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Skull Facial Tattoo Update

Above is an updated picture of 'Zombie', the young Montreal gentleman previously featured here on Neatorama for his radical facial skull tattoo. The tattoo has developed to encompass his entire cranium and has crept down his neck. The effect is as remarkable as it is creepy.

Via ModBlog

He actually looks much more scary in the first picture posted here. In this picture, he seems nice and almost approachable. Maybe it's just because it's a candid, though.
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Anthony, yeah, because there are no easier ways than to spend countless hours and countless dollars in the tattoo chair to get attention. But hey, if that's what you have to justify this with to be able to cope with people doing what they want to themselves and loving doing it that's your perogative.

Ray, why unemployable? I'm a modified person, visibly modified, I know there are many places that would never employ me because of my modifications. That's fine by me, I wouldn't want to work for such a narrow-minded employer anyway. It's a choice you have to take, but trust me he's not unemployable and neither are other people with similarly extensive mods. Besides, there's always the choice of starting your own business if you can't get a job or haven't secured your economical future some other way. If I knew I needn't ever worry about my economy again I'd do sometime similar as he did (though other motifs) though as it is I don't have the balls to take that full step. Kudos to him that he does.
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I live in Montreal and see this guy often. In fact, he IS employed. He's a bike messenger and comes to my office often. Seem slike no one minds him much, but people do look which I guess is the idea.
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That's pretty radical as in "out there" not as in surfer terms. Then again I'm sure people just get used to seeing him going about his day.
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Personally, I believe the tattoo work is wonderful. I give great kudos to individuals who chose to stand out against social norms regardless of their personal motivations.
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I don't know much about tattoos, but these look pretty intricate and well-done. Still, I would have some reservations about bringing him home to meet the folks...
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*He’s a bike messenger *
- hi folks, you got mail, just sign here
- ahhhhhh! lemme sign myself first! sacrebleu!

he is umployable, fear is good :

*as a bank teller*
- so, you want to withdraw money?
- no, no, I let everything in the bank, don't worry, gotta go, bye.

*as a 7/11 cashier*
- this is a hold up
- yes?
- aaaah! f*ck! what the h*ll are you? aaaaaaah... [running away]

*as a assistant teacher in kindergarden*
- Timmy, you're not behaving, let me call the assistant teacher
- nooooooooooooooooooooo! I'll be good, I promise!

I'm sure there are so many possibilities...
*as a debt collector*
*as a bouncer*
*as an IRS agent*
*as a repo man*
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First thoughts - unemployed, underemployed, or artist (is there a difference?)

Hey, the best reason for a tattoo is cos it's trendy. Trend = ... oh, a temporary fashion. Gee.

The oddest thing is that these people truly don't understand this. It's not about personal rights or liberty, it's about intelligence.
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black adder: yeah, tattoos are trendy. A trend that has been around the world (with exception of places with firmly implanted christian roots) since what, oh, thousands of years? neo-tribal designs on the lowerback is probably just a trend, I must agree, but a full head skull tattoo... a trend? man, I don't know where you live, but tattoo artists must be rich, there!

I wouldn't do this, but doing it has nothing to do with intelligence. nor does it have anything to do with a trend. it's just a way of life. open up.
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"Hey, the best reason for a tattoo is cos it’s trendy. Trend = … oh, a temporary fashion. Gee."

Nice to see that making strong generalizations from a single picture about a persons reasons for doing whatever is still strong in the general population. What were you saying about intelligence now again? Huh?
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What is it like when he doesn't shave for a couple of days? A full beard growing out of a skull would be awesome! Or a Van Dyke!
I, personally, would love to see an 80 year old man with this tattoo... although I'm not sure he will be delivering packages then...
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black adder so what your saying is tattoos are trends and will just die off like every other trend eh?.....Are u stupid or somethin tattoos have been around for thousands of years ex tribal bands so stop being so narrow minded big props to this guy to express himself with caring what other people think.
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it seems your points are as invalid as mine, in that whatever is actually the case, be it culture, desire religion, insanity, reality, narcisissm, art,for whatever reason he has done, i dont see whats the point in you adding something like 'well he has to live with it' i'm pretty sure he knows that. your being obtuse enough to state it shows a bit more radicalism then this man expressing himself. You quite clearly have certain restraints in your life that dictate normality and convention, live with it. okay!

