Miss South Carolina's Do-Over.

Miss Teen South Carolina, Lauren Caitlin Upton became an internet sensation after her mangled answer to an interview question at the Miss Teen USA pageant Friday. This morning, she gave a better answer on NBC’s Today Show.

Personally, my friends and I, we know exactly where the United States is on our map. I don't know anyone else who doesn't. And if the statistics are correct, I believe there should be more emphasis on geography in our education so people will learn how to read maps better.

Link (with video) -via a comment on Boing Boing (believe it or not)

Wow, after 4 days of scriptwriting and rehearsal, that was the best she could come up with?

Sadly, the notoriety will open a lot of doors for her, though. Thank you, Paris and Nicole.
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That statistic is skewed bullshit anyway. The only way an American wouldn't be able to find America on a world map is if the map had no borders drawn on it, no words, and the person in question had never seen a world map before. I.E. the person in question is under 3.
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Amazing how the talking heads on the Today Show treat her like a toddler, applauding her little speech like she just made in the potty for the first time. Ya ask me, at least she's a 17 year-old beauty contestant; she has an excuse. They're "journalists." How do they look themselves in the mirror after what they do day in day out? Oy!
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Right on. You treat a person like a toy and soon enough (if they are not mature to begin with) they'll become what you want them to become. Especially if they're in it to get approval or validation from others (i.e. pagents).
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Man o Man. Its funny that we still produce and watch miss american contests. It seems so archiac. laughable almost. I guess its become the grandfather to all other talent, singing contest shows...just throw in some sex. and blamo!

Here ssshheee issss Miss Ammmmerrriccaaaa!!!
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HOpefully in the future she will have access to the questions so she can formulate a coherent responce before she opens her mouth and her true stupidy falls out.
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She said "me and my friends can tell where the US is in OUR map"...

well.. considering she is in the USofA, of course she can tell!!!

She should have said "... in a world map".

Dumb as ever!!!
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Who cares what her answers were? All I noticed was her cute face. As long as she marries and reproduces with a really smart guy (i.e. a nerd) then all will be balanced out.
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Lasse - No, one thing she (or her scriptwriter) did correctly was use the singular "is" with U.S. She was speaking of the collected entity of the *country* (singular), so "is" was correct. If she had said "I know where all fifty states is" ... well, that would have been wrong. U.S. in capital letters is a country and singular.
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People, there are TWO Miss SC Teens. Someone posted Lauren Lytle as the one who messed up on the question. Lauren Upton is Miss SC Teen USA. Lauren Elizabeth Lytle is with the Miss America Organization and actually won highest GPA scholarship at the Miss American Teen pageant in Orlando a few weeks ago, along with other awards. Lauren Elizabeth also ACED her on stage question. Get the correct Lauren. The Miss America Organization is based more on intelligence, community service, talent ALONG with beauty. The Miss USA system is a totally different system.
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Yeah, I spotted that a while ago and knew there was going to be horrible mayhem when the 2 Laurens are confused. O the humanity! O the chaos!

Seriously, don't worry too much for your Lauren (the smart one) -- not too many people are even aware that there IS a teen version of Miss America! Americans typically are aware that:

1. There is a Miss America pageant (the original..."Here she comes", formerly Atlantic City, &c.). It's faded much from its former glory, but still has tradition.

2. There is a Miss USA pageant (owned by Donald Trump)

3. There is a Miss Universe pageant. Winner of #2 goes there and competes against like winners from other countries. All owned by Trump. Lessons learned? try not to hold this in countries that adhere to Sharia. It didn't work out so well last time.

4. There is a Miss Teen USA pageant (owned by Trump - a slightly younger version of #2).

People are at least vaguely aware of the above 4, because they are annually aired on U.S. television. But, Miss America Teen? Nobody outside of demented pageant geeks (chiefly middle aged mothers living vicariously through their vacuous daughters) have ever heard of it! Is it even aired on network TV? Your "Smart Lauren" should be thankful she gets some extra attention and gets to talk up her own crown and her ill-publicized pageant whilst explaining that she isn't "the stupid one".

The Miss America organization needs to get their act together, because Trump is eating them for lunch.
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