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Scott Wade's Dust Art.

When the dust gets thick on the back of his Mini Cooper, Scott Wade got busy drawing - that's because he's an artist that uses dust as his medium of choice! - via Linkfilter

Like Butcher Slim, I am a friend of Scott's. He is a BMF. Good party thrower, great musican, even better human being. And you should see his sand castles!
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If only we all had as much time on our hands, we could use "art" as an excuse to have filthy belongings. I really believe that taking your car to a car wash would have been much quicker, not to mention much more pleasing to the eye. My god you disgust me. Get a job you dirty hippie.
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In re to Conservative's statements above, I would have to say that doing the car wash thing would not have made the rounds on the net and spread like wildfire, making this man famous. You should appreciate the fame factor here.

Give the hippie his 15 mins of fame, you jealous, right-wing tool.
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I'm a conservative. Sort of a hippie. Naturist, artist, farmer and lover of cool things. Hippies don't drive Mini Coopers, and who else here thinks they're sticking their tongues in the middle man's ear?

Bunch of weirdos here, for sure.
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Why the mean-spirited comments about this guy? He's found a clever way to get his artwork noticed. People who make judgments based on someone's looks (dirty hippie?) are another kind of BMF -- bigoted moronic fools.
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What do you expect? The Right are so angry, and do you blame them? Running this country into the ground, breaking the law, and pissing on our Constitution on a weekly basis. They just need a good Democrat to get things back on track and then they can vent their rapid hate toward.

BTW, cool art!
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I'm kinda right wing and I think its pretty cool. I mean, if you've got a little artistic talent, and how many of us really do, then show it off. I've seen ridiculous so-called-art that offends 90% of the people sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so its nice to see this guy provide us all with a little free inoffensive art for a change. Hopefully he runs into a dust storm 15 minutes after he washed the car and then he can give us a new picture.
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Hey Neat-o-Rama, who took the picture? This picture originally appeared in the Austin American Statesman and was taken by Deborah Cannon. Please show some respect for the folks whose work you are posting on your website and credit them for it.

Also, there is a better article here, though plagiarized.
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Took a grand total of seven posts for this to turn into a flame war about left v. right.


Not all art is beautiful.

Not all artists are hippies.

Not all conservatives are right-wingers.

Does anyone see where this is going?

God my head hurts from conjuring all you into my GONE!
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what the hail does politics have to do with anything?
The guy is obviously extremely talented. I would be willing to bet that those of you who are advising this guy to get a real job work harder and make less money than he does. I say Bravo and just for the record I'm conservative to an extent and I love hippies
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Cool art! I'd rather be doing something creative and amusing like this than sitting around online telling strangers to get a job. Just because you work at a grocery store doesn't mean you're a work horse. Grow up.
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Why do you assume he has no job??? He happens to be a graphic designer working for a pretty big company, in addition to doing dust art, band gigs, and other art projects. I guess you nay-sayers have no idea what it's like to be an artist AND be a successful citizen.
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"...he’s an artist that uses dust as his medium of choice!"

I'm not shocked, considering how greasy that guy looks. He needs a fire hose far worse than the flimsy death-trap upon which he's scribbled.
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I'm a Republican and I like it. Why do people insist on bringing politics into everything? It's just stupid.

