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Long eggs?

Bunk Strutts at Say No To Crack explains where these “long eggs” come from. Why, from long chickens, of course!
“Yep they’re longer, bigger hens. But we don’t raise ‘em for the meat so much as the aigs. A reglar chicken don’t lay no more than one a day. These chickens lay one long one every three days, an’ it take about three hens lined up to hatch it.”


Yep, sure it is a long-long hoax. First of all, an egg cannot be long, since its design is for the purpose of structural integrity and safeness. A long egg, on the other hand, is not strong to support itself under the weight of a hen. Secondly, it is seen from the picture that the long chickens were photoshoped, some of the areas are visibly cloned. I've heard though that Chinese are now making almost exact copies of the eggs, that look and taste just like real ones, but in reality are man made. So, my thought is that this eggSage is a produce of that chinese firm that creates artificial eggs. Nice try!
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perfectly do-able of course, as any one who has ever made a Grosvenor pie will attest.

Like a Melton Mowbrey pork pie, except rectangular, and with a cross section of cooked egg in the middle.
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I used to work at Poppin' Fresh Pies (restaraunt owned by Pillsbury) and we actually used these with a special slicer to make garnishes for salads. I forget who made them but they were U.S. made.
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Well of course this is a joke. And it's really funny.

"When they go to roost after peckin’ around all day, we gotta strap their fannies to the top of the cage so’s they don’t fall over backward.”

And yes, the packaging is written in Japanese.

Would it make a lot of sense that longer hens make longer eggs? Hahahaha.

Thank you for this funny posting!
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long eggs and chickens are a variant of the "long horse" meme that's out there on the web. these long eggs are made from soy and sold as a slice-worthy garnish for udon soup (and other noodle treats). little kids have them in their lunches too in japan.

it's not intentionally a hoax, but can turn into one when folks post links as credible. but in this case, the title of the post ends with a question mark, implying that the post might be fully credible.

the fake eggs from china (man-made eggs) turned out to be an actual hoax.
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Real product of course, just dressed up with a better story line.
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First time listener, long time caller.....

I'm sure in this case the egg came first, then the chicken. I don't find it hard to believe this is an actual product. Everything about this egg, of course, is processed. Similar to the EggBeater brand of scrambled eggs in a carton. Someone had the bright, albeit funny idea of concocting a long chicken to explain a long egg.

I consider it to be amusing. I don't consider it to be amusing of people who took this picture and article

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These are real. I saw a TV show about how they are made. First seperate a ton of eggs. then scramble the yokes and pour them into long flexible plastic bags. These are steam cooked. Then they squeeze the cooked yokes out, cut them to size and put them in a second bag (which is a larger diameter)exactly the size shown in the photo. The new bag is sealed and steam cooked a second time. The process was developed of food caterers who needed thousands of perfect egg slices for a nice presentation.
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Miss C.– Thanks for the link. Some minor clarifications are in order, though.

Those really ARE long eggs, packaged by a Japanese company, as some of the commenters pointed out. Those are real hens, not photoshopped. (I used MS Paint and Roxio Photosuite 4, but that’s a minor point.) Your assessment is correct, it is definitely not a hoax. Heh.
Response to J. Tithonus Pednaud's comment, i.e., "...let’s start with the fact that there is no ‘Strutts News Services’ and the author of the article is one ‘Bunk Strutts’."

Here's what you have to do, Barney. Google "Strutts News Services" and you should turnip several links to stories from SNS. All in fun.


Bunk P. Strutts
Managing Editor
Strutts News Services
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not a bloody hoax. a simple trick. it was in one of my mum's magazine's cooking sections decades ago.

see here for links to the device used to make such a thing.

bloggers are dumb. and trollish. mostly dumb.

gimme a sec, i got to dig up that old long horse thread + wikipedia defacement again. gimme a bloody break. bloggers are supposed to be at the forefront of.... what, now?
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I worked at a resturant salad bar back in the mid-70's and we used these "eggs" for egg slices. Needless to say, this technology has been around for a LONG time.
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