Billions of Bilious Blue Blistering Barnacles: Complete Curses of Captain Haddock.

Hergé [wiki], The author of the popular comic book The Adventures of Tintin [wiki], had a dilemma: as a sailor, the lovable curmudgeon Captain Haddock [wiki] should have a colorful language. But, because he appeared in a children's comic book, obviously he couldn't use any swearwords. So, what to do?

The solution came one night when Hergé overheard a political argument between two passers-by in the street. In the heat of the discussion one of the persons became so enraged that he lost his composure for a moment and started yelling at his companion "You... You... You peace-pamphlet yourselves". This was the solution Hergé sought: what if the captain would use strange or difficult words that were not offensive in themselves, but would hurl them out as if they were very strong cusswords...?

So, Herge went on to write some of the strangest cursewords ever uttered by a comic character. See the long list of exclamations ever uttered by Captain Haddock: Link [wiki] | David's Favorite Captain Haddock Curses - via Look At This ...

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