Image Credit: calamur [Flickr]

From the streets of Mumbai, India, here's a photo of an auto rickshaw (nicknamed "tuk-tuk," probably because that's what they sound like) modded to look like a helicopter! - via Gadling - Thanks Marilyn Terrell!

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I am from India too, and the word 'tuk tuk' is very much used, especially in Bombay and Pune where diesel powered 6 seater rickshaws are prevelant. In fact, Tuk tuk is not used for Bajaj rickshwas, but only for those 6 seater ones.
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I'm from India. "tuk tuk" is a term not used in India, but is actually more prevalent in south-east Asia, like in Thailand and such.

In India, we call them "Auto Rickshaws" (or "Ricks" if you feel urban and 'with-it'
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