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Band of Brothers

Normally I try to avoid political content in my Neatorama posts. This one, by Slate, for the Romney campaign was too good to pass up, however. You'll remember that a few months back Mitt Romney was asked why given his unflagging support for the war, none of his five sons was in the military. His answer was one of the best candidate gaffes to date in the 2008 presidential campaign, and it's the topic of this video. Slate/Brightcove.

mitt spoke at my college graduation in iowa and his entire speech was based on family values... getting married and having children. blah blah blah. and i love how all they speak about iowa in the video makes us sound more hickish than people already imagine.
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Political Neatness should be encouraged. I think you should feature more of these clever jabs. The power of the Youtube generation is going to play a big part in 2008.
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Why don't you guys post a spoof concerning Mr. Clinton's recent trouble with illegal campaign funds. It's a little more consequential than a mere gaff. I suppose you think she's just as innocent as a newborn kitten.
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Wow, only took until the 7th post for a Neocon to show up in the comments to do the reverse finger pointing because, as you know, you can't out the hypocritical right (which will always mean wrong) without backlash, they, and their dittohead goosestepping kind, crap just cannot stink.
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So by the logic of the movie makers, Mitt Romney's sons are cowards for helping out with their father's campaign instead of running off to fight in a war they don't support anyway. Fair enough.

At least it makes more sense than using an innocuous expression like "neocon." What was it that you objected to about Matt's question?
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Mitt's sons aren't cowards. They're serving the country by helping dad get elected. What greater calling to serve this country of ours can there be?
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Oh Rocky, I don't know where you get the notion that those kids don't support the war. Why, it seems to me, they're trying their hardest to elect a pro-war candidate as the commander-in-chief in a time of war. Now, either they support the war, or they're just stupid. And well, if they can spot a giant catfish when they see one, they can't be that dumb.
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"Normally I try to avoid political content in my Neatorama posts."

Probably a good policy. You should try to stick to it next time.
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Like I said, I try to avoid politics and will continue to do so.

That being said, I think this one was pretty tame. I would think that even Mitt himself might appreciate the humor behind this one.
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Hey, I'm not a neocon. I'm actually an artist on the left coast {portland or}. The proclivity of "tolerant liberals" to instantly resort to namecalling and ignorant categorization never ceases to amaze me.
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I'd love to see those guys in Iraq. "yeah a couple of bugs hit the windshield...we stopped to look at the fire flies..." They deserve an IED up the ass.
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