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Bear Sits Down Right Next To Cameraman

Bears are the subject of many human myths and misunderstandings, and while it's still a good idea to teach people to stay away from bears for safety's sake we should also teach that bears can be gentle creatures too.

Case in point- a wildlife photographer was sitting by the side of a river shooting pics when a wild bear came and sat down right next to him, hanging out like the two were old friends.

(YouTube Link)

This video will go down in history as the first appearance of the ursine YouTube star BeardiePie, who now has over a million bears subscribing to his prank video channel.

-Via Unofficial Network

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Dad Photographs His Astronaut Son Going Where No Kid Wants To Go

It's hard for kids to be brave when they're faced with scary things like shots, barber shops and flying for the first time, but they're able to get through it all with support from their parents.

For some parents support means holding their child's hand, or wiping their tears away, but photographer Aaron Sheldon lent his son support by letting him dress up like an astronaut:

“The first shot we did in the project came about as my 4-year-old’s idea when I was helping him get over his fear of the doctors exam table. He decided to act brave like an astronaut and then asked if he could wear his spacesuit to his next appointment,”

Aaron continues to set up photo shoots starring his brave astronaut son, sharing the pics on his website Small Steps Are Giant Leaps in the hopes that other kids will be inspired to face their fears and dream big.

-Via design you trust

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Going Out In Public When You're A Parent- Mom Vs. Dad

There's a perceptible change in attitude when you meet a stranger in public for the first time with your child in tow, and lately this change seems to be working out better for dads than moms.

For some reason people are quick to criticize mothers for the way they're raising their child yet see the father as a hero for spending time with his kids, overlooking the same stuff they just criticized the mom for.

This comic strip was written by Chaunie Brusie and loosely based on her experiences, but as we all know parental experiences may vary, so there's bound to be a dad getting dissed in public somewhere!

-Via Babble

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Things That Are Awesome At Parties But Suck Everywhere Else

Parties are unique social events that feel completely detached from normal life, since the crazy stuff that seems completely normal at a party sucks in normal life.

Staying up until 4 a.m. while singing LMFAO songs at the top of your lungs is fun at a party, but combining these two things in normal life will make your neighbors think you're on meth.

It's funny how things we find tedious and annoying in our everyday lives feel just fine in a party setting, with a little help from alcohol and friends, of course.

And while shouting, crowds and staying up all night can stress us out in normal life they have the power to de-stress at a party.

Illustrator Annie Erskine understands how magical it can feel to party down with friends, especially when we've had to deal with crowds, insomnia and crappy music all week long!

See 6 Things That Are AWESOME At Parties And Suck Everywhere Else here

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Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Stone Veneer Fire Pit Patio

Don't you hate it when you start a home improvement project only to run out of supplies, money, time or motivation halfway through?

This often happens because we've chosen a project that's too difficult or costly, or we simply didn't plan it out well enough and we end up getting stuck.

So before you start a new project you'll never finish you should check out this inspirational step-by-step patio and fire pit build posted by arl227, which was made on the cheap but looks like a million bucks.

arl227 walks us through every step of the process, from digging out the trench to laying the cinder block wall to slapping down the concrete base and covering it all with stone.

It's a great guide for those looking to take on an impressively large scale project of moderate difficulty, or peruse the pics and be inspired to get back to work on your own home improvement project.

See full step-by-step instructions for Stone Veneer Fire Pit Patio project here

-Via ViralNova

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David Lee Roth's No Holds Bar-B-Que

(Image Link)

David Lee Roth was one of the biggest names in the rock world in the 80s and 90s, and he definitely played a major role in Van Halen's success as a band.

But the split was hard for Dave, and his style, act and attitude didn't age well, so by the 2000s he was struggling to stay relevant, much less famous.

Which must be why he decided to pay over half a million dollars in 2002 to make an off-the-wall feature length music video called David Lee Roth's "No Holds Bar-B-Que".

The feature length music video didn't revitalize Roth's career, but it gave his hardcore fans what they wanted- hot women wearing revealing clothing, raw Rock 'n' Roll, and Dave jumping around like a madman.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the kung-fu intro, who knew Dave had hand-to-hand combat skills? (Video is obviously NSFW)

(YouTube Link)

Apparently the video was never released to the public, and only recently resurfaced because Dave added it to his personal YouTube channel, so sorry the vid didn't get you gigs, Dave, but thanks for sharing this crazy gem with us all!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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This Impressive Supercut Shows Why Props Matter

Hollywood is currently experiencing a philosophical split between those who believe in the power of practical fx and those who don't see the problem with going full digital.

