Funny Business Name: STD Contractors

S.T.D. Contractors? Johnson Builder? This has got to be photoshopped, right? Right?!

Link - Thanks Brian!

Update 8/8/07: Here's another STD: the Sligo Tool & Die Group - Thanks Justin!

the thing you've been doing lately, you know, finding "funny" sounding foreign names and product names. it's really stupid. forign languages that you don't understand are not funny, neither is the example abowe... you are fucking stupid and ignoring that fact.
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Some people enjoy observing the little absurdities of life that create unintentional amusement. Even if the humor is based upon contextual perceptions (such as something in one language sounding humorous in another). In fact, such humor is not only amusing, but reminds us that all people have the inability to percieve things from every angle (or things like 'funny signs' or Leno's 'headlines' would never happen).
That being said, I say to continue with such things. It doesn't make you stupid to enjoy, as long are you aren't doing it out of hate.

Hatred and stupidity are bad. You know, such things as using random vulgarity, and throwing unbased insults at people, just because they are contributing something to a blog that you might not like.
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Doesn't the internet just bring out the best in everyone?

These are amusing, and worth posting. I would vote this one is photoshopped, but still funny.
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What a shame someone who was having a bad day had to take it out on the poster. It's funny.

This reminds of a hilarious billboard just outside of Chattanooga, TN for a company called 'Beaver Carpets'. I think it has been taken down (for obvious reasons) but every time I drove by it, the day would get a little nicer.
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"don’t worry about ed, he just hasn’t has his daily dosage of dick"

Please don't associate jerks like him with guys who like 'daily dosages of dick'. :)
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i live near this sign in pontiac, MI. while returning from dropping lunch off to my wife i seen the sign. it is real!!!, which is why i Googled the company and found this site.
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