There is Justice After All: $54 Million Pants Lawsuit Thrown Out.

The $54 million pants (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Here's an update on the case of the $54 million pants, which we posted before:

A Washington, D.C., judge Monday threw out a $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner accused of losing a pair of trousers. The case got worldwide attention as the worst example in years of unfettered litigiousness, in the view of some lawyers.

"The court rejected a case that clearly had no merits, that was outrageous and ridiculous from the outset," says Bill Schulz of the American Association for Justice, representing trial lawyers.


The judge made the man who sued them pay their legal bills as well as a fine to them for all the distress he caused. They didn't even have to counter-sue.
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All I wanted was for *somebody* associated with the case to say whether or not the plaintiff was mentally ill. I would imagine that he was and that everyone involved was too polite to say so. It is my understanding that he broke into tears during his opening statement when he touched upon the emotional impact of having lost his pants.
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@elizabeth: At the most, the dry cleaner should pay for a new pair of pants. That's what, about $50? Suing for $54000000 is just greedy, and about as bad as the RIAA wanting $10000 dollars per song, while claiming 'irreparable damage'.
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The fact that this a-hole made over $100,000 a year and forced a hard-working family into pissing away their life savings for a frivolous lawsuit? Where do I write to make sure he's not only fired, but never sits on a bench again?
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Their legal fees are in the tens of thousands - there is also something wrong with U.S.Lawyers fees when a case that gets thrown out can cost so much, imagine if it had gone to trial how much more it would have cost?
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Thank goodness! But seriously, that case should never have gone as far as it did. We need to take the approach of the Japanese legal system, which has made lawsuits so difficult to file that only very serious cases ever make it to this point.
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It would be interesting to look at this man's record while on the bench .... I wonder if he ever made any really bad judgments due to his mental illness. (And yes, I'm sorry - but all evidence points that this man has some kind of psychological problem in which he felt losing his favorite pair of pants actually justified $54m.)
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Judges are people, too. He's probably seen enough frivolous cases during his time on the bench that he figured he may as well do the same thing. Perhaps he was proving a point. He probably wanted to see how well he could do.

It is a free country...
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