Many of the full digital filmmakers don't think it's worth the time and effort to create costumes, makeup effects and props when they can just hire digital artists to fake it all.

But, as everyone who saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine knows, real props can mean the difference between a believable effect and a glaringly obvious fake.

Why Props Matter from Rishi Kaneria on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Rishi Kane put this impressive supercut together to demonstrate the power of the humble prop, which should be required viewing for filmmakers who think digital props will ever replace the real deal.

-Via Laughing Squid

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A Heavy Metal Version Of The Jigglypuff Song

Jigglypuff is one of the cutest and cuddliest looking Pokémon, which makes him the most commonly underestimated Pokémon as well.

Because his hypnotic singing ability is extremely hard to resist, and even the toughest characters fall victim to his charm ability and fall fast asleep when he starts singing his Jigglypuff Song.

But metalhead THEoneNILS thought Jigglypuff's cute little song needed a heavy metal makeover, so listeners will start banging their heads instead of nodding off.

(YouTube Link)

THEoneNILS wasn't the first person to think heavy metal when they saw Jigglypuff perform, and this video still wins the award for most ridiculous Pokémon themed mashup of all time.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Nerdist

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The Seven Types Of Pets You'll Own In Your Lifetime

Unless you grew up with parents who didn't allow animals in the house, or you're severely allergic to animals, you've probably gone through multiple stages of pet ownership during your life.

We usually start out small with a hamster, hermit crab or goldfish, a barely-a-pet pet purchased because our parents don't have faith in our abilities to care for an actual pet.

But we show them when we help keep The Immortal animal alive for a large chunk of our lives.

By that point we're officially hooked on having a pet, and we've matured so much as pet owners that we're able to overlook our animals perturbing and peculiar habits.

Let experienced pet owner and illustrator Sarah Andersen walk you through all the pets you'll own in your life, so you can either see where you've been or where you're headed as a pet owner.

Currently I'm on number 6 but the cute little guy is quickly becoming a number 7.

See The 7 Types of Pets You'll Own In Your Lifetime here (contains NSFW language)

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This Is What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food

Flies are everywhere, and even when we don't see them they're hanging around somewhere waiting for a chance to get at our food.

They aren't exactly subtle about their intentions either, and without hestitation a fly will land on our food right when we're in the middle of chowing down, making us wonder if the food is still safe to eat.

Well, here's the thing- flies eat really gross stuff like poop, rotten meat and toxic trash, and they vomit enzymes onto their food, or our food as the case may be, before they eat it.

But that's not how flies transfer some of the over 200 types of bacteria they may be carrying around, because as this DNews video shows the nasty stuff is actually sitting on the little hairs all over their legs and body.

(YouTube Link)

-Via David Wolfe

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Perfectly Preposterous Nipple Tattoos

(Image Link)

Some people look for creative places on their body to get tattooed, so they don't end up with yet another MOM tattoo on their bicep or tribal pattern on their lower back.

For guys like these the nipple is more than just a torso accessory- it's a landmark for their tattoos to interact with.

(Image Link)

So instead of having Where's Waldo emerging from some stinky part of the body he can just hang out behind their nipple, where he'll be safe from the Waldo hunters until his shirt comes off.

People may accuse you of being a ham for getting a tattoo around your nipple, but your new ink will show them you're actually King Ham, with the power of the mighty T-Rex guarding your pec plug!

(Image Link)

See These Nipple Tattoos Are Too Ridiculous For Words here

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Humorous Interpretations Of The 2016 Summer Olympic Game Pictograms

Everyone who likes to watch the Summer Olympic Games knows what each sport is called and a bit about how it's played, and if they don't they can always consult the official olympic pictograms for answers.

But what if you know nothing about sports, don't get pictograms, and would rather make crazy stuff up in your head about each event than actually learn about them?

Then you'll get a kick out of this Commemorative Guitar Picks graphic by Aaron Gillies.

Aaron has taken all the guesswork out of the official 2016 Summer Olympic Games pictograms and made them so easy to understand even people who can't stand the word "sport" can get in on the Olympic action. Go Sport!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Teen Boy Becomes Best Friends With A Deer He Named Money

Deer don't typically choose to become best friends with humans, especially when that human is a teenage boy, but Money the deer is different than the rest, and so is his human pal Kelvin.

