Sending Encrypted Message Using "Spooky" Photons.

Anton Zeilinger from the University of Vienna and an international team of scientists have managed to send an encrypted message instantaneously across 140 km between two Spanish islands using quantum physics:

The photons they sent were linked together through a process known as quantum entanglement.

This means that their properties remained tightly entwined or entangled, even when separated by large distances, a property Einstein called spooky.

The group's achievement is important for the emerging field of quantum cryptography, which aims to use properties such as entanglement to send encrypted messages.


Y'know, this means that Jacques Toussaint Benoit got the right idea in the late 1800s. If he only used photons instead of snails ...

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This is being massively misinterpreted, there's no instantaneous communication going on here, just plain old lightspeed lasers. Anton and his team are working on quantum cryptography. Quantum entangled communication lasers that should be immune to eavesdropping, as it is theoretically impossible to intercept the beam without breaking the entanglement.
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It's definitely for real pld. This guy was a plenary speaker at a the AIP (aus. institute of physics) congress in Brisbane, Australia about a week ago. He mentioned that if they can get the effect working over a slightly longer distance (maybe 200km) they'll be able to comunicate with satelites.
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