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Food Artist Creates Awesome Cartoon Character Meals For Her Son

Preparing cute (and often cartoon character shaped) meals for kids is a popular pastime among parents these days, but some of their edible art creations really stand out from the rest.

That's because food artists like Laleh Mohmedi have a knack for combining custom shaped ingredients on a plate to form fantastic likenesses of famous characters.

Laleh's creations are made to look like her son Jacob's favorite characters, which means the faces are every bit as fresh as the ingredients used to make them.

The Melbourne-based food artist shares pics of her work on Jacob's FOOD Diaries blog, Instagram and Facebook, where she also shares some of her experiences in the kitchen with the funny little guy who inspired it all.

See Mom Prepares Healthy Meals As Cartoon Characters For Her Son here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Totally Crazy Christmas Hairstyles

(Image Link)

Everybody gets in the spirit of the season their own way, and while some find an ugly sweater or Santa hat to be enough diehard Christmas fans like to make a more drastic statement- with their hair.

(Image Link)

These twisted hairstyles not only look like Christmas, they give the Christmas fanatic something else to decorate.

(Image Link)

And when you're walking around looking like the head (or face) of the holidays you're sure to make people smile, or grimace in disgust if they find your beard candy revolting.

(Image Link)

Let's hear it for those folks who are brave enough to commit their entire head to spreading Christmas cheer, for their decorated heads are truly the gift that keeps on giving!

(Image Link)

See 12 Insane Christmas-Themed Hairstyles here

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Celebrities Dressed As Santa Claus

The great thing about mythical beings like Santa Claus is the fact that whoever dons the costume becomes the character, even if they seem too suave or too tough to play Father Christmas.

Mr. San-T-Claus? I pity the fool who ends up on his naughty list!

Santa's spirit can easily merge with the spirit of just about anybody once they're in the costume, combining to form cool Saint Nick hybrids such as the far out Zappa Claus.

The Santa suit can even combine with women, children and animals without missing a wink, resulting in five times as many happy holi-days.

And when the Godfather of Soul gets geared up to play Santa we get an amazing pic and a Funky Christmas album!

See 17 Famous People You Wouldn't Expect To Be Dressed As Santa Claus here and Alice Cooper, Jimi, James Brown, Marc Bolan, Frank Zappa (and many more) do Santa here

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Trail Cam Photos Reveal What Wild Animals Do When Humans Aren't Around

(Image Link)

Trail cameras are set up to give rangers and scientists a way to track animal movement in the area or spot a rare and reclusive species, but they also give us a glimpse at how animals act when they know no humans are around.

(Image Link)

Most critters can hear a human coming a mile away, which keeps them off the trails and away from danger, but when the coast is clear the deer get to dancin'.

(Image Link)

Because critters let their carefree personalities shine through when there's no present danger, going from well mannered mammals to fish sucking savages.

(Image Link)

See 25 Animal Trail Cam Photos Reveal What They're Secretly Up To here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Explaining Your Job To Your Grandma

Creatives often wear many hats to make ends meet, and they'll take on multiple freelance projects with strange titles like chief amazement officer, visual presentation specialist or PHP ninja.

This job title fiasco is why many creatives simply refer to themselves as "freelancers", but as far as your grandma is concerned that title means just as little as the rest.

You might as well call yourself vice president of the internet or, as this Pie Comic suggests, when granny asks you what you do just say "computers".

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Horribly Happy Holidays From Max Siedentopf And The Melon Heads

Don't you love getting a Christmas card with a fun holiday portrait from your friends and family this time of year?

Even that melon-headed cousin of yours sends out a pic of their adorable family that makes you want to squee because their kids are so cute these days you wanna eat 'em all up!

Now in case you're wondering- these photos aren't from my melon-headed cousin, he's got more of a casaba melon thing going on with his pointy head, and they aren't from your cousin either.

These extra fresh portraits are from Max Siedentopf, and they're his sweet way of wishing you a Horribly Happy Holidays.

Max's photo series pokes fun at the sterotypical nature of most holiday photos, but if the sarcasm doesn't register just think of them as a holiday photo set from a family in the Witness Protection Program.

-Via design you trust

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The 8 Types Of Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a great idea on paper, and when the game is taken seriously by every participant and actually goes smoothly it's a fun way to surprise your co-workers with a little something special.

But the odds are stacked against a Secret Santa exchange going smoothly, especially in large offices where there are so many potential "gifts" sitting on every desk.

And, as this comic from Amir Khan shows, the gifts we receive from our Secret Santa are far too often for everyone but the recipient's enjoyment, leaving us feeling a bit Grinchy.

