The Worst Jobs in History.

Think you have a bad job? Trust me - it's not the worst job ever. Just check it against the list of worst jobs in history, for example:

Seeker of the Dead
You are required to conduct thorough inspections, noting visible marks on the body (for instance, pus-oozing buboes in plague victims), and interview the deceased's nearest and dearest before you reach your diagnosis. The three to four pence per corpse that is paid will allow you to live out your last days (of which there won't be very many, bearing in mind how contagious the plague is) in some comfort.

Toad Eater ("Toady")
Quack doctor seeks assistant. Duties will include the demonstration of the fantastical powers of medicinal remedies of my own devising at markets and fairs across the country. After you have swallowed one of my toads, which are supposedly deadly poisonous, you will miraculously come back to life following a dose of one of my medicaments. Then crowds eager for some relief from their aches and pains, infections and diseases will flock to purchase it.

Sin Eater
As a sin eater, you will be responsible for consuming the evil and sins contained within the corpses of normal decent folk. When one of the godly community pops their clogs without getting the chance to own up to their wrongdoings, the sin gets trapped inside. As long as those bad things remain in there, St Peter's going to turn that individual away.

This position involves going to the house of such a dead person and sitting down to a bread and beer supper served up on the bare chest of the dearly departed. The idea is that the sins of the dead are absorbed by the bread. So as you tuck in, you get to fill up on evil and so cleanse the stiff. You'll get a sixpence for your trouble, but don't expect to make many friends. And you'd better make yourself scarce when any witch-finding commissions come to town as you'll be one of the first on their list.

And that's just in the Stuart era (1371-1707) alone!

Link: Worst Jobs in History

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