(Video contains NSFW language)

Kelvin first met Money when he was out in his yard shooting hoops, and he was immediately struck by how odd it was that the deer wasn't afraid of him.

Thinking the deer might be hungry he fed it some crackers, donuts and marshmallows, which the short sighted people online gave him hell for doing, and that kind gesture was all Money needed to stick around.

Money was so happy with the provisions being provided he brought the rest of his deer posse down to Kelvin's house for some human hospitality.

And Kelvin started buying healthy snacks for his deer fam so the haters would stop riding his back about his choice of snacks for Money and his honey Lola.

-Via Motherboard

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Pics That Prove You're Doing A Good Job At Parenting

It can be hard for parents to tell how their kids are going to turn out, and what kind of person they're going to be, when they're really young.

(Image Link)

But when they do something that shows they truly care, and their actions prove they've been listening to our life lessons all along, they make their parents proud.

(Image Link)

Generous, caring and thoughtful kids serve as a good example to the other children they meet, demonstrating how kids can make a difference in the world if they work at it.

(Image Link)

Of course some, like this 9-year-old who makes small, portable shelters for homeless people, will work a lot harder than others, but don't let your little ones get discouraged.

Because as long as they're thinking about the welfare of others they're on the right track!

(Image Link)

See Good Parenting Summed Up In 15+ Pics here

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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SpongeBob Moments Hilariously Captioned With Historical Context

(Image Link)

Never let the haters in the world tell you SpongeBob SquarePants is not of historical importance, because those anti-Spongeicans are just jealous of SpongeBob's contributions to the world.

(Image Link)

Bikini Bottom seems to have a lot in common with the Bermuda Triangle, since both oceanic locations are full of strange occurrences and random encounters.

But the trials and tribulations encountered by SpongeBob and his buddies are like perfect parallels of the historical events we humans encountered on the surface.

(Image Link)

These parallel events must be why the memes shared on r/BikiniBottomTwitter are so spot on, revealing all the ways we've been underestimating SpongeBob and Patrick since the 90s.

(Image Link)

See 20 Spongebob Moments Hilariously Captioned With Historical Context here

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Cyberpunk Pin-Up Art By Fernando Vicente

Anatomical cutaways and pin-ups don't sound like two things that would go great together, but a good artist can surprise you by bringing two seemingly disparate visual elements together.

The mechanical pin-up models who star in Fernando Vincente's series Anatomies are disturbingly alluring, and they exude android cool(ant), but they seem like artwork from another time.

Perhaps when we reach a point in history when cyberpunk stories no longer read like speculative fiction, or when our futuristic world matches the visions shared by Space Age artists, Fernando's Anatomies will feel right at home.

See more from The Alluring Vivisected Mechanical Pin-Ups Of Fernando Vicente here (NSFW-ish)

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Dad Describes What Happens When Roomba Meets Dog Poop

(Image Link)

Automated cleaning devices like the Roomba are great ideas on paper, and people buy them thinking they'll save time and effort, but the actual technology needs improvement.

Just ask Jesse Newton from Little Rock, Arkansas and he'll tell you the Roomba has a major design flaw- it can't sense a dog turd, and doesn't know better than to run right over one.

Jesse found out the hard way, in the middle of the night, and the poopocalypse brought about by his Roomba was so bad he just had to share his story.

He started by drawing us a map:

And then went on to tell the tale in way too much detail, revealing every hilarious moment so we can laugh about it because it didn't happen in our home.

Read the rest of THIS Is What Happens When a Roomba Meets a Dog Turd here

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Morgan Freeman Narrates Pedestrians On Hollywood Blvd.

Morgan Freeman is the guy many people would choose to narrate their life story, and his voice can make any person seem distinguished and any situation important, even on Hollywood Blvd.

(YouTube Link)

Jimmy Kimmel introduced Morgan to the wonderful world of pedestrian narration on a previous episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and his magic voice made us want to believe in Perfect Selfie Paul.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Crazy Things TV Shows Did When They Ran Out Of Money

When network bean counters decide a show has gone over budget, or they cut the budget because ratings aren't “high enough”, great shows air crappy episodes that scare viewers away.

The Walking Dead started out strong, and has always had decent ratings, but the budget was slashed so hard for the second season the show's dramatic build-up came to a stand still on Hershel's farm.

Survivors stuck on a farm for an episode or two seemed like a novel idea, but the combination of no budget and the firing of director Frank Darabont meant the survivors were trapped on the farm for far too long.