See The 8 Types of Secret Santa Gifts here (NSFW language)

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The Try Guys Explore The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2016

It seems fitting that this dumpster fire of a year spawned so many strange beauty trends, because people were searching for a bizarre look befitting their journey into the odd future.

Trend setters pulled geode lips, furry nails and knife eyeliner out of the 2016 dumpster fire, and scary glam became beauty's WTF inducing answer to the darkness enveloping the world.

So to close out the year in style The Try Guys sacrificed their faces, and their fingertips, so we can see what the latest beauty trends do to a perfectly fine face. (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via BuzzFeed

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A Blood Curdling Collection Of Scary Snowmen

(Image Link)

The typical soft and smiley snowmen just don't seem appropriate for a year as messed up as 2016, so it's no surprise there have been way more horror snowmen going around the net this year than ever before.

(Image Link)

Hopefully 2017 will be more pleasant than mean old 2016, but even if it is better all of these snowmen, snowwomen and snowchildren will be dead well before next Christmas.

(Image Link)

And maybe that's the point of putting up a bloody and terrifying snowman in your yard- it helps you keep the forces of darkness at bay and celebrates the fleeting nature of life on Earth.

(Image Link)

See These 'Horror' Snowmen Will Turn Your Holiday Dreams Into Nightmares here

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Nobody Wins In An Octopus Vs Eel Vs Human Fight

Humans should know better than to get involved in a fight between any wild animals, but an eel vs octopus battle sounds like something even sharks would avoid at all cost!

When snorkelers in Hanauma Bay, Oahu came across an underwater scrap between an aggressive moray eel and an octopus they stuck around and filmed the fight, but then the eel set its sights on the cameraman...

(YouTube Link)

National Geographic shared the video online and asked marine biologist George Burgess from the Florida Museum of Natural History for his reactions to the video, which can be summed up in one quote- never piss off a moray eel.

-Via Sploid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Artist Turns Bananas And Other Fruit Into Tasty Works Of Art

Bananas don't have a very long shelf life, so using them in an art project seems like a bad idea unless the project has something to do with how quickly a banana will turn into a brown sack of mush.

But graphic designer Stephan Brusche thinks bananas make a great art medium so he doodles on them, and sometimes he cuts the peel to enhance the ink drawing in some way.

Stephan snaps a pic of each piece while the ink is wet and cuts are fresh, so he doesn't have to worry about the inevitable browning ruining an otherwise a-peeling artwork.   

Although he's best known for his banana art Stephan is really just a fruit art fan at heart, and this year his gift to us all is this little pear-headed Santa Claus!

See Artist Transforms Ordinary Bananas Into Whimsical Works Of Art here

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A Gang Of Naughty Santas Raided And Robbed A Bar In NYC

(Image Link)

In the last five years SantaCon NYC has gone from being a fun Christmas-themed costume party in the streets to a full blown night of drunken debauchery and mayhem that would make Krampus proud.

And this year the drunken SantaCon crowd took their crusade to ruin Santa Claus for all children to the next level- by raiding and robbing a bar in New York's East Village neighborhood. 

According to Paul O'Sullivan, owner of the One and One pub, a group of bad Santas entered the pub's lower lounge area around 2 p.m. and "managed to storm in, rob all the booze, smash up all the glassware and steal all the Christmas decorations," causing $5,000 in damages.

O'Sullivan said he came in to see half a dozen Santas standing on the bar drinking liquor straight out of the bottles, while "maybe a hundred more" passed around stolen booze and smashed glasses.

Sounds like somebody needs to start a KrampusCon in NYC so the disciples of Krampus can run all those bad Santas out of town!

-Via Gothamist

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21 Street Gangs Featured In The Warriors

The Warriors is one of those classic movies that's hard to pin down- it's a dystopian action thriller that also perfectly captures elements of life in the NYC in the 70s and 80s.

But it's also a drama with a heroic underdog story, and certain scenes are downright terrifying, thereby giving it a horror edge.

But in the end The Warriors is a movie about street gangs, and 21 distinctly different gangs appear on screen in the movie, from the top dog Gramercy Riffs to the lowly Warriors, who are just trying to live long enough to make a name for themselves.

(The Gramercy Riffs) In the hierarchy of street gangs, The Gramercy Riffs are at the very top. And it’s their leader—Cyrus—who organizes the midnight summit in Van Cortlandt Park that sets off the plot. 

(The Warriors) The titular gang from Coney Island set the pace and plot of the film, as they attempt to make their way from the Bronx to Brooklyn after being framed for the murder of Cyrus, The Gramercy Riffs’ leader. Unfortunately for The Warriors, they’re being pursued by the rest of the gangs on this list.

