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Baby Stingray.

This picture of a baby stingray is just too cute not to post! Link -via Look at This

>_> that flat face and ribs remind me of that 'mermade' those fisherman found and ate. (it was posted a while ago), maby they found an big albino string ray and cut off the wings :P
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Hey hey, long time reader, first time poster.

I just wanted to geek out and point out that that is actually a young skate, not a stingray. While they are related, those "legs" are an easy way to tell the difference, along with no barb along their tail. The legs are actually its pelvic fins that it used to push itself along the sand while swimming.
Lizard in a crepe is excellent though.
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To all my fans,

It looks so CUTE. Wait here, I'm going to rub its cute litte tummy!...I'll be right back.

CRIKEY! That cute little bugger just jabbed its stinger in my heart!


(you know the rest of the story)
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Why didn't you kill the little death machine instead of snapping it's picture? It's going to kill someone now...and you're to blame.
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they're not legs.. skates and rays have no legs..

they're fins, but can be used as legs to shuffle along when the animal is lying on the bottom..
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