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Water Taste Test

The folks at NPR wondered if $55 Bling H2O really tasted better than other bottled waters. They conducted a taste test featuring Bling H2O, normally-priced bottled water, and Manhattan tap water, and posted a video report. I don’t think the results will really surprise you. Link -via Metafilter

They say you can't tell the difference in most cases, but I think it depends on the city. I can definitely notice a difference here. Bottled water tastes like water. Tap water -- due to the high amounts of chlorine they put in it to disinfect it -- tastes like a swimming pool. If you live someplace with good tap water, great! But if you can't even smell the stuff without getting flashbacks of childhood swimming lessons, then you're entitled to a bit of bottled water snobbery. (A $1.50 bottle should do the trick, though.)
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HA! I love it! Also if you're a fan of Penn and Teller you should take a look at their episode where they call Bull$h#t on bottled water...
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I've got a great memory from my childhood. My brother and I would head down to the convenient store with our allowance. We would spend it on soda, candy, chips, as much crap as we could get without our parents killing us. Of course the mile walk in the southern heat would make you a little thirsty. Luckily for us, the store had a nice water spicket on the side of the building. That was tasty. I think they use that same spicket to fill up Dasani bottles.
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If you've got tap water with high chlorine levels (ie; you can smell it) a decent water filtration system can work wonders. Water tastes like water again.

My wife & I spent $150 on a reverse-osmosis system back in the early '90's, have kept it up with fresh filters, and our water tastes far better than anything you we've tasted from $1.50 bottles. I think the total cost for water from our system, including filter changes, is under 10 cents a gallon.

Well worth the time and effort, even for apartment dwellers.
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Ah I can't believe they can't taste the difference! lol I'm so spoilt when it comes to drinking water. No matter where I am I can't stand tap water. Usually drink Evian, if there's none then River rock. I'm so particular I even know which of the waters I like and which ones I don't! As for the points in the video about it being healthier, mineral water does have much lower sodium content than tap water (at least around these parts) also has high levels of calcium depending on the brand.
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If i was the lady at the bar i'd be refilling the empty bottles in the back out of a brita filter... I recycle plastic bottles, i drink tap water out of them. BLING!
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