Most of the gangs in the movie, like the Riffs, Rogues and Turnbull AC's, are based on real life gangs, while other, more far out gangs like the Baseball Furies or The Hi-Hats, are there to give the movie a sci-fi edge.

(The Rogues) “The Rogues” is an appropriate name for this Hell’s Kitchen crew, as they operate by their own set of rules. It’s their leader, Luther, who is the real shooter, and also the first to point the finger at The Warriors. Luther also has a knack for offering up some of the film’s most memorable catchphrases. Though actor David Patrick Kelly has long been credited with improvising the now-famous “Waaaaarriors, come out to plaaaay” line, he insists it was Hill. “I’ll take credit for the bottles and how I said it,” Kelly told Entertainment Weekly in 2012. “But I remember him kicking in the lines.”

(Turnbull A.C.'s) The Turnbull AC’s are easy to recognize for two reasons: They’re all bald, and they ride around the city in an old bus. It’s that same bus that the gang uses to try and run down The Warriors shortly after the summit breaks up (the Turnbull AC’s are the first group The Warriors must face off against).

(Baseball Furies) The Baseball Furies take their identity seriously, with each member decked out in a Yankees-style baseball uniform. Which may not seem all that frightening ... until they whip out their baseball bats.

(The Hi-Hats) The SoHo-based Hi-Hats might be the best proof Hill has got that he intended for The Warriors to be a fantasy film. Because clowns are scary, and mimes are not.

See 21 Street Gangs Featured In The Warriors at mental_floss

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What To Do If Attacked By A Mountain Lion

(Image Link)

Mountain lion attacks seem like something people who live near the wildcat's natural kingdom would have to deal with on a regular basis, but cougar attacks are extremely rare- there have been fewer than 100 attacks on humans in the western U.S. since 1890

But like many survival tips knowing what to do if attacked by a mountain lion is valuable advice you hope you'll never need but you'll be glad to know if you find yourself facing a cougar attack.

(Image Link)

First and foremost you shouldn't run away, because running will only trigger the animal's predatory instincts and make you look like prey.

You're better off standing your ground, making lots of noise and trying to look intimidating, preferably with a big stick or whatever weapon you have on hand.

And if the cougar attacks fight back, because their self preservation instinct is likely to kick in and send them running back to the hills they came from!

-Via Travel and Leisure

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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What Happens In The Barn Stays In The Barn

Horses can be pretty silly when they're feeling hoofloose and fancy free, and they get even more squirrely when they have an animal buddy around to join in on the fun.

But they won't let just anyone see their playful side, and it seems some horses actually have a super duper silly side they don't even let their humans see- a wearing a chicken as a hat kinda silly side.

(YouTube Link)

Nancy Elwood caught her horse hanging around with one of the chickens and couldn't believe her eyes, but according to the mare in the next stall the two do this sort of stuff all the time- and she wants in on the fun!

-Via Incredible Things

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Do Tortoises Like To Be Touched?

Tortoises use their tough skin and even tougher shells as tools for survival, and their hard exteriors tend to make people assume the tortoise inside the shell isn't a warm and tender creature.

But as reptile biologist Matt Evans of the Smithsonian National Zoo Reptile Discovery Center demonstrates in this video tortoises genuinely enjoy physical contact, and they'll even try to return the favor in their own clumsy way:

Tortoises enjoy tactile sensations; rubbing, scratching, that kind of thing. So when we go in there with them and we’re engaging with them – we’ll kind of rub their shell, scratch their head a bit and when we do that, they extend that neck out and they’ll look like they’re enjoying it a little bit and that’s just something we do to interact with the tortoises on a daily basis.

(YouTube Link)

And in case you also happen to be wondering what a tortoise's diet consists of here's another video made by Matt Evans that explains what goes in to a tortoise salad.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Alton Brown's Recipe For Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Everybody loves having a steaming hot mug of cocoa during those cold winter months, but over the years the convenience of always having instant hot cocoa mix on hand has taken a lot of the flavor out of our mug.

These instant mixes also include lots of unnecessary additives and preservatives that further muddy the flavor, so Alton Brown decided to take hot cocoa mix back to basics with this recipe:

  1. 2 cups confectioners' sugar
  2. 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, preferably Dutch process
  3. 2 1/2 cups nonfat dry milk powder
  4. 1 teaspoon fine-grain salt
  5. 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  6. 1 pinch (or more to taste) ground cayenne pepper*, optional
  7. Hot milk or water to serve


  1. Combine the confectioners' sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, salt, cornstarch and cayenne in a large airtight container. Secure the lid and shake vigorously to combine, and remember to shake prior to every extraction.
  2. To serve: Place 2 tablespoons of the mix in a mug and add about 2 fluid ounces hot water or milk. Stir to combine. Fill the mug with more hot water or milk and enjoy.

