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The Time Morrissey Ruined Bill Cosby's Appearance On The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson played host to many big names with equally big egos to match, but on June 4, 1991 one big head obscured the rest- Steven Patrick Morrissey, aka The Moz.

This star studded episode featured Bill Cosby, Beau Bridges and musical act Morrissey, and even though Cosby and Bridges were huge stars, they simply couldn't find their way out of Morrissey's shadow.

For Morrissey had just finished his first U.S. Tour after cancelling his last show in Austin because the crowds had grown too rowdy, and those who couldn't make it to a show descended upon NBC studios in Burbank.

The rowdy fans ruined Carson's monologue, making him mighty grumpy, but Cosby soldiered on by adding Morrissey references to his jokes, which won the Moz fans over for a minute- until it was time for Morrissey to perform.

(YouTube Link)

As Morrissey performed Sing Your Life and There Is A Place In Hell the crowd went bananas, taking the show out of Carson's control.

When they inexplicably segued to Beau Bridges after Moz's performance it was clear the audience was lost, leaving Carson to get revenge the only way he knew how- by not thanking Morrissey for being his guest at the end of the show.

Read 25 Years Ago, Morrissey Ruined Bill Cosby's Appearance On The Tonight Show here

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Be Careful Who You Ask To Help You With Your Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles can be quite challenging, and getting stuck on a word without an answer key can make the rest of the puzzle really damn hard to finish.

Heed this illustrated warning by Pain Train Comic, fellow word puzzlers, and be careful who you ask for help with your crosswords or you may have "a four letter word for the Devil's domain" to pay!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Get Geared Up For A Day At The Fair With These Funny And Festive T-Shirts

I Choose Blue by Taylor Rose

Many families have a yearly tradition of going to the county fair, and even though they tend to see the same things year in and year out it's a tradition that few familes are willing to give up.

In fact, every member of the family loves going to the fair, and they always manage to have fun in that old familiar place so long as they get to do what they've been looking forward to for the last year.

If you're heading out to the fair this summer you'll want to look good, and there's no better place than the NeatoShop to buy a shirt guaranteed to get you lots of love!

When you wear a geeky t-shirt to the fair people are sure to check you out

I'd Pug Me by Hillary White

And it's up to you whether you keep your geeky style tasteful

Melts In Your Mouth by Vincent Trinidad

Or declare your allegiance to the delicious dark side

Meat Skull by Andrei Verner

Continue reading

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Surreal 16th Century Illustrations Of Eye Diseases Caused By Witchcraft

Back in the simpler days of “science” people often believed maladies were inflicted upon their bodies by witches, who used evil spells to terrorize the good Christian folk on behalf of Satan.

Belief in witchcraft was extremely common in the 16th century, and yet the Scientific Revolution was making people seek more concrete explanations for their afflictions.

German physician Georg Bartisch attempted to provide these answers with his illustrations, and he spent his whole life studying eye diseases and their cures and became a pioneer in the field of ophthalmology. 

Georg also believed witchcraft was often the cause of eye disease, and thought horoscopes and astrological charts were an important part of diagnosing and curing these diseases.

See Jeepers Creepers: Surreal Illustrations Of Witchcraft-Caused Eye Diseases From The 16th Century here

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The Epic Mego Action Figure Playsets Of The 1970s

Action figure sales started climbing in the 1960s thanks to the deployment of G. I. Joe, and by the 1970s the action figure industry was set to conquer the world of toys.

But as more kids got into collecting those action packed pieces of plastic, and more of their favorite franchises received toy treatments, their figures needed a place to play.

The epic playsets created by toy companies like Mego introduced the idea of using a colorful and highly detailed set to take action figure playtime to the next level, giving kids a stage so they can let their imagination run wild.

The Mego playsets were particularly popular because they were freakin' HUGE!

They were also faithful to the source material and full of little artistic touches for kids to discover as they took action figures on a tour of their new digs.

(Image Link)

See more from The Great Mego Playsets Of The 1970s here

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Toddler Has A Hilarious Reaction To His Grandpa's Roar

The world can be a wondrous and terrifying place for toddlers, as they start to explore on two shaky legs and learn to approach that great big world full of adults with caution.

But there's one lesson many little tots don't learn until it's too late- don't come running every time your mommy calls.

Little Jack learned this lesson the hard way, and during the filming of this video he also learned to watch out for grandpa's gruff side.

(YouTube Link)

I hope Jack grows up to be a prankster and gets his grandpa back good!