thank you for the irony there is no god, you will not be going to heaven when you die! do not collect 100 pounds, go to jail, is that a bored game?
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i think this guy is awesome. i should like to meet him. whether i do or not is a whole other issue. but i should like to. and you idiots that say he is unemployable are incorrect. by large companies such as walmart and kroger standards, yes is is definentely unemployable. to companies that dont have their beliefs stuck in their asses, he is completely employable. so yea. stop saying he is unemployable, you baboons.
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i think he's got a serious fear of ever getting laid, and this is his equivalent of someone so afraid of burglars that they invest thousands in locks and home security systems. Don't worry man, i can assure you, you will never, ever, ever get laid. Ever.
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Ok, I have two tattoos myself (soon to have three) and for myself personally I like mine hidden. You can't see any of mine peeking out of the collar or sleeve of a short sleeved T-Shirt and that's just how I like it for me.

For the "Skull" guy I find it hard to believe that A: He found someone who would do the tattoo, and B: He made the decision to go ahead and do something on his face.

I know that his tattoo choice is of no consequence to me...only to him...but I can't help but to envision him doing a daily task, like brushing his teeth, and him looking in the mirror and not getting upset as to what he did someday.

It's such a severe choice to have facial tattooing done, if I was a tattooist I would simply not be able to be talked in to doing it on anyone.

I really hope this guy doesn't have a nervous breakdown someday.
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Seems like a very nice looking guy (from what i can tell)...I think he basically disfigured himself for life. I respect his right to be different, but I shudder to think how he will react if any regret sets in. Just my thoughts.
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Suplex i dont understand how you can say that u "find it hard to believe that A: He found someone who would do the tattoo" REAL tattooist love these types of request as they are major works of art, require a lot of attention to detail and are an on going project, all the tattoo artists out there that wouldnt do this are either not confident enough or dont take enough pride in their work.

by the way i have 2 sleeves one is oriental the other is dark and evil, a chest piece that extends up around my neck and my entire back tattooed and i am employed as a carpenter, most days we work in singlets or no shirt at all, thats not to the extent of this guy but still
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i'm reading what people say about him. some say he's so brave, he assumes his difference. some wonder how he will do when he'll change his mind about his tattoos. some say he's unemployable. others admire the art made on his face. some just don't believe.

i would say that we need extreme people to talk about, we like giving our opinions.
and extreme people need the others' reactions, opinions, because they don't like to feel anonymous and casual.

i think we all need to distinguish ourselves, but at different levels. for my part, i like being noticed sometimes, at parties, for instance, to have fun. but just for this occasion, or just for a while. i can't imagine being so different all my life long. i think it's fundamental to preserve the reversible aspect.
this guy has made a mistake for his future. he has created an everlasting burden. a kind of poisonned present to himself
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i don't know what you all get outta slagging him off. ITS HIS LIFE NOT YOURS. stop all the bitching just cos hes got more balls than you lot of narrow minded bigots. I'm a biker with a facial tattoo and its never held me back in life. iv a good job working in schools and i meet clients on a daily bases. its not what you look like but how you conduct yourself that matters. what the hell gives you the right to moan about how he looks. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN DONT LOOK AT IT
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Hey guys juss for your information I know this guy and he fucking work n wanna become a horror movie creator so before saying anything SHUT THE FUCK UP AND THINK A LITTLE MORE BEFORE TALKING!!!! Damn god... its not because you have tattoo that you're not a good person. I read a couple of thing you wrote and you are fucking retard in what you think...
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I am not going to lie, I think this guy is really attractive. WITH the tattoos. I have a ton myself, all very visable (including a chestpiece), and I work in the middle of Corprate America- for Macys department store!

You guys need to really think before you write these horrible things. Really, what did he do to you.

As far as that dude goes, totally attractive. Amazing artwork. What more could a girl want? Haha!
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Have to say that I love the detail on his tattoo. I can't imagen on how much time and effort it took on making it. It's almost amazing to think about. But ja, I think that it's an amazing work of art and if I never see him in real life I would love to shake his hand.