For an added treat whip up some of Alton's homemade marshmallows and toss them in the mug with your cocoa!

-Via Alton Brown

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Poor Guy's Friends Turned His Spartan Race Pics Into An Epic Photoshop Battle

(Image Link)

Reebok's Spartan Race is one of the most challenging physical competitions in the world, and many people enter just to see if they can actually make it through the whole course without breaking down.

These competitors then post the pics online hoping to hear encouraging words from their friends and family, and to encourage others to push themselves- Spartan style.

(Image Link)

But the guy in the photos above should have known better than to post his Spartan Race pics on Facebook because his friends work in the visual fx industry- so they spirited him away from the Spartan Race and into a Photoshop Battle.

(Image Link)

Soon the poor guy was wading through much worse than mud, fighting for survival in strange new places far more dangerous than a mere obstacle course.

(Image Link)

But in the end he finished the race as a real hero with some cool new CGI tricks up his sleeve.

(Image Link)

See This Poor Guy's Friends Turned His Spartan Race Photos Into A Brutal Photoshop Battle here

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Liam Neeson Auditions To Play Santa Claus

Hollywood said Liam Neeson was too much of a tough guy to play Santa Claus, because he lacks the jolliness, beard and belly needed to properly play the role.

But Stephen Colbert felt Liam's knack for making lists made him the perfect guy to play Saint Nick, so he asked him to do a bit for The Late Show and channel his inner mall Santa.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Uproxx

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Batgirl And Supergirl Go Christmas Caroling

Superheroes don't just serve the community by cracking down on crime and taking out the supervillain trash- they also try to do a bit of community outreach whenever possible.

They help the less fortunate, escort kitties down from trees, bring lost kids and puppies home and provide the muscle for urban renewal programs.

But, as this comic by Mike Maihack shows, Batgirl and Supergirl like to do a different kind of community outreach around Christmas- by going out caroling! 

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Filmmaker Lets Phone Get Stolen So He Can Follow Its Path With Spyware

Having your smartphone stolen can make you feel paranoid, angry and sad about losing the irreplaceable files on the phone, but Dutch filmmaker Anthony van der Meer used the theft as a learning experience.

Because, unbeknownst to the thief, Anthony had installed spyware on his phone so he could monitor the phone and follow the thief wherever they went, thereby inadvertently helping him create his short film "Find my Phone".

(YouTube Link)

Anthony decided to set the trap and make the film after his first phone was stolen, which led him to investigate smartphone theft and make a startling discovery:

In the Netherlands, 300 police reports a week are filed for smartphone-theft. Besides losing your expensive device, a stranger has access to all of your photos, videos, e-mails, messages and contacts. Yet, what kind of person steals a phone? And where do stolen phones eventually end up? The short documentary ‘Find My Phone’ follows a stolen phone’s second life by means of using spyware.

-Via Laughing Squid

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What's The Point Of Revolving Doors?

Revolving doors are generally only found on the front of hotels and big buildings these days, so I'd always assumed they were there to help people with luggage or briefcases easily enter the building.

But they were created to be so much more than just a convenient way to enter a building- they're a clever way to regulate a building's air pressure and temperature, and thereby cut down on energy costs:

When revolving doors replace swing doors, they can save up to 30 percent in energy costs, or as Rockefeller University explains, “267 BTUs of heat energy, roughly equivalent to 1.3 hours of light from an incandescent lamp, 4.3 hours of light from a compact fluorescent bulb or .06 miles of fuel for an automobile.”

Creator of the revolving door Theophilus Van Kannel also saw them as a clever way to sidestep the issue of men opening doors for women, a social convention he greatly disliked.

Read What's The Point Of Revolving Doors? at mental_floss

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People Try To Build IKEA Furniture While On Acid

Some people have a really hard time following step-by-step directions that are perfectly illustrated with photos, so these instructionally challenged people find IKEA furniture builds to be virtually impossible.

To be fair, even folks who aren't that bad at putting stuff together find the minimalistic instructions included with IKEA furniture hard to follow, and the little man taunting them on every page isn't helping.

So imagine what a total mind-melting freakout of a time you'd have trying to build IKEA furniture while on LSD? (NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

This is part one of a new series called HIKEA, which looks like it's going to be a box full of laughs provided the participants don't lose their minds. 

