Weird Animals: Toad with Tail and Lizard with Two Tails.

Toad with Lizard Tail. This toad with a 16-inch lizard-like tail was caught in Kampung Bekoh, Malaysia.

Chiew Ah Chan said she was cleaning the house at about 8.30am yesterday when she saw the unusual toad trying to hop out from a drain.

She quickly told an Indonesian worker nearby to catch it. ...

The family will release the toad into the jungle in the next few days.

Some people believe that the strange toad has the power to bring them luck at the lotteries:

Several of them who “got a number from the toad” for numbers betting on Monday won consolation prices totalling RM40,000 the following day.

A villager Seah Boon Thong said although the number 3071 only won them consolation prizes, the toad had brought them luck. He however did not say how many villagers had won.

The villagers went to Chiew Ah Chan's house where the toad was found on April 11 and “got” the number by placing numbers in a box and shaking it near the toad until four numbers fell out.

The Star Article 1 | Article 2

As if that's not enough, another weird animal was captured in Malaysia: a two-tailed lizard:

Farmer Ahmad Mustafa caught the unusual green lizard with a split tail near his house last month in the northern state of Penang, the New Straits Times said in a report accompanied by a photograph of the strange reptile.

Fed a diet of worms, the lizard is now 5.9 inches long "and it has found a special place in Ahmad's heart," the Times said.

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the lizard is real..i found this site when i was looking up info on lizards with 2 tails cause i just caught a black lizard in my house that has 2 tails...freaked my kids out but now we know how it happened thanks to catsinthehat!!!!this lizard is shiney black with yellow treaks from haed to TAILS.....
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From the Philippines here!:
The two-tailed lizard is REAL. WHY?
We have one in our home ~ well not exactly that kind of lizard but a house lizard. Our house isn't POLLUTED! I'll have you all know.
It is said that here in the Philippines, it's a LUCKY CHARM!!! If you saw one, DON'T hesitate to catch it. Put it in a bottle where it can breathe, and take it with you when you are going to the Sweepstakes booth or something like that. IT will bring you GOOD LUCK!!!! JUST DON'T FORGET TO SET IT FREE - IT didn't do you any harm did it? ^_^

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First of all the "tail" is simply s string of eggs. if you look closely you can see little dots in the string. the didnt catch it otherwise there would be another photo with human interaction. and i agree with cats in the hat about the lizard.
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