Which Countries Support Middle East Ceasefire?

Which countries back immediate ceasefire in the growing Middle East Crisis (some call it a war already) and which countries do not, asks the Belfast Telegraph. Here's the answer: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/story.jsp?story=699486 - via digg.

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I love how you Yanks get seriously gung ho at the drop of a hat.

Someone saying that most people are against war, and out comethe crazies, pro war,suddenly everyone else is a faggot and and a puppet!

Nope, other countries are just opposed to US policy, they are "thinking for themselves".

As for adding the texan flag, well if you guys were told that there were commies in your pants you'd shooot your own cocks off.

War is not glamourous nor is it sexy, so please stop getting tumescent about the whole thing.

So to recap, War not good, Peace better!

ALl together now
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apparently the "artist" has never heard of a "conditional ceasefire".

maybe he should study geo-politics between bong hits. it appears most of these commentators are spot on if not at least close.
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Wow, the child who made this up really makes his/her point! I wonder, does baby really think supporting terrorist swine is sticking it to the good old USA? Or is it something else? I mean, I do know you don't I? You were so mad with Reagan standing up to the 'Evil Empire' and when the wall came down you were so destroyed inside, you had to find something, somewhere you could transfer you leftist hatred of America to. You were successful. I feel sorry for you.
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I don't believe Canada has really weighed in on the issue.
I find this whole item a little offensive - it places blame on US, UK and Israel for something that was started by terrorists.

They sure know how to play the game - stir up a bees nest, and then blame the bees.
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