-Via Thump

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People Share The Dumbest Questions They've Ever Been Asked While At Work

The shoppers are out there scrambling around to get their shopping done in time to give out the gifts and lick their coupon paper cuts until next year, and they are full of stupid questions.

It's not their fault, they've been told since they were kids that "there are no dumb questions, just dumb answers", but that theory is easily disproven by a question that serves to redefine the meaning of stupidity.

There are stupid questions, and asking a stupid question does make a person look like a bit of a twit, but this man's question about how a bathroom works is, well, primordial? What's a better word?

See 20 People Share the Dumbest Questions They've Ever Gotten On The Job here (barely NSFW language)

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These Bingo Cards Make Watching Formulaic TV Shows Into A Fun Game

When it comes to creating formulaic TV shows predictability is the name of the game, so even the slowest viewer can feel excited about knowing what's about to happen to the characters in the next scene.

And even though shows like The Walking Dead have begun playing with that predictability by adding gruesome plot twists nobody saw coming the majority of the show remains as easy to foretell as the fate of a B-list character bit by a walker.

So how can viewers who are bored by formulaic shows make the viewing experience a bit more tolerable? By printing out these Bingo Cards created by Cracked and playing along as they watch the easily foreseen events unfold!

And don't worry- there are plenty of really good yet formulaic TV show sheets included too!

See 21 Bingo Cards For Watching Formulaic TV Shows here (NSFW language)

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The Secret Lives Of Star Wars Villains

The villains of the Star Wars universe have had it rough these last few years, since new movies like Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Rogue One keep making them look like helmet clad monsters.

But according to a new Empire News report villains like Darth Vader, Greedo and the Imperial Stormtroopers aren't so bad when they're cooling their heels between intergalactic conflicts.

In fact, they're reported to be just like any other citizen of the galaxy, and they enjoy spending time with loved ones, giving gifts and sharing a hot tub with their fellow Stormtrooper so they can forget all that pew pew pewing.

Photographer David Gilliver has given us a rare glimpse into the secret lives of Star Wars villains, revealing Kylo Ren's most closely guarded secret- he's a huge Kylie Minogue fan!

Bet you didn't see that one coming!

See The Secret Lives Of Star Wars Villains here

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The 12 Days Of Doctor Who

Nothing makes geeky spirits bright quite like a Doctor Who Christmas special, and this year we've got a real doozy to look forward to since Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi will be joined by Little Britain's Matt Lucas for a super-powered episode.

But until that magical day arrives we can count down from 12 to 1 with this awesome 12 Days of Doctor Who comic strip by Julia Lepetit, which is animated by the power of pointer hover technology.

Simply visit Dorkly to see the strip, hover over each panel to watch it magically transform, and you'll be forced to feel the spirit of the season coursing through your veins!

(Discontinue use immediately if fingers go numb, do not stare at screen too long or your eyeballs may become dislodged from your head)

See The 12 Days Of Doctor Who here

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The Onion's Best Photojournalism Of 2016

The Onion was doing fake news just for kicks back before it was cool, and their irreverent brand of satirical reporting is so sensational people often share their stories on Facebook as if they're true.

Now it may seem like more fake news is the last thing we need right now, but think about it this way- if fire is best fought with fire then fake news should be fought with even faker news.

And nobody fakes harder than The Onion.

They broke some amazing news stories in 2016, blowing the lid off Mike Pence's battle against climate change, John Kerry's incredibly exciting briefcase adventures, and the Joe Biden scandal that rocked the DNC parking lot.

See The Onion's Best Photojournalism Of 2016 here

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"The Night Before Christmas" Read In 27 Different Celebrity Impressions

Knowing a celebrity impersonator is way better than knowing an actual celebrity, because they're like ten or more celebrities in one and yet paparazzi don't hound them while they're trying to eat.

Renowned Imitator of famous voices Jim Meskimen wants to be a pal by making our spirits bright this holiday season with a rendition of "The Night Before Christmas" as told by 27 different celebrities.

It's star-studded silliness, and it sure made me feel merry!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Lauging Squid

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The Fine Line Between Classy And Pretentious

It isn't hard to keep it classy when you're out in public, you just have to stay cool, keep your ego in check and refrain from disgusting or offending people with your morbidly obese pomposity online with your word choices.

But those who have a hard time checking their ego at the door think people are just dying to hear how they feel about politics, how much they spend on stuff, and which Ivy League college they attended.

This name drop is naturally worked into every conversation, because how can people truly understand how classy you are without knowing you're a graduate of Yale?

This class-A comic by Scott DeWitt makes it easy to understand the difference between classy and pretentious, but if you're already a pretentious prig then you'll find it hard to tell which panel is which!

See The Fine Line Between Classy And Pretentious here

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