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Watch This Speed Crocheter Craft A Yarn Flower In 90 Seconds

It's go time. #jjcrochetinNYC #speedcrochet #lightscameraaction

A photo posted by Jayna Grassel (@jaynagrassel) on Mar 4, 2016 at 1:08pm PST

I'm constantly impressed by the talented artists who show off their skills online, and their videos are doubly impressive when the skill they're showing off takes years to master and the crafter is working at a blazing fast pace.

Here's a perfect example- a video filmed by Wired/Condé-Nast showing speed crocheter Jayna Grassel crafting a yarn flower in under 90 seconds.

(YouTube Link)

Jayna creates a ludicrously speedy 71 stitches per minute in the video, and says she can actually work faster when she's not uncomfortably positioned for the sake of the camera:

I went up, saw the studio, met a bunch of people and they told me to stand behind a table and crochet while they shot aerially. Um, I don’t crochet standing up. That’s crazy. So they got me a chair and I repositioned myself. But to be honest, it still wasn’t great. As any crocheter will attest, when you crochet your elbows rest almost at your hips, hands at about mid-stomach level. Normal. To get a shot, they had me stretch out my hands so they were centered over a table... It was strange and I’ll admit didn’t set me up to do my best. I was dropping stitches and wasn’t as fast as I’d been practicing.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Bowser Calls Ganondorf For Advice On Dating Princess Peach

Bowser looks and talks like a big badass, and acts like he has a chip on his shoulder towards moustachioed plumbers, but the truth is he's just extremely lonely, jealous and desperate for a girlfriend.

So comic artist FigmentForm naturally figured Ganondorf could show Bowser the way to Princess Peach's heart when she created this guest piece for Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, and boy was she right!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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This Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Diorama Is A Gamer's Dream Come True

Some people don't really want or need anything on the hex mat when they're playing a tabletop roleplaying game, preferring to play solely using the power of imagination.

For the rest of us it's nice to have some visual elements to enhance our experience, including miniatures that actually fit our characters and some terrain pieces.

But miniatures master crafter Ryan Devoto wasn't content with using but a few measley scenic pieces for his Dungeons & Dragons campaign- he wanted a setting his miniatures could truly call home.

So Ryan, along with Michael Tiskus of Terranscapes, built an epic scale D&D diorama complete with a port full of ships, a village, a massive castle with full interior and more.

With a diorama so detailed and varied in terms of environment types the campaign practically writes itself!

See more detail shots from Ryan's amazing D&D diorama here

-Via Nerd Approved

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Green Screened Moments From The 2016 Summer Olympics In Rio

 photo b77120111be52fc5581539e20e8ee60b_zpsjrbwtgyp.gif

(Image Link)

Green seemed to be a dominant color in the Olympic Games Rio 2016- the green Reals Brazil paid to host the games, the green courts and fields where the games were played, the green backdrops, the green water in the pool...

It's safe to say green is the color which best symbolizes the 2016 Olympics, so creating some “green screened” Olympic moments makes perfect sense!

The green backdrops found throughout the Games made it easy for digital manipulator and Imgur user factionman to place the tennis court in any environment- so he naturally chose outer space.

(via GIPHY)

And even the gymnasts discovered they weren't safe from the green screen treatment even though they performed their floor routines on a tan mat.

 photo 1006092672afebd0c450d16516938a78_zpsbworepkb.gif

(Image Link)

-Via Mashable, CollegeHumor, PetaPixel

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Dad Makes Edible Food Sculptures For His Daughter With Severe Allergies

There are too many gruff, cold and closeminded dads in the world as it is, what we need now are guys willing to be warm and loving fathers and boost their kids up instead of tearing them down.

Adam Perry is one of those kinder, gentler dads who discovered his daughter could only eat plain toast with sunflower oil for breakfast due to severe food allergies- so he found a way to make a bland breakfast fun.

He started using slices of toast to make food sculptures, and what started out as simple toasty shapes soon became a food sculpture smorgasbord.

Now his daughter isn't stuck eating plain old toast in the morning, she's eating tropical islands, bread crabs, bungalows, sail boats and boom boxes, or the most meta of them all- the toaster made out of toast.

See A Toast To This Dad Who Makes Edible Sculptures For His Daughter With Food Allergies here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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How Creepy You Are Based On The Type Of Pets You Own

Our pets are seen as a reflection of ourselves, and people reckon they can glean information about our personality, lifestyle and temperament from the types of pets we own.

