Scotland Spent £125,000 for New Slogan: Welcome to Scotland

Tired of their old catchphrase "Best Small Country in the World," Scotland spent £125,000 with for this new slogan: Welcome to Scotland.

The new artwork was unveiled at Glasgow airport yesterday by culture minister Linda Fabiani. She said: "These images will welcome people arriving in our country and Scots coming home, giving everyone a taste and glimpse of the very best of Scotland.

"This is not about developing flashy slogans.

"This is about showing what a modern, vibrant and successful country Scotland is."

But Labour MSP Jackie Baillie said: "If 'Welcome to Scotland' is the best Alex Salmond's government can come up with, it shows the SNP have had an imagination bypass. It sounds more like a road sign at Berwick than it does a must-do invitation to visit our country."

That's not the only rebranding going on in Scotland. Prestwick airport also had a new slogan:

Prestwick airport got the slogan "Pure Dead Briliant" as part of a £3million upgrade last year. But a logo featuring a cartoon drunken Scotsman sparked outrage.

Link - via reddit

Must be from the same people that did the epilepsy-inducing Olympics logo!

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"although stereotypical to say, they were probably drunk."

Well done you, any other lazy simplistic racial caricatures you'd like to go for? The lazy feckless black guy perhaps? How about the Money Grabbing Jew perhaps? Or here's a good idea, why not expand your horizons learn something about what you are passing comment on and stop trotting out this lazy remedial predigested clap trap.

Go you!!

Can you guess who here is Scottish?
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although stereotypical to say, they were probably drunk. everything is a good idea when you're drunk. but after they spent the 125,000 on it, they surely weren't going to change their minds. so why not be prideful? welcome to scotland!

regarding the epilepsy-inducing olympics logo: hilarious. i can only imagine: jim and ted knew they had something special, but they needed their collegues' opinions. after the showing of the new 2012 olympics logo, the audience was moved. so moved that their epilepsy had been triggered and 4 of them were rushed to the hospital.

btw- i'm going to hell for saying this.
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The slogan has a lot of marketing placement possibilities. It's highly flexible and can be applied in imaginative situations creatively.

It doesn't take an idiot to know how the public would have reacted to this. They would have thought long and hard about the move.

Besides, a slogan is the flag on top of a massive mountain. Sure it's hella important, but there's still an excellent chance that the 125k was still well spent.
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