Kid Scored Perfect on SAT and ACT

John Liu of Kentucky was nervous when he took the SAT last December, but all that worrying was for naught: he scored a perfect 2400. He also scored perfect on the ACT.

Wow! Congrats, John!

Link - via Spluch

"I wonder if the word ’steriotype’ was on the Verbal section…"

Probably not 'just a guy', probably not.

Congratulations to John Liu -
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He had to give up his summer to do it, and now he isn't even sure what he wants to do with his "perfect" brain. "Something to do with math or science"... How specific. If knowing what he wanted to do with the rest of his life had been part of the SATs, this guy would have failed.

Grades mean nothing if you don't do anything meaningful with them.
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"When did they change the top score of SAT’s from 1400 (700 math/700 verbal) to 2400?"

It was 800/800 before. They added a written section a few years back.

This probably wouldn't be nearly as rare if most people didn't take just one of the two tests. The daughter of one my high school teachers got a perfect on both back when perfect on the SAT was 1600. In Arkansas where I went to high school most people took the ACT and I knew a few folks with perfect scores, but when I went to the U of Georgia most folks took the SAT and I knew a few people with perfect scores.
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Lol, flareak. On a topic of SAT scores and such, I knew there'd HAVE to be some sort of grammar/spelling/typo 'Nazi-ing' going on. Way to go on supplying another 'Stare-eo-tipe'. :P
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@L, don't be so hard on (or jealous of?) the kid. He's only 17(!) and "math or science" sounds like a great start. With the drive and aptitude to do so well on SAT/ACT, he'll be at an academic advantage when it comes time to decide what he'll end up studying post-high school.

Whatever sacrifices he made to do what he's done, it's plainly obvious that he's earned his achievements.
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ah, dang this kid is smart i know 1 person with a 2400, and she has a very active life and i know another boy with a 36 you also has a social life
then theres me, you sucks at tests, my better score is on the ACT with a 33
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I got a 2200 without studying. I could easily get a 2400 with studying. Just because you put forth much more time than the norm to master a test which isn't an accurate measure of your intelligence doesn't mean that you're intelligent.
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