And while this isn't always true, especially when it comes to dog owners, there's always at least one person who lives up to the stereotype in each group of owners.

People who own snakes aren't always creepy, but there's always that one guy who thinks it's fine to make out with his salmonella-infested serpent when people are over.

And then there are the people who own a bunch of cats or ferrets and refuse to acknowledge that their house always smells like animal urine.

But at least they actually own their pets and don't smell like they're covered in their own urine, that's when you start getting into a whole new level of creepiness.

Of course, you don't have to be homeless to be a totally deranged pet owner, just ask the crazy cat lady who can't remember exactly how many kitties she has roaming around in her house.

And no matter what anybody tells you human ownership is not okay and never was, so when your Gimp tells you he's yours to do with what you will he's speaking figuratively.

Take it from comic artist extraordinaire Caldwell Tanner and let the Gimps roam free!

-Via CollegeHumor

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Dogs Sticking Their Heads Through Fences To Say Hi

(Image Link)

Dogs sometimes refuse to take no for an answer when they're desperate to say hello, and no bush, wall or fence can keep them from shoving their head through to greet their neighbor face to face.

This almost manic drive to see who or what is living next door can result in wrecked fences, tunnels dug in the dirt under walls, and a sad little pooch with a stupid look on his face when he realizes he's stuck.

(Image Link)

Of course, not all dogs are saddened by the prospect of being stuck, because they're just happy to be out of the house!

(Image Link)

See 10+ Desperate Dogs Who Just Want To Say Hi here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Curious And Creepy Owl Theremin

Delightfully mad sculptor David Cranmer makes functional art pieces that put the fun in funky, and his strange contraptions often make a pretty funky racket too.

We've featured his Musical Liquer-Dispensing Machine, his Duck Machine, his Stuffed Badger Theremin and his Furby Gurdy here on Neatorama before, so we obviously give a hoot about David's amazing musical sculptures.

But this owl theremin is my favorite of the bunch by far, because it would look right at home in the Great Northern Hotel, the Addams Family house or the Haunted Mansion...or my house!

Flipping the switch labeled "Activate Owl" causes the owl to arise while the theremin starts up, and as the player waves their hand to make sweet, spooky "music" the owl silently judges them from on high.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Spectacular Hobby Rocket Wrecks

Amateur rocketeers know there's one aspect of the hobby that's spectacular yet painful to watch- the wreck.

(YouTube Link)

Sometimes it's simply the rocket veering off course and crashing hard, other times it's a bright explosion in the sky, but they're always fun to watch even when the rocket is scrapped.

In fact, it's even more exciting to watch when the whole thing goes kablooey!

(YouTube Link)

See 10 Spectacular Hobby Rocket Wrecks here

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Scientists Identify The Least Healthy Menu Items At Chain Restaurants

Reports keep coming out that claim the food served by chain restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory, Uno Pizzeria & Grill and Buffalo Wild Wings is really bad for our bodies.

But those reports couldn't possibly be referring to the entire menu at every restaurant, so which menu items are the worst, and how bad are they?

That's the basis of the Center for Science in the Public Interest's research into the least healthy menu items being served by chain restaurants across the country, a list so long they had to narrow it down to nine items.

(Image Link)

High on the Xtreme Eating List is The Cheesecake Factory's Fried Chicken & Waffles Benedict, which weighs in at 86 grams of saturated fat and 2580 calories.

Buffalo Wild Wing's Dessert Nachos aren't far behind with 2100 calories, but Uno Pizzeria & Grill's weighs in even larger with their whopping 2850 calorie Whole Hog Burger.

(Image Link)

Why do these lists always make me so hungry?

Read Scientists Identify the Least Healthy Foods at Chain Restaurants at mental_floss

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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A Guide To Understanding The Introverted

Many articles and comics you see posted online would have you believe the world is divided into two camps- extroverts and introverts.

But I constantly find myself sitting square in the middle of the two worlds, happy to go out and celebrate life with friends one day then homebound and dreading human interaction the next.

So, in order to better understand these two halves of my whole, I like to read about what makes an introvert or extrovert tick, hoping to merge the two into a nice, normal version of me.