-Via Mashable

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Beautiful Documentary About The Intense Onbashira Matsuri Festival

Japanese festivals are almost always based around a shrine, and the festival is seen as a way of renewing or blessing the shrine through art, ceremony and mass prayer.

But the Onbashira Matsuri, or Sacred Pillars festival, is different than the rest because it features lumberjacking, brawling, swimming and extremely dangerous log riding portions not for the faint of heart.

(Vimeo Link)

This wonderful video by OH! MATSURi concisely captures the feel of this rare festival, which is held near Lake Suwa in Nagano every six years and has supposedly continued uninterrupted for the last 1200 years.

I could see a festival like Onbashira catching on in the Pacific Northwest, only with less praying and more drinking.

-Via Laughing Squid

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A Live Action Re-Enactment Of The Hobbit's Battle Of Five Armies

There are lots of different games based on the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, games that allow players to participate in classic battles from the books, such as the Battle of Five Armies from The Hobbit.

But there's nothing like the smell of nerdiness in the air as you and your costumed compatriots battle it out in live action, and LARPers in the Czech Republic don't mess around when it comes to re-enactments.

They staged an epic Battle Of Five Armies in a forest near the town of Doksy, Czech Republic, but this wasn't your average duct tape and cardboard LARPing crowd- these guys came to fight hard in detailed costumes and full makeup.

Photographer David W. Cerny was on the scene when the most epic battle in LARP history took place, and a good time was had by the several hundred who took part in the event, although it proved to be a bit too much fun for some.

See more from The Hobbit's "Battle Of Five Armies" Re-Enacted In Czech Republic here

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My Laptop Is Set Up To Take A Picture After 3 Incorrect Password Attempts

People are horrified when they discover someone has been using their computer without their permission, so they install security software that takes a picture when an incorrect password has been entered too many times.

They expect to see some random sneak or sneaky relative caught trying to use the comp without permission, but Imgur user pigeonkitty received this shocking picture via text alert instead:

(Image Link)

Hacker cat has been caught in the act, and now pigeonkitty knows who used her credit card to order ten kilos of catnip and that cat-sized nuclear submarine...

-Via Twisted Sifter

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Sometimes Corrupt Files Are Better Off Dead

Coders get a swollen head when they start using their coding skills to save corrupt files from the brink of digital destruction, but some corrupt files should simply be left to Rest In Pixels.

For as this comic from CommitStrip shows us- if a file can be rebuilt from scratch in a tenth of the time needed to recode it back to life then there's no need to call in the coders.

Of course, all of this could have been avoided if the artist simply used a staggered save system... Save often people!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Richest Families In Florence Have Remained The Richest For Nearly 600 Years

Old Money families often claim that wealth stays with the wealthy, but we've all seen how quickly the winds of fortune can shift, especially in this age of tech stocks and economic turmoil.

But those Old Money families think this way because it's all they know, and for many of them life without wealth is but a bad dream.

In fact, several families in Florence have managed to hold on tight to their fortunes for nearly 600 years, according to research conducted by Italian economists Guglielmo Barone and Sauro Mocetti.

Using tax records from the 1427 Census of Florence all the way through the 2011 fiscal year Barone and Mocetti discovered the richest families in Florence have had the same surnames for the last 600 years.

This system wouldn't really work in most other cities in the world, but Florencian family surnames are "usually highly regional and tend to pass on linearly", so they're most likely part of the same rich families six centuries later.

Read The Richest Families In Florence In 1427 Are Still The Richest Families In Florence here

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This Strange Device Is The Future Of Gunshot Wound Treatment Technology

(Image Link)

Patching up a gunshot wound can be really tricky, and even experienced surgeons sometimes find it quite difficult to stop the bleeding, which complicates the entire surgery.

Add in the fact that many gunshot wound victims bleed out before they even make it to the hospital and you'll see how important it can be to plug up a gunshot wound as quickly as possible.

This is the thought behind the XSTAT by RevMedx, the sponge-filled dressing device that plugs up a gunshot wound with “expandable, tablet-sized sponges” that serve as a Rapid Hemostasis System.

The sponges are injected into the wound site, where they expand and effectively stop blood loss until the victim can receive proper treatment.

