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Tattoo toy.

I’ve seen jokes about this under the heading “Bad Idea Toys”, but this is real! The GR8 TaT2 Maker, a “tatoo” making toy for kids.
Open up your very own pretend play tattoo parlor. This easy-to-use tattoo maker kit includes an electronic tattoo pen and funky stencils. Using soft, safe pulsating action, the tattoo pen creates realistic, washable designs with dramatic effects. Requires two AA batteries (not included).

Link -via Swiss Miss

Okay, so Awesome-Redneck-Camo-Hat kid has some pretty sweet flames, but what's Emo-Hair kid getting? Some totally wussy dolphin tat? Chump.
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oh no not the pretend tattoo gun no not me i wouldnt buy this for my 3 kids. i think the playstation 3 x box with games that show killing prostitutes stealing cars is soooooooooo much better than a pretend tattoo machine oh for crist sake I HAVE A REAL ONE (for all you inbreds who didnt graduate preschool)its called a tattoo machine and im able to put food on the table buy my wife a land rover and have a family who is more artistic and brighter than these lame coments on here I never went to prison to learn my trade I bet every one who wrote negative about this toy needs to do there own inventory of there childrens toys and i bet you wont admit that your kids toys are worse than this toy AND i bet you guys never buy your kids stick on tattoos from the dollar store(your all inbred as far as im concerned)and probaly work at bk or 7 11
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I think what everyone is upset about is that this company is promoting something that is completely negative---bottom line. What good does a child learn from this? Do you want your child to take over the family business or go to college and get a real job? Next time you consider insulting all those who disagree with the production of this "tattoo gun", I would strongly suggest you take another look at what you write and correct the spelling mistakes.
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This is Awesome!! I"m 21 and have been wanting a tattoo my entire life....although my parents hate that idea. I wore plenty of stick on's, and fake piercings, but having this machine as a parents would have only blamed themselves for my tattoos. If a person likes tattoos, its not because of childhood toys, its because thats the culture they're into and respect. If they like them as a kid, they may or may not grow out of that habit...that will be for them to decide.
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WTF is wrong with you people????? Seriously folks, you'll talk crap about a pretend toy that by the way does not put any ideas in their heads to harm people but you'll okay them to play games that encourage murder, rape and destruction. WTF is wrong with you wackos? I'd rather my children learn artistic imagination than how to kill someone, rape someone, steal, cheat, lie or disrespect people because of a game they played for hours on end as a child. Get a grip on reality folks. Oh I guess everyone forgot the outrageous toys they came out with when we were growing up.
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F*** people don't get so fricken protective i would rather have my kid (if i had one) getting a fake tattoo the paying some bum 100 so sign for him. seriously better fake then real anyday Goodday' all you "FUN SUCKERS" if you have any problems e-mail me at thank you
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I don't understand why any of you would think this is a bad toy. And yes I would like my son to take over my husbands business one day considering the tattoo shop he owns has given us the means to provide a very good life for our family. And BTW my husband did go to college and when he graduated he did get a REAL JOB as a tattoo artist.
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I am a mother of 3 children, I work full time at a doctor's office and I do have tattoos... My twin boys are wanting this for their birthday that is coming up in a couple of weeks. I personally think this a wonderful idea... I love the fact that they can be creative and use their imagination and come up with designs that THEY want. Think about it... This is no different than having a child that loves to sing or write. I think it gives them a chance to think for themselves and express what they like. Tattooing is an art... Those of you who degrade it should actually think of the time, hard work and practice that it takes for any type of artist to become "good" at what they are doing...
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Look I have read some shit in my life but this takes the cake. I agree with Todd. I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter and my husband is a tattoo artist. Emmie loves it when her daddy gives her fake tattoos. She goes over and points to his and says daddy tattoo, Emmie tattoo. We are buying this for her b/c we want her to be able to explore the wonderful called life and creativity.. All my children love to draw and want tattoos.
I will not let my kids play those stupid games where they learn to kill and beat and rape. That is why we have all the violence in schools now.. Come on people let ur kids us their imagination one once.. Get them out from in front of the stupid TV and give them something to use their minds and hands on.. If u don't like the toy don't buy it,.. and stop running ur mouth. It is a simple as that, get a life!
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Its funny how those that are so opposed to the idea of their child using this product probably have no problem letting their child sit in front of a TV or video game as an electroic babysitter.

Im a tattooist, my wife and I are both college educated. We would rather have our 3 year old son use his creativity than to be a vegetable in front of a box.

As far as the profession and the notion of "go to college and get a real job?" Well, Ive already covered our education, as far as my fake job the current rate is between $100-$125 and hour. I get to spend more time with my family in a week than your husband does in a month; and I probably make more money to boot.

If my sons continue their interest in art and tattooing I would be happy to "teach them the family business"

Maybe in the future my one of my boys will put a nice little tramp stamp on your daughter :-)
While he smiles at the idea he does what he loves, doesnt work in a cubicle and makes more money.
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My boys just got this for is all about fun! They've had a blast using the stencils and creating their own tattoos. It's not messy, either. Some people just need to get a life.
Let your kids be kids as long as possible!
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I love this toy! I myself am a tattoo artist i make between $50 - $250 an hour in my shop and also close down my shop and host tattoo parties at least twice a month where i make 1,000 dollars a party and thats not including tips. So as for a real job, well sh*t-f*cks... i think i have one.
I think the culture you are brought up in depends alot about your views on tattoos. If your brought up in a bible thumping purity is everything home. well then f*ck yeah, your not going to like tattoos. From a parent to other parents i think of it this way my daughter could be doing something 100 times worse then getting a tattoo.

Me and my husband are punks we've been in many bands, taken my daughter to shows, she has seen all our friends with tattoos... so my daughter is used to being around our life style and tattoos is nothing new to her. I remember the first time she noticed all my tattoos. She came into my room while i was changing my clothes. she did a whole mommy imitation thing, put her hands on her hips and told me "mommy we color on paper not ourselves!" (something we had to tell her a few months before when we brought markers into her life for the first time). So for christmas we purchased one of these toys off of ebay for my daughter. She loves it and she always wants us to draw on her shoulders so she can "have tattoos like mommy" or she will draw on herself and come out to show us her new "tatts" as her father taught her to say haha.
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Okay - I purchased one of these very cool Tat2 makers for my 10 year old and we are going into the 2nd summer of absolute fun!!!! Here is my issue - WHERE can we find refills??? I don't even care if it's an on line thing but please tell me where to find the refill pens so we can have another fantastic summer drawing our images from our own imagination. Walmart sold us the machine but no one seems to carry the refills. There is an ontario address on the pen itself but no company name - Please Help us ~
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I think this toy is wonderful and would like to know if anyone knows where I can get one. I checked my local Walmart and didnt find anything like it. I hope someone knows, my eldest son would absolutley love this!!
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I'm doing a project for school and I need to know the minimum age requirement (as posted by the company) for this toy and I can't find it anywhere. If anyone knows please e-mail me at by Sunday night. I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks!
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