BMF, Bangs Midgits Frequently?
Bong Making Fool?
Board Making Fool?
Big Monkey Friend?
Big Mogul Fan?
Butt Munch Freak?
Blues Music Fan?
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Um, the guy drives a mini-cooper, I'm pretty sure he has a job. DUH! The art on his car is not my cup of tea, but I can certainly appreciate the talent it took to create it. Great job, hopefully we'll see more of his stuff in the future.
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I think everyone is confused hippies come from quebec he doesnt look french to me plus has a car another thing hippies dont have and a shirt alot of hippies in B.C. can't afford a shirt or draw because there retarded so there you have it he may be a yuppie but hes no smelly hippie.
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It is amazing to see total strangers attack one of the best people I ever knew--and certainly one of the most responsible, talented, versatile, and kind.
Scott Wade paints in several media, creates vast and impressive murals, has built massive sculptures, built his own family's house, plays fine music, volunteers to teach art and music to children, and works hard to help his community. The rear-window dust art, which he began purely as a lark, is only a tiny part of his very full life. These ephemeral drawings don't take much time, and the creations are bravely impermanent.
Scott Wade and his wife both hold full-time professional jobs and are bringing up a teenage daughter to be as amazing as her parents. Scott doesn't have much time on his hands, but he uses every minute to be compassionate and creative.
It is hard to believe that mediocre and mean-spirited people sit on their opinions and post uninformed negativity--when they might find something better to occupy their own time.
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Scott is an amazing artist! The dust art is so cool and quite detailed considering the medium. Some of you haters should give it a try sometime. He is one of the coolest people I know.
Why assume he is a hippie?
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Conservative is a fool. He knows it and we all know it, but the world needs close-minded simpletons. I'm sure insecurity, low self-esteem and jealousy are at the core of his issues. I've read some of his other posts and he offers nothing to any discussion. He is a a waste of skin, time and keystokes. I'm sure the internet is the only place he even has a chance to have his voice heard.
Just FYI to the haters and people who are genuinely interested:
These drawings take Scott about 20 minutes. Scott lives on several acres in the Texas hill country, he has a 1 mile dirt road that leads to his place, thus the dusty windows. And as far as having a job; Scott is the head graphic user interface designer for a multi-million dollar software company.
Hey conservative, what do you do for money?
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This dirty hippie needs to sell some prints. Check out my latest dirty car art on my new, filthy website. It's my attempt to get a life, and fill up all this too much time on my hands, and be a good little capitalist. Thanks to those who've said nice things. And to the rest of you, have a nice day:)
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Scott is the most tender hearted and honest individual that you would ever want to meet. He believes strongly in creative expression. He also believes that each of us has within us the ability to create at some level. It is important to Scott Wade that each individual on the planet attempt to contribute in an artistist form or any form available in order to realize the human condition and improve upon it. Scott understands that life is temporary as is materialism. Art is also temporary in Scotts opinion. Thus, he endeavors in a temporary form known as "Dust Art" that can be appreciated as well as destroyed.
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"who else here thinks they’re sticking their tongues in the middle man’s ear?"
I see two people in the front seat and one in the back and they are all looking out the sunroof! Made me smile. Thankyou!
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Scott, don't listen to all the idiots. Do they not have anything better to do than scan the Internet for people to harrass?! It is incredible that something totally awesome and harmless becomes a way for people to be vicious. They are all cowardly A$@holes who would never think of saying things like this to someone's face. They're angry at the world and jealous of someone who can think outside the box. Keep it up! People like you make the world an interesting place. And for all the A$@holes: Get your minds out of grammar school and get a life!
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I am a midwest-farm-wife-Republican-homeschool-church going, married-25-years with-six-kids-conservative, and am embarrassed that anyone can look at this man's creative and talented use of free time and think there is something wrong with him. Please don't call yourself a conservative when all you really have is a bigoted and hypocritical outlook on life.
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So... what does politics have to do with it again? My boyfriend is a fabulous artist as well and every creation is an extension of the wonderful person that he is and how he expresses himself as a human. He can paint murals, tattoo, sculpt, draw, many things more that I'm insanely jealous over. I can draw stick people!! So be jealous, it's part of life!! Everything is art: a building, a hairdo, you get the point, we are all artists and choose our medium, mine is my voice and I can make a mean margarita!! Those are my arts and my mediums. Be proud of who you are and respect one another. Great work, BRAVO!! I think everyone who posts after this should say what their art is, their talent. BE PROUD, Because you can breath, create, and that you have your sight so you can view his dust art, not everyone is that blessed!! Peace!
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You know, I really hate people that have to tear down others just for the simple fact that it makes them feels about themselves. People like that need to get a life. You people that need to tear this man down because he has found a positive outlet to express himself were probably bullies in school. GET OVER YOURSELVES!! The world doesn't care if you know how to use big words if you don't truly know what they mean.
To Scott: Your work is awsome!!! Is there a place that I can see more of it?? How long does it take you to do those paintings? Keep "Dust Painting!" You do fabulous work.
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Yea I would love to be a tiny bit as good at art. Great Scott these people chucking stones I wonder what there crap lives would show up. Proberly down the pub all week beating up people. Oh thats not a waste of time. Yea just shows you gotta please your self be happy with what you do and love life cause there is all sorts in the world.
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Scott Wade would do this for nothing and charge an arm and a leg to paint a portrait , go figure ...................Sure he's great , with that kind of talent he does what he does fore relaxation , this I understand , if I had just half his talent I would have painting every where , and count money for relaxation ..............RF Sr. Pleasant Hill Mo ..

This is what I wrote before I read about the man ( I wish I could underline the word MAN ) I still wish I could have half his talent , and there's a possibly he does count his money for relaxation " all 15 minutes " I've known Graphic artist and never have I known one that was lazy , they have to much energy and most never set still , most of my energy is in my bottom and love to set and work my computer and hope in some small way tell people just how great they really are ..............SO Scott Wade , keep it going Buddy , I for one would like to see your art somewhere that your God given talent would be enjoyed by all people and would like it better if I could see something permanent , I think I will somewhere .............
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