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Where Vehicles Are Left To Die

What happens to all of those huge hulking ships, planes, trains and construction vehicles that are just too expensive to properly disassemble? Well, in many places of the World a little back-handed passing of money to the proper authorities can allow you to dump your rusty vehicle in a single place without any repercussions. There are areas where even the government is willing to look the other way as it's own fleet of old ships and planes are left to rust away. From dilapidated submarines to military aircraft the metal cemeteries are growing fast and because of this there is a new sense of fear that this will have environmental drawbacks.

You can hit play to watch or watch it on Youtube.

As well, click on the "Link" below to see the whole article which includes many pictures from around the World regarding more vehicles left to rust away. - via Deputy Dog

Personally, I find this link to the aerial view more amazing:,-110.842781&spn=0.025359,0.041413&z=15&om=1
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Interesting idea DCer! I think I can trump that by suggesting that people should buy an empty/hollow plane out and then build a bar IN it! Imagine how that would look! You can call it "The Mile High Club" ;)
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if you google earth the davis monthan air force base, you'll notive Hi mom written upside down at the north east corner.

amazing waste. we need a good war.
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Yes, the Google maps view gives you the true scale.

I think we should sell them to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel or any other country that wants them. I am sure that there is some country out there that would want to restore them and use them to attack their neighbors.

Isn't that what we usually do?
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There is nothing wrong with storing all of the old planes there. The caption under the video mentioned ships and stuff as well, those are kept there. The video just showed the airplanes. Those planes have been decommissioned and stripped of its armament, expensive electronics, engines, and other parts they can reuse in newer craft or for other reasons. There is no environmental hazard in that location. I can't comment on anything else mention in the caption though.
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I think we've sold all the weapons systems we can to our "allies". These are the leftovers. My understanding is these are basically moth-balled, not dumped. In theory, they could be resurrected if need be, like when Canada invades us. That's why they are sealed up and crucial components covered up.

I used to dream of visiting this place when I was an airplane nut as a kid. I can still name most of the planes from the Google maps image.

This place was also "featured" in some shots in Koyannisquatsi.
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You should also go take a look at the website linked and see the high humidity areas (as in lakes, piers, seas, bays etc.) with all of the rusty boats and subs floating about. I feel sorry for the fishes. :(
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This isn't a big deal. Not only for the reasons mentioned above, the price of scrap metals has gone through the roof and continues to rise. As time goes on, the incentive to recycle them will overtake their value as a spare parts yard. Then no more metal graveyard.
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Actually, they do sell the parts. Davis Monthan makes several billion a year selling parts to friendly nations. And the very reason Davis Monthan is in Arizona is because it seldom rains there and the conditions are ideal to preserve aircraft for long duration storage. So to say that these planes are left to rot is largely inaccurate.
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