We Should, Like, Stop Saying Like.

We, like, found it at MissCellania.

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Ummm... The main line is wrongly punctuated. It should read, "Don't sound stupid; stop saying 'like'."

They've used a comma instead of an apostrophe and they haven't put the word 'like' within single quotes.
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In my haste above, some objects aren't in parallel in one sentence - applicant (singular) and their (plural).

But anyway - in any speeches I make, I won't even use the word like legitimately if I can replace it with a "such as" or "similar to".

Another thing we should remember is that if they're only teenagers, be gentle with them. If they're 40+ with baggy chins, give'um both barrels!

Also, remember mothers are special. Some of these misguided heroins are babbling in like-like to fit in with their daughters. I witnessed this in a cafe when one of the babblers looked like a haggard, drawn version of one of the snips at the table. How sad. Well intentioned guardians passing on the poison.

This phenomenon is as ugly and out of control as the oil leak in the gulf.
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Anyone who uses "like" is an inassertive sack of hot air.

When I interview applicants for a job, the first "like" that flatulates out of their mouth is a red flag. Upon the second one, I rip their application right up in front of the applicant's face.

I won't put up with "imlike" and "iwuzlike".

Strongarm robbers and cut-throats in prison talk that way. So do insipid sheltered women. Therein lies the solution - if you hear fishy bimbos babbling in like-like, tell them they sound like prison inmates. If you hear guys talking that way, ask them when they're getting their sex change operations.

I blame Jay Leno for promoting this kind of ignorance and stupidity. I went so far as to send a note to Brooke Shields for talking that way in a Harper's interview. I told her she's too good for that. Good books she's written, good TV shows. I praised her work and told her she doesn't want her little daughter to think it's alright for a 40+ year old woman to talk like a twelve yaar old kid.
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The word "like" used as a filler is useless and simply reveals the speaker to be a moron and a fool.

Learn how to speak English without the filler words. And don't raise the inflection at the end of a sentence if it is not a question.

And don't say, "What this is, is..."
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The incessant use of the preposition; like, as a conjunction in verbal dialogue, victimizes all listeners.
It is virally infecting the english language. The listener must wait, while the speaker musters a diluted expression or delayed verb. I suspect that the rampant infection is due to laziness, and or fear of inability to fluently structure thoughts into expressive sentences, while holding the attention of the listener(s). Once the sentence is contaminated with the offensive bridge, there is limited available means by which to close the statement.
Offenders that permeate verbalized thoughts with a preposition, forced as a conjunction, offer less descriptive information.
A percentage of my time is wasted listening to dialogue padded with useless inclusions. My time is valuable. Quit wasting it.
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