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Feeding the Deer for Winter in Wisconsin.

Today's Cellar and Neatorama Image of the Week is this photo found by Cellar user xoxoxoBruce, captioned:

Dinner Time in Eagle River, Wisconsin. These people living in Northern Wisconsin put some corn out in the dead of winter to sustain the area deer. When I said the deer up here were as thick as cats and dogs, I wasn't far off. Wisconsin community of Eagle River.

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Feeding the deer in the country is like feeding pigeons in the city. All it does is raise disease and suffering. You want to help the deer? Bring back wolves and cougars.

Cougars and wolves (adult language; maybe NSFW).
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I remember once using a phone booth to call my brother when an entire herd of elk surrounded me. It was absolutely unnerving, and I was trapped in the phone box for about thirty minutes until the 20-30 of them moved on. Eek!
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I agree with Ashley. Deer are cool, but too many of them and they'll start dying by worse ways than predators or controlled killing, because tons of deer = starvation + more disease.
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Sorry Deer,
We bought our place the winter of 2006 and fed the deer during the winter (our yard looked like the picture above). Corn was $3 to $4 per bag. I guess the deer are going to have to fend for themselves this winter at $10 to $12 per bag!!! Yikes!!
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NO ashley u just bring in hunters to thin them out not animals that can kill humans dumass cougar will take a kid any day. you are just as bad as the damn DNR.
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You are NOT helping these deer! Soooo many people have this misconception. Deer are acustomed to eating woody vegetaion in the winter. Feeding them oats, corn and hay, can KILL THEM. Their bacterial colonies in their stomachs cannot digest this food durring this time of the year. They will DIE with a full stomach, because they cannot digest the food! If you REALLY care about these deer, do them a favor! STOP FEEDING THEM!

website for info:
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