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Navy's Barracks Looks Like Giant Swastika from the Air

Oops! The Navy's Coronado amphibious base and barracks, built in the 1960s, actually look like a giant swastika from the sky - as recently discovered by Google Earth.

Now, the US Navy is going to spend as much as $600,000 on landscaping and architectural modification to hide the shape.

Link - via FP Passport, Thanks Jennifer and esa!

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Oh dear me! How can anyone get away with creating that didn't someone realize the shape of it during the sketch-ups and planning stages?
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I would have never known if this wasn't posted. Would you?

I think they'll be fine saving the landscaping money and buying things they need.
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the nazi swatsika is on a tilt, the buddhist swastika lies flat. it's sad that a lot of people will never know this was/is a truly peaceful symbol from before 1000BC, all because of an moustache wearing maniac's dellusion.
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For way less then $600K they could hang triangle shaped "sails" from each leg and it'd look like a giant pin-wheel.

Surely that couldn't get anyone's panties in a bunch.
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The swastika was used by many different cultures and in many different styles, you can't say it means something different just by tilting it. There's a lot more to it than that. As for this building I say leave it the way it is.
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After fleeing Germany after the war, Hitler became a succesfull american architect in the 60´s.

By the way, an amphibious base? Where is the water?
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someone over at boing boing pointed out that the two adjacent buildings look like bombers heading towards the swastika. As if it was a giant 8 bit mural.
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People are making a big deal about the $600K but the fact is that they are doing various upgrades to the building as part of regular maintenance/modernization and as a part of the project, they are doing some cosmetic/landscaping changes to disguise the shape. The navy is not modifying the shape of the building or spending $600K on changing the shape to appease anyone. Folks need to get all the info before passing judgement.
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