Which is why I found Dr. Carmella's Guide To Understanding The Introverted by RomanJones so enlightening, because his hamster ball theory is spot on and easy to describe to your fellow introverts.

So next time you feel like human interaction is leeching all of your energy you'll know why, and those who don't fall on the introvert side of the spectrum will know how to properly deal with their "reclusive" friends and family members.

-Via Co.Create

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Photographer Saves Dying White-Tailed Eagle From Thick Mud

It's hard for some people to describe how much they love animals, because they have an easier time showing their admiration for the animal kingdom with their actions.

This passion is what drove Krzystof Chomicz to become a wildlife photographer, and what made him decide to rescue a dying white-tailed eagle from the thick coastal mud and nurse it back to health.

(YouTube Link)

Krzystof spotted the dying eagle near the Polish seaside town of Swinoujscie, stuck in the mud after the tide washed out, and his one man rescue operation was filmed by news cameras and drones.

But Krzystof proved he wasn't in it for the glory by spending the time and effort to treat the wounded raptor until he was fit for flight, setting his newfound friend free to hunt and soar again.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Horrifying Facts About The Vikings

Between Thor's presence in the Marvel movies and the hit History channel show there is a renewed interest in those savage Nordic warriors known collectively as the Vikings.

Known for their ingenuity and hardiness as much as their ferocity in combat, the Vikings were a diverse and loosely banded group of clans whose heroes were hardly what you'd call heroic.

Have you heard tales about the great Viking hero Erik the Red? Turns out his fellow Vikings saw Erik as too violent.

Erik found trouble with his fellow Vikings wherever he called home, and having a disagreement with Erik meant you and yours would be killed in cold blood.

His life was a series of deadly brawls and banishment, but he did sire the great explorer Leif Erikson, so his life wasn't all death and destruction.

Speaking of death and bodily dismemberment- it's funny that the Vikings found Erik to be such a brute, considering Vikings were known for bloody duels called Holmgangs, ritual sacrifice, infanticide and a brutal torture technique called the Blood Eagle.

Read 10 Horrifying Facts About Vikings here

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Fans Of British Movies And TV Will Love These T-Shirts Inspired By British Entertainment

Brexit by  SergioDoe

Dear Britain- you may have divorced the EU, but please don't Brexit from our lives and keep your awesome movies and TV shows from your fans overseas!

Where would we be without Benny, Monty, the IT and the Boosh? Lost in a sea of mediocrity, that's where, and we at the NeatoShop love British TV shows so much we wear our love on our chest!

British sci-fi opened our minds to a great big galaxy full of awesomeness

The Who by Vincent Trinidad

Enchanted us with their bold new vision of comedy

The Enchanter by kgullholmen

And charmed us with compelling characters who solved the boring TV problem

Watercolor Detective by Traceygurney

God save you, British entertainment industry, and keep you sharing your great shows with us all!

God Save The Queen by In Stank We Trust

Continue reading

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Unusual Uses For Mouthwash

Every day people take a swig from a bottle of mouthwash, swish, gargle and spit for the sake of oral health, but do they know what they're putting in their mouth?

The active ingredients in most mouthwashes are menthol, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate and thymol, powerful antiseptics and antifungals with a lot of different uses that you probably shouldn't swallow.

The antifungal properties in mouthwash make it great for soaking your feet, as it helps prevent athlete's foot and toe fungus, and it's good to disinfect your toothbrush in it for the same reason.

Now those uses make sense, but here's where the strange comes in- you can use mouthwash to wash your laundry.

Instructables author Penolopy Bulnick on her experience washing laundry with mouthwash:

Use about a cup of mouthwash instead of laundry detergent when you're in a pinch. I highly recommend using a more colorless and sugar-free mouthwash for this. I used what you see and didn't have any problems, but I avoided washing any whites or nice close just in case. I did wash a tan towel and it still came out tan.

Read 14+ Unusual Uses For Mouthwash here

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Missing Persons Cases With Crazy Twist Endings

Missing persons cases tend to make the friends and family of the victim fear the worst, and as the case winds on many lose hope of ever seeing the victim again.

But life is full of surprises, and detectives know full well that sometimes the facts of the case aren't what they seem, and the victim might not be a victim after all.

In 1957 cookware salesman and family man Lawrence Bader from Akron, Ohio ignored warnings about an incoming storm and took a boat out on Lake Erie, disappearing during the storm.

