Feeling You're Being Followed? It's All In Your Head.

Ever feel that you're being shadowed? The paranoia and feeling of being followed may just be your brain misfiring:

The paper, published in the British journal Nature, describes the case of a 22-year-old woman with no history of psychiatric problems who was being evaluated for treatment of epilepsy. When a region of her brain called the left temporoparietal junction was electrically stimulated, the woman described encounters with a ‘shadow person' who mimicked her bodily movements.

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there's a documentary with richard dawkins in that's got similar thing going on. he has his temporal lobes stimulated by electrodes and he feels like there's someone in the room with him - when there isnt. just what happens when there's a problem with the brain. excuse me i'm drunk just got in from rock city. bye
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Reminds me of a case study we did in my abnormal psych class. A guy thought he was being followed by the government and the paranoia started to interrupt his daily life so badly that they diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. After his psychiatrist did a little digging they found out he actually was being followed.
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