Old Guy Grows Horn on His Head, Likes It.

From the website:

Saleh Talib Saleh used to dream that he would grow horns on his head. He dismissed them as mere fancy at first, but then, at the ripe old age of 78, a horn did indeed begin to grow on the left side of his head, astonishing his fellow villagers.

Link - via eBaumsworld

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Despite this man's extensive "research" to the contrary, this sort of thing has happened before. Mostly they're made of keratin, and I believe they're called "cutanteous horns of the scalp." Google yields some interesting results.
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I find it a little suspicious that this story has just recently been reported in the news. The guy has been growing a horn out of his head for the last 25 years and we are JUST NOW hearing about it? Puhlease!
There were no stories, reports or information about this horny old man or the "Aden Specialized Hospital" mentioned in the article found on the internet until the Yemen Observer

From the article: http://www.yobserver.com/article-11703.php
"Had you heard of any similar cases throughout the world?"
"No, I have done a lot of research and searched medical records of different health organizations around the world, and never has such a case been known to mankind. Usually when people hear about such a case, they tend to believe that it is unreal and fabricated, but my pictures prove that this case is true."

Yeah right. From the pictures, it looks as if this 102 year old man has lots and lots of access to such things as the medical records of different health organizations around the world. And in this day and age, pictures are far from being the absolute proof of truth anymore.
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