His damaged boat was found but Lawrence's body was never recovered, yet eight years later a family friend met Bader's spitting image in Chicago, now named John "Fritz" Johnson.

(Image Link)

Fritz insisted he was not Bader, and even agreed to let police take his fingerprints to prove it- and the fingerprints proved he was indeed Lawrence Bader.

He claimed to have a form of amnesia that not only erased memories but implanted new ones, but nobody will ever know for sure because Lawrence died of liver cancer before psychiatrists could sort it all out.

At least Lawrence disappeared on purpose, Scottish folk singer Shelagh McDonald didn't mean to disappear just as her career was taking off- she took some bad acid at a party in London, sending her on a terrible trip that instantly ruined her life.

Shelagh's bad trip lasted for weeks and wrecked her voice, so she effectively made herself disappear by moving back home to Scotland and cutting off all ties to her friends and former life.

Thirty years later she was living in a tent with her husband when she saw an article in The Scottish Daily Mail about her disappearance, and to the Mail's surprise Shelagh showed up at their offices very much alive.

Read The 5 Most Insane Twist Endings Of Real Missing Persons Cases here

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32 Mega-Sized Mansions Owned By NFL Players

Football season is nearly upon us again, and that means fans are gearing up to watch the games and get extremely emotional about their favorite teams and their favorite players.

But another issue will start to come up as well as the season gets underway- the overpayment of players, which becomes an even more heated discussion as the economic crisis continues to rage on.

NFL players make so much money they don't even know what to do with it all, so many sink a chunk of their fortune into a fat pad so they can live like sports royalty.

It's both sickening and impressive how much money some players are willing to pay for their dream mansion- Tom Brady paid $20 million for the mansion pictured above, which is truly way too much home.

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, on the other hand, paid $2.3 million for this "modest" mansion, which is almost ten times less as Tom and yet still plenty fancy.

See 32 Insane NFL Player Mansions here

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Earth Has An Acne Problem

Apparently Earth is seen as a zit faced teenager by the other planets, which is why they all stay well away from that volatile youngster and its even more volatile inhabitants.

And like all good acne covered teens Earth will cleanse its surface with something that removes all the muck and burns like hell. What's it called again? Oh yeah, red hot lava.

So sayeth the drawer of Things In Squares, and so shall it be.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Hilarious Beatnik Girl Makeover Video From 1963

Calling someone a Beatnik in the mid-20th century was seen as an insult and a way to cast aspersions on their moral decency, since Beatniks were considered degenerates and being Square was seen as way more keen.

Parents freaked out when their kids came home dressed in that dark Beatnik garb, and many feared for their children's souls because, as we all know, Hell is full of poets and bongo players.

So moms and dads naturally didn't want their daughters becoming Beatniks, much less hanging out with that lowlife crowd, and they battled this Bohemian menace with the almighty makeover.

(YouTube Link)

This video shared by British Pathé looks ridiculous by today's standards, since subcultures are now mainstream and "edgy" stores like Hot Topic exist in every mall in America.

So maybe it's about time for all those Squares to be treated like lowlife scum!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Bear Sits Down Right Next To Cameraman

Bears are the subject of many human myths and misunderstandings, and while it's still a good idea to teach people to stay away from bears for safety's sake we should also teach that bears can be gentle creatures too.

Case in point- a wildlife photographer was sitting by the side of a river shooting pics when a wild bear came and sat down right next to him, hanging out like the two were old friends.

(YouTube Link)

This video will go down in history as the first appearance of the ursine YouTube star BeardiePie, who now has over a million bears subscribing to his prank video channel.

-Via Unofficial Network

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Dad Photographs His Astronaut Son Going Where No Kid Wants To Go

It's hard for kids to be brave when they're faced with scary things like shots, barber shops and flying for the first time, but they're able to get through it all with support from their parents.

For some parents support means holding their child's hand, or wiping their tears away, but photographer Aaron Sheldon lent his son support by letting him dress up like an astronaut:

“The first shot we did in the project came about as my 4-year-old’s idea when I was helping him get over his fear of the doctors exam table. He decided to act brave like an astronaut and then asked if he could wear his spacesuit to his next appointment,”

Aaron continues to set up photo shoots starring his brave astronaut son, sharing the pics on his website Small Steps Are Giant Leaps in the hopes that other kids will be inspired to face their fears and dream big.

