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Try to keep the cat from escaping the field by clicking on a spot. I’ve played this game every time I’ve seen it posted somewhere, and after dozens of attempts, I finally won. Until now, I wasn’t sure if it was possible! Link

YEAH! Got it on my second try - won twice in a row. Then went on to lose constantly. My god, I'm already a "chat noir" has-been. Well, off to rehab!
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I, too, have played it quite a bit. The first time I clicked in from Neat-o-rama, however, is the first time I won. Obviously, this site is my good luck charm.

The fourth time I played it, I also won. The trick seems to be resetting the game until there are enough existing blocks to make the game winnable.

Not much of a win, however. The image doesn't even stay around long enough to get a good screen capture.
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3 out of 4 times success. The trick is to click a few paces ahead of the cat. It's not that hard, but I like it. The design of the game is very pretty, too, unlike many other online flash games, which are tacky and noisy. Thanks for the link!
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Cool game. 4th try, 6th try, 8th try....

I like how it doesn't keep score, because there's no way you're gonna wanna see your stats.

It should do something like curl up and go to sleep when you beat it.
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weird I thought about taking a screenshot of proof of my beating it (1st try) to show hear in case of non-beleivers but I can see there are alot of people beating this on the first try! lol whats the deal miss c?
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If you're good, you can win most of the time, even with only a few starting circles darkened. The trick is not to try and guide the cat but to cut off its escape routes, which is completely contrary to what our instincts tell us.

This means you have to block the edge that the cat is heading toward. Another trick that will help is to realize that the cat always takes the shortest path available to any edge, even if that is not the smartest path to take. So you can sometimes deliberately leave one space open so that the cat will head towards it while you work on sealing up other exits. Then, when the cat is about to escape, close it off.
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