The XSTAT was approved for military use in 2014, and it recently saved a soldier who would have bled out if it weren't for the XSTAT:

The femoral artery and vein were transected and damage to the femur and soft tissue left a sizable cavity in the leg. After a self-applied tourniquet stopped the bleeding, the patient was transferred to an FST for evaluation and treatment. After proximal and distal control of the vessel was achieved, several hours were spent by the team trying to control residual bleeding from the bone and accessory vessels. Throughout the course of the roughly 7-hour surgery, multiple attempts at using bone wax and cautery on the bleeding sites were unsuccessfull and the patient received multiple units of blood and plasma. Eventually, the FST team opted to use XSTAT and applied a single XSTAT device to the femoral cavity— resulting in nearly immediate hemostasis. The patient was stabilized and eventually transported to a definitive care facility.

Read more about This Bizarre Gunshot-Plugging Device Just Saved Its First Life here

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Blacksmiths Create Propane Powered Replica Of Voltron's Blazing Sword

 photo b0aqtozzvtj05z2hxdol_zpsrykpik6n.gif

As far as fictional swords go Voltron's flame-spitting Blazing Sword is definitely one of the coolest in the cartoon galaxy. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it exudes fiery energy, an attribute that makes it seemingly impossible for fans to replicate.

Enter Man At Arms: Reforged, the geeky guys who forge the fictional swords we've dreamed about wielding since we were kids.

The Man At Arms crew managed to make a propane powered replica that is fully functional and always on fire, meaning it's actually capable of defending the universe.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Sploid

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Marvel Heroes Who Are More Villainous Than The Villains

Marvel made their mark on the comic book industry by creating complex characters with lots of depth and storylines adults would enjoy reading nearly as much as the youngsters.

Some of Marvel's characters are so complex it's hard to decide whether they're the good guys or the bad, or an anti-hero purposely bridging the gap between the two sides.

Take Professor X for instance- he's the founder and leader of the X-Men who is responsible for protecting mutants from mankind (and vice versa) so we naturally think of him as a good guy.

And yet we discover the Prof has a dark side when he tries to psychically murder Magneto and instead combines with him to form the super-killer Onslaught.

Plus, during the Deadly Genesis series, we find out Xavier "used the abduction of the original X-Men by the living island Krakoa as an instrument to discard the first-generation X-Men of 1963".

On the other hand, it's hard to tell if Nick Fury is a hero or villain because he walks a thin line between good and bad and never hesitates to put a bullet in anyone, hero or villain, who stands in his way.

But who could have known he would kill an innocent extraterrestrial being just to catch a villain?

Nick Fury's murder of the Watcher Uatu in the Original Sin series proved he is truly Marvel's most morally ambiguous character, a guy who's not afraid to get dark if it means getting his way.

See 5 Beloved Marvel Heroes With Seriously Villainous Pasts here

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Creative Human Photoshops His Shiba Inu Into Famous Photos

The Shiba Inu has proven to be one of those dog breeds the internet adores, forever becoming part of internet culture with the appearance of Doge.

But the internet's a mighty big place, and there is plenty of room for another Shiba Inu star to shine, so please give a warm welcome to Zelda.

Zelda is a 4-year-old Shiba Inu who lives with her human Olivia (code name: Horsebalm), and thanks to her creative human's Photoshop skills she's riding a rocket to superstardom.

With Zelda's head Photoshopped onto famous photos the visual appeal is endless, and if you follow Zelda on Instagram you'll receive updates on posts that will make you feel like part of the Photoshopped adventure.

Oh Zelda, there's something about seeing your cute little mug in iconic and instantly recognizable photos that makes my heart sing!

See Dog Owner Is Photoshopping Their Shiba Inu Into Famous Photographs here

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Over 200 Animators Join Forces To Put Their Own Spin On Dragon Ball

The anime series Dragon Ball aired in the U.S. for the first time over twenty years ago, and there are plenty of grown up geeks out there who see Dragon Ball as an important part of their youth.

These geeks often grow up to become artists and animators themselves, developing their own art style while remaining interested in geeky franchises like Dragon Ball they've loved all their life.

Thanks to the heroic effort put forth by Tim Tapp and Seven Star Re-Animate over 200 animators got the chance to pay homage to Dragon Ball in their own unique way as part of the DRAGON BALL REANIMATE project.

(YouTube Link)

-Via io9

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Artist Who Lost His Arm Now Has World's First Tattoo Machine Prosthetic

Artists who lose the use of their arms or hands often feel like their artistic careers are over, which is totally understandable considering how important hands are to an artist.

So when JC Sheitan Tenet lost his arm in an accident 22 years ago he thought he'd have to give up his dream of being a tattoo artist, but thanks to this incredible prosthetic arm he's now able to ink at will.

