Jelly The Cat Cheats Death

This is one of the lucky cat! Nine-year-old Jelly was spotted by owner Wendy Wallis walking around with a copperhead snake wrapped around her neck and immediately called wildlife rescuers to have the snake removed.

"Both the cat and the snake seemed quite happy," Ms Wallis said. "She didn't show any signs of a bite last night, but this morning she was almost paralysed".

"She is currently at the Montrose vet at the moment being pumped full of anti-venom, but the vet says she'll recover fully."

Ms Wallis said she snapped the picture through a glass door, but didn't dare open the door as the cat would have walked inside.

Jelly may well be thinking "One life down, eight to go!"

Via: Mercury

Maybe the snake was attracted to the warmth of the cat? Was it a cold night?

I wonder if letting the cat indoors would allow the snake to experience a warmer environment and leave the cat? Just a thought.
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First of all, Stella, you are clearly wrong and this is obvious to all in attendance. Second, please don't quit your day job, the internet does not need any more idiots who clearly have nothing more important going on in their lives than to come and complain about ridiculous things on a random site. Fuck, get over yourself.

And to Erik, letting a poisonous snake into your house is not a good idea.
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My cat Kage (kah gay) kills snakes all the time. There were several in our basement (came up through the sump pump, I think...). One was about 1/3 her weight (she's small). I was sure impressed but my wife is deathly afraid of snakes so we praise her at the top of the basement stairs and she doesn't bring them any further. None have ever been poisonous though.

By the way she is, has always been and will always be an indoor cat.

Hope your cat has recovered!
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That's one of the reasons I could never live in a country that had deadly snakes. The stories you are telling of snakes in basements are just nightmarish.
I live in England, by the way and my heart goes out to anyone with a phobia about snakes.
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Google "Southern Copperhead" and you will see EVERY PICTURE of the snake shows a patterned snake, and that snake is clearly not. I am no expert on snakes either, but alas, internet proves otherwise. One way or another. Lucky cat because that COULD have been a copperhead or worse.
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aww poor cat :( and that is definitely a copperhead.
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That snake is a colubrid. There are no venomous colubrids in North America. Copperheads are vipers. Learn your snakes, it could save your life and keep you from looking like a dumb bitch.
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In terms of the snake debate you both are technically correct. Although the snake is a copperhead it is not the perhaps more well known AMERICAN copperhead. It is rather an AUSTRALIAN copperhead
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