Qigong Master's Weird Action at a Distance.

Uri Geller's got nothing on this 84-year-old jiggle-bellied (you'll see) Qigong master, who can move things from afar by some sort of telekinesis (using his qi, I presume). Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Arbroath

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I zoomed in on the bricks but I did not see anything. I am doubtful that this is authentic but it would be nice if it was. I like to believe the world is unknowable, however people are somewhat predictable.
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Fake, fake, fake...

It´s just magic, and not a good one.

First, take a look at the part when he moves the bowl full of water. If he really can move objects, what is what he is moving? The bowl or the water? Can he choose between the bowl and the water inside? He can't. Look the water, it is spilled all around, because is the bow what is moving, not the water, and by a action/reaction effect, the water wants to stay still.
So, if just the bows is pushed by "the force", wy can´t we see any point of contact? The bowl, just moves.

Second, the movement of the bowl over the table...its not continuos. Why? They put a nice and play piece of wood. But somehow the bowl find the way for clog itself... It makes think me about a magnet under the table.

Third, wath a suspicious table....

It's all. Thanks!
"Let the Force be with you."
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