JC's amazing prosthetic arm was created by French artist/engineer JL Gonzal, who modified a normal prosthetic to accommodate a tattoo gun, and Gonzal has sworn to improve the design to give JC a more natural feel when he inks.

Gonzal's prosthetic arm may be in the early stages of development but it sure looks sharp!

-Via My Modern Met

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Illustrations Of Spells And Potions From The Harry Potter Series

Fans of the Harry Potter series know how hard it can be to stop yelling casting spells at your friends once you've learned a few of those fun to say spells.

Your friend asks you for a ride to the store and you reply “Avada Kedavra” with a wicked gleam in your eye, or you smile and cast “Orchideous” to appease an angry partner with a magical bouquet.

Illustrator Gabriel Picolo knows those magical feels full well, which is why he was compelled to start sketching out visualizations of spells and potions so Muggles can see why they shouldn't trifle with the magical arts.

-Via DesignTAXI

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Guy Visits Locations From Famous Movies To Show How They Look Now

When real world locations are used as locations in iconic movies they become equally iconic, especially to those who live in the town where movies like Fight Club, Back To The Future and Ghostbusters were filmed.

And thanks to the internet it's easy for fans to find out where these locations are located, with the map apps in their smartphones making locating the locations a snap.

But visiting locations involves leaving the house, which cuts into your movie watching time, so if you really want to see what those iconic film locations look like nowadays you should just follow Phil Grishayev on Instagram.

Phil travels to all kinds of cool places to educate his fellow cinephiles through his photos, revealing earth-shattering facts like the jackhammer scene in Ghostbusters 2 was actually filmed in Los Angeles, or that this iconic shot from Halloween was filmed in Pasadena.

Apparently Phil's travels don't take him much farther than Pomona, even though it seems like he's in New York, Miami or Aurora, Illinois. So if you want to nerd out like Phil just schwing on over to L.A.!

See Guy Visits Locations Of Famous Movies here

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Daredevil Skateboarding On A Giant Yugoslav Monument

Skateboarders love to find new ways to take it to the limit, and their board is so light they can carry it with them wherever they go, so if they can climb it they can skate it.

Slovenian skaters Jan Robek and Miha Miklavcic stared up at the hulking concrete World War II monument created by Macedonian sculptor Dusan Dzamonja and saw the perfect ramp- if they could make it to the top.

One short yet slightly scary climb later and they were making skateboarding history with the photos to prove it, skating free and praying they don't fall off.

-Via Design You Trust

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Lion Looks Like He's Hunting Little Boy At Japanese Zoo

Most kids like to visit the zoo so they can see all the animals they've learned about in school in the flesh, and those zoo animals don't know why tasty little morsels keep staring at them through the glass.

Sometimes the critters get curious and come in for a closer look, but when the curious critter in question is a massive lion at a Japanese zoo the curiosity looks an awful lot like stalking prey.

(YouTube Link)

The kid's parents should show him this video when he's older so he can see how close he came to being a lion's lunch.

-Via Cosmopolitan

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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These Animals Are Not What They Seem

You've probably already figured out the photo above is not a wolf, but can you make out what it actually is?

If you guessed it's three naked women covered in body paint and posed to create this howling good optical illusion then you're the grand prize winner!

So what have you won? The opportunity to see what three naked women covered in body paint look like when they're posing as a tree frog.

These incredible bodypaint illusions are created by artist Johannes Stötter, a guy who has a knack for unleashing a model's wild side and can't help but see the human body as a canvas.

Here's a video showing another one of Johannes' incredibly cool bodypaint works- the chameleon.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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This Toy Story Voltron Figure Takes Playtime Well Beyond Infinity

If the toys featured in Pixar's Toy Story were shown an old giant robot anime series called Voltron they may have considered undergoing some radical plastic body modifications so they could link up in style.

Sadly, this concept never occurred to Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang, but some clever toy designer was clearly thinking outside the toy box when they designed this Toy Story Voltron figure.

This amazing Chogokin combiner set from Tamashii Nations features transformable versions of Woody, Hamm, Rex, Slinky Dog and Woody's faithful horse Bullseye that can link up and form the ultimate robotic force for toy justice.

Man, I wish I had a Voltron figure this cool when I was a kid, I couldn't even afford a real Voltron so I had to settle for the swap meet Robo-Cat version.

-Via io9

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Former Buffy Star Recreates Celebrity Outfits Using Stuff From Around The House

Thomas Lenk was best known as the guy who played Andrew Wells in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spinoff Angel, and more recently as the guy who played Ronald in The Cabin In The Woods.

