Nail in the Head and Other Bizarre X-Rays.

Patrick Lawler went to the dentist because of a persistent toothache on the roof of his mouth. The dentist soon found out the cause: a four-inch nail the construction worker had unknowingly shot into his skull almost a week earlier!

This, and more bizarre X-rays can be found at 2Spare: Link - via Eduyayo

What, don't believe the story above? Here's the full story: Link

I never get how people "unknowingly" do these types of things.

*fires off a nail gun into his mouth* "AAAH the roof of my mouth is bleeding! Oh well it probably is just my imagination!"
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Not all parts of your body will bleed. They used to "perform" lobotomies by driving a rod through the tissue just above the eyeballs, behind the skull bone (under your eyebrow, shooting up. 2 minutes of scraping in your brain and you were "fixed" and usually without bleeding.
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