Spray on Condom: From Liquid Rubber to Sweet Love in One Second.

A German firm has developed a spray-on condom. The liquid condom comes in an aerosol can that you spray onto the organ in question. A few seconds later, the liquid solidifies into the familiar latex and forms a tight seal. It's still in the testing phase so it might be a while before it hits the neighborhood drug store.


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Ahh, do we really need to whore around that much? It's incredibly nice to have a stable partner whom you trust and like a lot and just use the pill. Well, have her use the pill ... I wouldn't mind similar male contraceptives though. Condoms or spraying on latex, I find it horrendously disruptive for the moods and emotions involved.

Well, I'm sceptic about this spray for the reasons already mentioned above. The reservoir thing came to mind first, but I don't think circumcision should make any difference here (Why do you think so, Jose?)
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As awkward as it already is for a guy to pause mid-foreplay to *ahem* put on a "raincoat", I can onliy imagine it being a hundred times more of a buzzkill to hear these words:

Him: "Mmmmm, ooh baby, I love you...hold on just a moment--"
*shhhhhhhk! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhk!ayiithat'sfriggincoldshhhhhhhhk!*
"--OK darling, I'm ready..."

Her: "...and I have a headache now."

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