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Baby Wee Wee: Anatomically Correct Doll that Pees!

Baby Wee-Wee is a strange, anatomically-correct toy doll for little girls, made by the Spanish toy company Famosa and sold in the UK many years ago. The whole premise of the toy doll is that it pees just like a real little boy does!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks LISALISA!

I saw the ad for this on the TV a long time ago and it freaked the hell out of me. What kind of parent buys their child something like this?
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Well, if you're going to use dolls as training aids for motherhood, then you're going to need a male version, too. Women do have boy babies, after all.

Female peeing dolls have been around for decades. What's the big deal?
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I don't see it as that strange. We used a doll specially designed to help model potty-training (for girls), and this might be something that would help two-year-old boys get the idea (especially if they didn't have a daddy around). And for families who don't have any boys, this might take the "forbidden knowledge" or "ew" factor out of teaching girls what boys really look like.
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The problem I have is that the ads weren't aimed at adults they were shown on the cartoon channel. The doll isn't exactly anatomically correct, just crude and silly. Plus my mother never taught us what a penis looked like until we were old enough to understand (aka after we'd stopped playing with peeing dolls...wait a minute, I never had a peeing doll!)
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Okay, I used to have a peeing doll too. (baby born baby born)
But the doll did not have an anatomically correct vagina. No peeing doll that I've ever seen has an anatomically correct vagina. I think that these kids are too young for this kind of doll. You don't show your kids pictures of penis' and vaginas at 6-8 years of age. Why in the hell would you show them this?
Next thing you know the 6 year old little girls don't think boys "wee wee's" are gross anymore and now we have an even lower sex age.

Do you really want your six year old little sister having sex?
I don't think so.
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Well, L, the problem is the little girl potty dolls don't have a vagina, they only have a hole where it would be. Girl potty training dolls aren't ever anatomically correct, it would be concidered indecent wouldn't it? It you opened up a baby doll and she had a realistic crotch and she peed out of it would that be okay to give a two year old? I think the boy training dolls should be made like the girl ones, just a hole so when HE was sat on the toilet, he would go potty.
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I would love to have one of these dolls to help me potty train my 2 year old son. I think it would be neat to have a boy doll that actually has boy parts and it would be so much more helpful in teaching him how to pee pee. I don't really think it would be to good for a little girl to play with...
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What IS I'm_Lie talking about? In case he doesn't know when a female pees we do it thru a - well an orifice is the correct term - so obviously anatomically correct female dolls have an orifice (a hole) to do it from. When my boyfriend or my brother pees they do it thru a 'penis' - so obviously anatomically correct male dolls have a penis! O.K.?
If a male doll just had an orifice it wouldn't be anatomically correct now would it?
Or you've seen some strange boys!
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