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Wall of Wood

When plain ol' wallpaper just doesn't cut it anymore, and you need to declare your love for wasting natural resources, here's a wall of wood by a Danish company Connecta: Link

Why is it a waste of natural resources? It could be recycled wood for all we know.

I don't see how it's any worse than wallpaper. That still comes from trees... but it's used a lot of resources to get from the "tree" stage to the "paste-backed paper" stage.
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Knee-jerk eco-reaction to anyone using natural products to create art. Should all art come from man-made prducts? Is there a place in your world for man glorify the wonder of god created beauty? Perhaps it is the hand-of-man that raises your bile? Were we not also created by God? Is not art that uses his other creations our greatest glorification of his will?
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It looks like cord wood. I stacked more than that a couple of weeks ago. I don't think it's really that attractive (that's why my woodpile is out behind the garage) and woodpiles are also spider central.
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I have to chime in with L; why is this any kind of waste of natural resources? If it was a stack of firewood-size sticks, maybe I'd agree, but I'd bet the pieces are all less than a half-inch thick. I kinda like the look.

My basement family room is covered with 1" knotty pine carsiding that was installed in the '50's; I don't think anyone has ever considered something like that to be wasteful. If you do, you probably haven't thought much about what's involved in construction.
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forest are ecologically managed now. You just have to choose where your wood comes from. No waste there Alex, just renewable materials.
Example :

On cordwood masonry : although the thickness of the wall brings some insulation, some examples show a lot of mortar, which are going to be a big thermal bridge. Interesting design wise but not eco friendly I think.
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