LOST made a similarly stagnating move by locking main characters in polar bear cages for six episodes in the third season, making viewers wonder whether they'd mistakenly tuned in to Prison Break.

People thought the LOST writers were running out of ideas, but the show was just over-budget and buying time, hoping the spectacular season finale would make viewers forget about those crappy episodes.

But by then the show had lost a ton of viewers they wouldn't get back until the hype surrounding the end of the series made people curious about The Island again.

Read 7 Insane Things TV Shows Did When They Ran Out Of Money here

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The Technology Behind Samus Aran's Arm Cannon

If you've ever played one of the games from the Metroid franchise you probably wondered how Samus Aran's arm cannon works considering it covers her entire arm and doesn't need to be reloaded.

Playing through all the games didn't provide any answers to this question, but then I came across this Awkward Zombie comic by Katie Tiedrich and the answer was made clear- Samus' guns power the cannon! What a physique!

(So then...are the missiles her fingers?)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Texas Cowboy Rides His Horse Into Taco Bell

What sort of grub does a cowboy get a hankering for after a hard day of ridin' at the rodeo?

Apparently in Texas cowboys go for Taco Bell, and when 19-year-old Lathan Crump rode up on his horse Hollywood and discovered the drive-thru was closed he decided to ride on in for some tacos to-go.

Lathan knew it was a bit funny to ride his horse into the restaurant, but he never expected to go viral thanks to all the pics shared by people in the restaurant and this video he posted on Instagram.

And it appears this cowboy gets to keep his white hat because Commerce PD says they won't be taking action since nobody reported the incident and the restaurant isn't pressing charges.

Maybe he could do a little rodeo ridin' in the parking lot and drum up some business for the store to make up for his horsin' around?

-Via Dallas News

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Truth About Suicide Squad's Joker

If you haven't seen the Suicide Squad movie yet then you're in for one big surprise- the Joker isn't in the movie as much as you'd think considering he was prominently featured in the ads.

Jared Leto's Joker parts may have been cut as a response to fan criticism online, or perhaps director David Ayer felt Leto had gone far too method with his acting either that or the scenes just plain sucked.

As this comic by JHall and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly shows us Jared Leto was going to be happy with his portrayal of the Joker regardless of what we all think, but don't tell him you hated his Joker or he might want to be your buddy!

-Via Dorkly

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Alaskan Moose Family Plays In The Sprinklers

The dog days of summer can really get you down, even if you're a moose, and we all want to find a fun and refreshing way to beat the heat.

Pools and water parks are great, and hanging out in the frozen foods section of your grocery store will keep you cool for a while.

But take it from the moose family in this video- running through the sprinklers is the most fun way to stay cool and go wild at the same time!

(YouTube Link)

This fun moose footage was captured by Eagle River, Alaska resident Candice Helm, who was kind enough to turn on the sprinklers so that adorable moose family could cool off.

Just don't put out any Moose Chow, Candice, or your summer visitors will never leave!

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Vice Writer Tried To Live Like Gwyneth Paltrow For A Week

Lots of people dream of living the decadent life of a movie star, but those dreamers never think about the fact that many celebs have extremely strange views and eating habits.

Vice writer Michael Buchinger adores Gwyneth Paltrow, so when he bought her cookbook It's All Good he just had to see what it was like to live like Gwyneth- by suffering through her strict and strange diet.

Day one started with a glass of cabbage, ginger, mint and lemon and some almonds that had been soaking in water for six hours, which Gwyneth calls the "ideal snack".

Michael didn't agree, but later that day he and his party guests did enjoy a gluten free berry crumble with quinoa flakes from the book so he kept going with the Gwyneth way.

Day two involved Gwyneth's famous miso soup with shiitake mushrooms and bonito flakes, a soup so good she eats it for breakfast and dinner, and a few too many beers at the bar because "She also doesn't stick to her diet all the time, so my exception is totally fine!"

(Image Link)

Which made day three a waking nightmare, and Michael was only able to pull through by thinking about "the time Gwyneth was hiking in Arizona and thought she heard the rocks whispering the mantra, "You have the answer, you are the teacher!"

Read I Tried To Live Like Gwyneth Paltrow For A Week here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Teen Girl Who Met With President Lincoln 30 Minutes A Day

Hearing about a teen girl who met with President Abraham Lincoln for thirty minutes a day over a five month period may make you think of affairs, scandals and inappropriate behavior.

