The Devil's Bible: The Biggest Book in the World.

Dita Asiedu at Radio Praha writes:

The Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil's Bible, is the biggest book in
the world. Made at the start of the 13th century in a Bohemian monastery,
it was one of the country's most prized works of art. In medieval times,
its uniqueness was even put on a par with the wonders of the world. . . .

Why, how and by whom the Devil's Bible was made has remained a mystery
until this day. But legend has it that the book was written by a monk, who
faced being walled up alive for breaching a monastic code, and promised to
create the biggest manuscript in the world in just one night in return for
being spared from punishment. But when he realised that he would not be
able to deliver on his promise, he asked the devil for help and his prayer
was answered. The devil, to which the monk sold his soul, is depicted in
the Penitential - a chapter that takes the form of a handbook for priests,
listing various sins and the corresponding forms of repentance.

"The book contains the Old Testament, the New Testament, a necrology
of the Podlazice monastery, a list of Podlazice fraternity members, a
script on natural history, the oldest Czech Latin chronicle - there are
eleven contents items in all.

It is estimated that skin from some 160 donkeys had to be used to provide
sufficient writing material for the book. Written in Latin, it also
includes mystical medical formulae to treat epilepsy and fever but also
solve unusual problems like finding a thief, for example. One of the most
valuable chapters is the Chronica Bohemorum - a copy of the Bohemian
Chronicle, drawn up from 1045 to 1125, that is considered one of the
oldest and best transcripts of the Chronicle. The very end of the codex
includes a list of the days on which Easter falls in the coming years.

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Ive never read the Bible, I believe all Gods are one. I have had an angel appear to me before my grandfather past away. People come to me for spiritual advise. I don't need to see or read to believe in God, nor the devil and I do not need to pass the collection plate to be accepted into heaven. Those who want to walk with the devil I'm sorry you can not see past the dark. I was not only able to see past it but walk through it. You have no idea how evil I was. If you just have all the faith you can in God, you should have no problem telling the devil and his followers to KISS YOUR ASS. I understand people like the person with the 666 birthmark are to afraid to walk away from evil that could harm them because they have no faith and no will and very little self confidence. If you did your brain would have the strength to pull your self up. Only the week are slaves. Have you looked into the skies and yet you choose to corrode. You do realize that the devil is greedy self-fish and self absorbed and all he wants is your sole then he will forget about you and leave you to rot. Give your sole to God and For eternity you will be cherished and loved and free and always to God you are Gold.
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@Funboy - I am with you. And a little, just a little, grammar rules would make this tripe a bit easier to read. To all the believers; keep fighting the good fight. But know when to shake the dust from your sandles and move on.
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HMmmmmm........ what to say to all this?
I guess in ways I can see all of your point of veiws. I wiccan at one time, a none beliver. I've read alot on many things, religions,cults, simitism, bodism,islam,hendoism, just about every thing. I have to say that during my wiccan time I could do things that I thought could never be do and yes I enjoyed it but only for a sort time when things went bad for me. I now belive in God becuase through deeper research of the bible I have found so much more true than the faultness of other religions. Now I wounder myself why God allows bad things to happen to good people. I Know, I lost my wife, mother and father in 5 years. You could only imagine the hatedred I felt toward God. It hurt the most when I lost my wife, you see, I was on my way in a bar and half way across the parking lot I stopped and looked up and said, " God; I need a wife." With in 20 minutes I met her, in 3 monthes we were married. We had 2 little girls together at the age of 37, 15 years after we married she suddenly died at home in front of me and our 13 year daughter. Then I lost my business that I had for 12 years. Then I got cancer, on top of more health problems, it was like my life was going down hill at the speed of light. So see, I know where alot of you are coming from in this. Wether you belive me or not is besides the point. All I can say is that I fell on my face and prayed to the only true God there is that I truely knew in my heart would listen and help me and He did. May God bless you all no matter if you belive or not. There will e that one day that you will truely need Him and tell you, He will be there.
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