But now Thomas will forever be associated with his new entertainment-related endeavor- recreating celebrity outfits using stuff he finds around his house.

His recreations are simply delicious, and with the visual power of the side-by-side comparison he shows us how chic one can look while wearing nothing but tin foil and a smirk.

As far as celebrity hobbies go this one's an absolute winner, and those who follow Thomas' Instagram account will find their feed full of eye-pleasing celebrity outfit recreations that are equal parts funny and fierce.

See Former "Buffy" Star Recreates Celebrity Outfits Using Stuff He Finds At Home here

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The McGhee Sextuplets Recreate Their Viral Photo Six Years Later

The McGhee sextuplets birth was big news back in 2010, but not because sextuplet survival rates are low or because they were Columbus, Ohio's first official sextuplets- they became internet famous for this adorable photo.

Six years later the McGhee's have come a long way, with the four boys Elijah, Rozonno Jr., Josiah and Isaac and two girls Olivia and Madison now in school and ready to remind the world how adorable they are by recreating their original viral photo.

Rozonno, Mia and their six little McGhees are set to star in a new reality show on UP called Growing Up McGhee, showing how the parents of an instantly large family run a business while raising six kids.

-Via Today

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Couple Films Their Six Month Trip Around The World One Second Every Day

Quitting your jobs to travel around the world is sure to be far more interesting and exciting than working hard to make lots of money for somebody else.

But the way the internet is nowadays you'll have to film your entire journey to prove you actually went, or people will crawl out of the woodwork to cry fake.

The quirky couple in this video were happy to provide the internet with the proof they need, but rather than share the whole thing they chose to share "1 second of every day since we quit our jobs".

(YouTube Link)

It's fun to see which moments This & That Visuals chose to include in the video, but they should really consider sharing longer clips from their trip because some of those moments were priceless.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Surveillance Camera Footage Catches Kid Stealing Hugs From Dog

Kids who don't have pets of their own must find creative ways to get some pet love, even if it involves some light breaking and entering.

Surveillance camera footage shot by homeowner Hollie Mallet caught a young man named Josh in the act of stealing hugs from Hollie's well trained black Lab Dutchess, which totally stole her heart.

Hollie asked her neighbors if they knew who the little boy was, and Josh's mom Ginger came forward to confess it was her son who had been stealing hugs from Dutchess.

Now Josh and Dutchess are free to hang out whenever they'd like, and Josh no longer has to go into ninja mode when he feels like hangin' with his favorite furry neighbor.

-Via Pets Lady

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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We'll Miss You Bruce, Thanks For All The Memories

The Your 7 News Team has served as the voice of the people for over 87 years, telling us what we want to hear while speaking in those chipper yet very official news reporter voices.

One of their news anchors Bruce, who couldn't possibly have been on Your 7 News for 87 years unless he's a vampire, is leaving the show to do some non-news reporting related stuff.

So Your 7 News Team producer Mitch decided to send him off in style- with this blooper reel that makes Bruce look like a bit of a trainwreck.  (Contains NSFW material)

(YouTube Link)

Okay, I'm being told this is actually a comedy short from Adult Swim, which is a major relief since a guy who looks like Bruce just moved in next door...

-Via Uproxx

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Frank Zappa's Anti-Drug PSAs Warn Kids About Being Like "Suzy Speedfreak"

Many people think Frank Zappa did all kinds of drugs during his lifetime, thinking he took drugs like lsd, pot and cocaine while creating the masterfully freaky music that would become his legacy.

But Frank was actually anti-drug, and neither took drugs nor allowed drug users in his bands, which is why these anti-drug PSAs were a labor of love rather than a court ordered punishment.

(YouTube Link)

Is your mind blown yet? Then check out this interview with Frank Zappa where the father of the "roughest and farthest out group on the scene today, the Mothers Of Invention" talks about why he hates drugs.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Dangerous Minds

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How To Be The Worst Person At A Convention

With San Diego Comic-Con 2016 coming up soon it's time to brush up on our convention etiquette so we don't go into the show and tick people off any more than necessary.

Or maybe you're thinking about getting revenge for all those cosplay accessories that have poked you in the eye, all the ginormous backpacks that have punched you in the face, or the body stench that assaulted your senses.

Looking to be the worst person at your favorite fandom convention? Follow these comic strip style instructions by Julia Lepetit and ruin the show for your fellow fans!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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