But there was nothing untoward about 17-year-old Lavinia “Vinnie” Ream's relationship with President Lincoln, she was simply an amazing young artist who was given the chance to create sculptures of Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was a very busy man in 1864, so granting someone half an hour of his precious time a day was a big deal, but Lincoln didn't do it for posterity or the sake of art- he sat for Lavinia because she was in need:

Her friends in the Senate personally asked Lincoln to pose for the sculpture, but he declined. After hearing that she was a struggling artist from a Midwestern background not dissimilar to his own, however, Lincoln relented. “He granted me sittings for no other reason than that I was in need,” she later wrote. “Had I been the greatest sculptor in the world I am quite sure I would have been refused.”

Lavinia created a bust of Lincoln during that five month of half-hour sittings, and after his passing she agreed to make a full sized memorial statue of the President, becoming the youngest artist and first woman to receive a commission from the U.S. government.

Read The Teen Who Met with Lincoln for 30 Minutes Every Day at mental_floss

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Wizard Vs. Jedi

 photo wizard-vs-jedi_zpsaxntwfdw.gif

Wizards are one of the coolest character archetypes found in the fantasy genre, and Jedis are kinda like wizards only with extensive martial arts training and a cool laser sword.

So who would win if the two were to meet on the field of battle?

I'd vote for the wizard, but this Madcap Brothers video seems to indicate the Jedi would win by batting away the wizard's Magic Missiles. (NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

According to Dungeons & Dragons rules Magic Missiles always hit their target and have no saving throw, so perhaps the wizard in the video is level 0 and still in training?

-Via Nerd Approved

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Siberian Miners Unearth Creepy Mummified Critter

When Siberian miners uncovered a horrific-looking mummified critter corpse in the diamondiferous sands in Udachny they didn't freak out and cry “monster!” - because they thought they'd found a dinosaur.

But most people with a rudimentary understanding of animal anatomy instantly recognized it as the corpse of a mammal, so the dinosaur angle was ruled out with a glance.

(Image Link)

As commenters argued about what it could be they determined it was probably a marten or weasel, possibly a badger, and definitely no big deal much to the miners' dismay.

The creature is currently being transported to the regional capital Yakutsk for examination, where experts will determine whether it's an important find or an elaborate prank.

-Via Gizmodo

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Inside The Abandoned Grand Orient Express

The Grand Orient Express was one of the most luxurious trains in the world when it began service back in the late 1800s, but by 2009 passenger trains were quickly becoming a thing of the past.

So the Grand was left to rot in a trainyard in Belgium after taking its last trip in December, 2009, which is surprising consider how famous and important that train was in its day.

Equally surprising- how nice the interior of the Grand looks even though it has been virtually left to the elements, a decadent steel corpse captured in all its rusty glory by Brian of Preciousdecay photography.

Brian on exploring the remains of the Grand Orient Express:

“When I step into an abandoned site it feels like stepping into a time machine. I try to feel the emotions of it’s past and that is what I want to show in my pictures,” Brian writes on his website. “When people are looking at my work and raise a question about the “what, why, when” then I feel I have succeeded.”

-Via Bored Panda

EDIT- Apparently the photographer Brian (and everyone online who linked to his photos) had it wrong with this one- this isn't the Grand Orient Express but rather a Type 620 DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) of the Belgian Railways:



So still a really cool looking locomotive but not the famous Orient Express, thanks for the edit Jurgen K.

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One Pill Makes You Larger...

Pills continue to flow out of our neighborhood pharmacies along with promises of happiness, better sex and a pain free life.

But far too many of these pharmaceuticals come with a hidden cost of dependency, making customers wish they'd never opened the bottle in the first place.

So before you go popping pills to improve your life in one way or another take a note from this comic by Jim Benton and see if there's any way that bottle of pills can improve your life while it's still closed!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Knights Of Olde Were Actually Huge Jerks

The knights of olde have been heavily romanticized over the years thanks to literature and pop culture, but despite what your favorite fictional stories say knights were big ol' jerks.

I mean, what kind of hero would pillage, rape and slaughter their serf's livestock without moral objection or fear of punishment? A medieval knight, that's who!

Many medieval knights had nothing better to do than hang out on their plot of land all day, since they only worked about 40 days a year, and when those alpha male rich kids in plate mail armor got bored, blood would flow.

But battle was rarely a deadly affair for medieval knights, because common blooded foot soldiers could be punished for killing a knight since they were worth more when held for ransom.

Read 10 Reasons Medieval Knights Were Actually Huge Jerks here

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