! The legends are true after all.

Unfortunately, even though Brewer might have solved the greatest mystery of US History, he will likely get more from the book than he ever found in treasure.

Maybe not. If I found millions in lost Confederate gold, would I tell the world? Or would I keep most of it in secret and show only enough to get paid for movie rights?
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Because of the historical value, the monetary value of the treasure is going to be more than the nominal value of the coins or the amount of precious metal he found.

Hundreds of people had searched for the missing Confederate gold and came up empty (like another buried treasure case: The Money Pit). Even Brewer, who searched for 14 years only found a small fraction of the supposed wealth.
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This could be an unrelated cache he found, I have knowledge of many caches from that area/time period, that were the result of the fact that people did not trust banks...if these confederates had all this money, and watched their countrymen starve while the raiders and carpetbaggers raped and pillaged, they were not worthy of their titles, or their temple, and were really quite idiotic in their priorities, rather retarded in their thinking... much like arkansas' latest offering in the presidential race!

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if you get a chance, thanks for the neat post

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I've been told of confederate gold/or payroll that was bieng escorted in S.W. Missouri.This man was told by his grandfather around 1934,that his father had a confederate soldier that was ill come to his house. He took the soldier in.The soldier told him he was carring the payroll.He told him it was in a cave,outside the cave was a rock he had marked which marked the location of this cave.the soldier died.This man looked for it and never found it.Till one day his son was riding his dirtbike and found this rock.He returned with the rock,but couldn't remember where he found it.Is it possible?If you have any insight please let me know.
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Bob Brewer is on the right path!
The Confederacy Treasury and the Virginia Bank fund was split into pieces and moved.
DOES anybody know where DIXIE is???
Yes it was in Arkansas!!!
Jefferson Davis owned 11,000 + acres there during Civil War!

Good Going BOB!
They try to say Confederate Coins were never made-- I KNOW they were!!

NOTE: There are times that protecting a treasure is far greater than diggin it up!
Today the Confederate Treasury would be scooped up by the United States Government as quickly as it would have been in/ after the War Between the States! ( Nothing Civil About it!
Dave Kennedy
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Bob was on T.V. recently and I questioned the entire thing, because the trees he was finding clues carved into them, was not that old, at least they were not around druing the Civil War.
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If I had strong suspicion and proved as to the exactly location where a portion of the "Confederate Gold" was located and it was on City land or private property, what would be necessary for me to claim the treasure without the City or land owner confiscating the treasure?
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There was a report on the History Channel for the past few weeks about this exact story. It was on that new show that came out, Brad Meltzer Decoded They had discussed exactly what was in this story; From the Plantation itself- To a cemetary. Showing the carving's on the trees. It's a fasciating story; And it's believed the gold is still out there scattered between Ga & Washington.
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