Also to the guys who are writing comments that are, well just awful, It's his life not yours. If you don't like if then that's okay but don't sit there and type insulting things about the man just because you have a personal proublem with his tattoo.
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I bet this dude thought about every single bullshit it´s being said here. And afterall he decided to move forward with his idea. The fact is: only he know the mysterious purposes that made him do that. So what if he get´s old, maybe he plans to live on the countryside, or even decide not to get old...
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Im in the tattoo game and i have to say this is awsome, some of the best work ive ever seen.
not only does this guy have balls but he has taste too.
total respect.
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ok i dont care what ne one says, i loooove tats, ive got more that i have fingers and toes and ne one who has posted here combined, but yes this guy is seriously unemployable i dont care if their morals are in the gutter he has one hope and that is to be a drummer in some seriously hardcore band an thats it, would u want your daughter to bring him home....nooooo, would u want him flipping burgers at your resturaunt nooooo, sick ink tho
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Im not the type of person to post a comment..... But this guy ROCKS!!!! Hes got some balls, thats for sure. The work is great, and it looks great. unemployed??? Doubtful. whomever is that shallow to think that is rediculious. LOL has anyone ever heard of being a tattoo artist, piercer, the metal industry, construction, etc.... people do not care! unless there shallow. Stare at him, YES. Alot of people are probably just admiring the work. I would.
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it looks awsome, hey maybe hes a tattoo artist and donst need to look "nice or "neat" to have money... or maybe he won the loterry and dosnt need a job.... i think it looks awsome and if he wanted to do it , good for him, hes not going aronud thinking what other imbecils think of him...
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Hey this guy is the shit i lived on the streets on montreal and i remember him beeing around he was a very nice and kind person he also helped me out a few times with my dog. dont judge him by his cover. And i personally think his tattoos are very attractive and almost turn me on haha. well hey if you see this hopefully i will see you around berri sometime when i move back to montreal
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I think he's a brave dude for doing this, and he had to have some money to burn to pay for it all. I just hope that his job being a bike messenger is enough to pay for his family [if he ever wants one] because while he's able to get a job SOMEWHERE, it probably won't be for very much, and he'll have to work twice as hard because of it...or maybe he can be hella smart, get a great job, and work from home. either way, I hope this guy does good in life cuz he's got balls.
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wow brotha. I think the thing here is that i doubt there was much consideration for the future.. i mean what if one day he's like, "i don't want to be a zombie anymore" that would kinda suck. Or maybe there was. But then again... its the future. People change, feelings mature, start getting hair in odd places, and bills and wait what was i talking about? Yeah and the employment issue is sorta like "what job will hire a zombie-man?" not "what would i like to do". i mean people have a hard enough time as it is finding something to be semi-content with. But man. Maybe i'm just closed minded.. maybe tomorrow I'll be more open. Who knows.
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LMAO!! Wow, some of you don't seem to realize.. but there are faaaaar uglier people in this world than a man with a full skeletal body tattoo. Hideous, overweight, scarred, pierced or covered in tattoos... everybody gets laid. Don't be so daft, hell, he probably gets more lucky than half the people posting in this forum... FUCK, half the people probably sleep with him BECAUSE of the tat!! It's intriguing and kinky!!
He obviously has a job as well, ink isn't cheap, give your heads a shake and think about it. Besides, we're all born to be different, he's just expressing himself to a whole new extreme. No one can dictate an others individuality.
Personally, I think it looks fucking sexy!!
AND I'd employ him at my store!!

Fuck yaa!
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Hey everyone. I just wanted everyone to know that rico...oops I mean ^zombie^ has finally finished his full body tattoo and it really looks sweet.

OH!!!!and by the way, to you all you fags who think he's unemployable or ugly, let me tell that first of all he my best friend, second of all, he's got a job that none of you little shits could even dream of getting cause he works for the city.and is paid twice as much as I'm paid and I'm a computer technician.

ps: i will try to send a pic of him
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Btw I second that, hes an awsome guy, and wtf is normal? No 2 things ANYWHERE are the same, andthe deffinition of normal is something that is similar, if we were all the same, Id kill myself. So fuck the pregidous people, Rico is fucking awsome!
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I apologize for my English, I write through the translator programa
he had been summoned to appear for advertising of fashion, and there he looks great
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