Stationery Movies II

You may remember the quiz Stationery Movies that was quite popular here last year. Now the same folks have launched a sequel! The quiz still features office supplies in prominent roles, but now the clues are video clips, some with people. Can you guess what movie is depicted in each? Link -Thanks, Becki!

Oh I'm so proud of me, I got all but one! If anyone knows what the second one on the bottom row is...I'd appreciate you putting my curiosity to rest!
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yay thanks Johnzy! That one was tricky, I think it was the thing opening at the beginning that confused me, it's not very prominent or memorable in the movie...I'm now able to win stuff that I'm probably not geographically eligible for....
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I am down to 2 left and I have missed one entirely. This is SO addicting! Any hints to the last one on the bottom row? Other than it looks like Italy, I haven't got a clue!
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Having passed along that hint, what can anybody tell me about the second from the right on the bottom - the ramp/staircase/whatever?

I searched for spoilers but this isn't on digg even, yet.
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