Cricket is One Dangerous Sport

Who knew cricket could be such a dangerous sport? Here's the story of David Morrison, who has broken every single one of his fingers:

Reluctant to seek medical attention for fear of losing his place in the team, he would simply apply a bag of frozen peas and carry on playing. It was not until three years ago that doctors got a chance to examine his hands – his thumb was so badly injured it needed to be pinned in place.

A bag of peas! Now that's one tough (and stubborn) guy: Link - via Arbroath

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Wow, I saw fingers like that when I was playing volley ball, but it would finish at the ER, not the grocery store...

how dumb is this guy... I guess if he'd need a new sponsor he'll think Capzasin-HP !
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um... yeah? The ball is as hard as a hockey ball (harder than a baseball), and the batsman (baseball: batter) has to wear protective gear, since he's directly in the line of fire. example.

On the defense, only the wicket keeper (baseball: catcher) wears gloves. The bowler (baseball: pitcher) and the other fielders have no protection except (if they're smart) a "cup". OK, we do see fielders in the "silly" fielding positions (e.g. silly mid off) wearing helmets these days, but gloves are not permitted. ("Silly" is a polite way of saying "bloody stupid", meaning "really close to the batsman"!)
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