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Hello Kitty Wedding Rings

The final touch for a perfect Hello Kitty wedding.

Link - via Shiny Shiny

Anyone who buys these really is pathetic. To take the symbol of your commitment for one another, and put a tacky brand name of a cartoon on it!
I know you could argue that Cartier and Tiffany & co. are brand names too, but at least they are brand names of jewellery.
And those Hello Kitty weddings? I can't believe someone would want two giant people in cat suits at their wedding and a brand name slapped all over it.
I mean I like, say Mario, but there aint no WAY I'm having mario's face on my wedding ring and two people in giant Mario and Luigi suits at my wedding, but that's just me.
Seriously, what is is with Japan and cartoons? Why must everything have cartoons on it? Chip packets, tissues, gum wrappers, and now wedding rings. Even some of the porn is cartoons. What is the deal?
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I find this rather creepy. Any woman who's that into Hello Kitty is probably quite juvenile. And here she's about to be getting married and having sex. Is she really mature enough for all of that if she still thinks a cartoon character is the epitome of art and culture?
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Maybe it's a cultural thing coming this way. I know my 6 year old daughter's already hooked on Hello Kitty. Who knows what will happen when she's in her twenties. Anime weddings, anyone?
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I like them too, but I think the Hello Kitty character is cute, girly & fun. I'd wear it for a daily wedding ring instead of my diamond band at work as I'm rough on my rings but don't think I could get my hubby to wear one, lol..
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i love it, and im not juvenile!!!! Each to their own if you like it fine if you dont fine! Just dont spoil it for people who do, no one told you what to wear or not wear on your wedding day!!! It would be a very boring world if we were all normal and quirky little things like this didnt excist. Final words adults who like hello kitty arent juvenile, or sad etc clearly its you thats old and miserable! L i hope you read this you miserable person.
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I think that this ring is very cute, and just because some people don't like they shouldn't talk bad about the ones that do. every one has thier own opinion and you shouldn't judge others! if you don't like this item that much, why are you even lookig at it???
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I got a Hello kitty engagement ring from my hubby, i guess i just like to be different. Plain diamond rings are kinda me anyway, and my hubby is thinking of getting a Gundam ring for himself (If they do sell it....XP)
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That's really awesome. I LOVE Hello Kitty, and as for "about to be getting married and having sex": I am currently engaged and already having sex...and honey I still love things like Hello Kitty, am absolutely in love with Anime, and JAPAN is probably the most interesting culture to me :D. Keep your opinion nice if you're going to share it. :]
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Jess- Apparently you don't understand the Japanese culture. Sanrio is probably one of THE biggest name brands of Japan, and if you have ever been to Japan you would know that almost everything you find everyday there, is represented with a cartoon. WHY do snotty Americans look down their noses at things like that? Over half of OUR population is obese, and all the Japanese are doing is simply advertising using animation. get over yourself, please.
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oh shut up its not pathetic or immature ! if you look at the ring the hello kitties are on the females bands so look at something before you try to judge ! and i bet aint none of yhall married thats y yhall hating on the hello kitty wedding band because you cant afford one or it ! or yhu aint married or no where near being married ! thats how i feel about the situation ! and mhe and my husband have this set and he is ok with it dhat jus show how much he love mhe ! HATERS !
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i love it! i need one. and no, it's not making a mockery of my marriage like some people on here think. i am just a MAJOR HK nut and i would totally wear the band. anyone have any idea where to buy one in america?!
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