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World's Largest Drain Hole.

Fogonazos has a neat story about the largest drainhole in the world: a spillway at the Monticello Dam in northern California. Link

OK then, how about World's Largest Deliberately-Made Drain-Hole That Didn't Suck An Entire Lake Into A Salt Mine, Wreaking Massive Havoc And Completely Altering The Local Ecosystem...? :-)

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I actually think this glory hole in Northern California is bigger. You can compare it to the roadway and it seems larger. I'm not sure how often it actually drains though.
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I wonder if you fell into that thing while it was draining if you'd survive. There aren't any turbines to chop you up or grates to Play-Dough Fun Factory you to death. You'd just need to hold your breath and maybe wear a helmet. Not that I'm going to volunteer to take the plunge, mind you.
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Ok, so to reasure the children I have always said "you can't fit down the drain hole" Now I can say, "But if your bad...." Hee,hee...

And I love the play-dough fun factory you to death comment...too vivid! :)
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I've stood next to the one at Harriman Dam in Vermont. It was very scarry. I can imagine how a spider feels getting washed down the tub drain.
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Excuse my ignorance on the subject but where does it drain into?
Its been unusually wet over here (in Soggy Scotland) this year so I may have answered my own question.
Perhaps there is a subterranean continent which has also experienced the worst flooding in memory.
Could'nt you Americans with all your technology send a probe, with camera to investigate?
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It just drains out the other side of the dam. Follow the link and you'll see people using the horizontal part as a skate board park during the dry season.

Now that I think of it, my neighbor's man made swimming pond operates on a similar, albeit many times smaller, principle.
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