-Via design you trust

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Going Out In Public When You're A Parent- Mom Vs. Dad

There's a perceptible change in attitude when you meet a stranger in public for the first time with your child in tow, and lately this change seems to be working out better for dads than moms.

For some reason people are quick to criticize mothers for the way they're raising their child yet see the father as a hero for spending time with his kids, overlooking the same stuff they just criticized the mom for.

This comic strip was written by Chaunie Brusie and loosely based on her experiences, but as we all know parental experiences may vary, so there's bound to be a dad getting dissed in public somewhere!

-Via Babble

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Things That Are Awesome At Parties But Suck Everywhere Else

Parties are unique social events that feel completely detached from normal life, since the crazy stuff that seems completely normal at a party sucks in normal life.

Staying up until 4 a.m. while singing LMFAO songs at the top of your lungs is fun at a party, but combining these two things in normal life will make your neighbors think you're on meth.

It's funny how things we find tedious and annoying in our everyday lives feel just fine in a party setting, with a little help from alcohol and friends, of course.

And while shouting, crowds and staying up all night can stress us out in normal life they have the power to de-stress at a party.

Illustrator Annie Erskine understands how magical it can feel to party down with friends, especially when we've had to deal with crowds, insomnia and crappy music all week long!

See 6 Things That Are AWESOME At Parties And Suck Everywhere Else here

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Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Stone Veneer Fire Pit Patio

Don't you hate it when you start a home improvement project only to run out of supplies, money, time or motivation halfway through?

This often happens because we've chosen a project that's too difficult or costly, or we simply didn't plan it out well enough and we end up getting stuck.

So before you start a new project you'll never finish you should check out this inspirational step-by-step patio and fire pit build posted by arl227, which was made on the cheap but looks like a million bucks.

arl227 walks us through every step of the process, from digging out the trench to laying the cinder block wall to slapping down the concrete base and covering it all with stone.

It's a great guide for those looking to take on an impressively large scale project of moderate difficulty, or peruse the pics and be inspired to get back to work on your own home improvement project.

See full step-by-step instructions for Stone Veneer Fire Pit Patio project here

-Via ViralNova

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David Lee Roth's No Holds Bar-B-Que

(Image Link)

David Lee Roth was one of the biggest names in the rock world in the 80s and 90s, and he definitely played a major role in Van Halen's success as a band.

But the split was hard for Dave, and his style, act and attitude didn't age well, so by the 2000s he was struggling to stay relevant, much less famous.

Which must be why he decided to pay over half a million dollars in 2002 to make an off-the-wall feature length music video called David Lee Roth's "No Holds Bar-B-Que".

The feature length music video didn't revitalize Roth's career, but it gave his hardcore fans what they wanted- hot women wearing revealing clothing, raw Rock 'n' Roll, and Dave jumping around like a madman.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the kung-fu intro, who knew Dave had hand-to-hand combat skills? (Video is obviously NSFW)

(YouTube Link)

Apparently the video was never released to the public, and only recently resurfaced because Dave added it to his personal YouTube channel, so sorry the vid didn't get you gigs, Dave, but thanks for sharing this crazy gem with us all!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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This Impressive Supercut Shows Why Props Matter

Hollywood is currently experiencing a philosophical split between those who believe in the power of practical fx and those who don't see the problem with going full digital.

Many of the full digital filmmakers don't think it's worth the time and effort to create costumes, makeup effects and props when they can just hire digital artists to fake it all.

But, as everyone who saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine knows, real props can mean the difference between a believable effect and a glaringly obvious fake.

Why Props Matter from Rishi Kaneria on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Rishi Kane put this impressive supercut together to demonstrate the power of the humble prop, which should be required viewing for filmmakers who think digital props will ever replace the real deal.

-Via Laughing Squid

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A Heavy Metal Version Of The Jigglypuff Song

Jigglypuff is one of the cutest and cuddliest looking Pokémon, which makes him the most commonly underestimated Pokémon as well.

Because his hypnotic singing ability is extremely hard to resist, and even the toughest characters fall victim to his charm ability and fall fast asleep when he starts singing his Jigglypuff Song.

But metalhead THEoneNILS thought Jigglypuff's cute little song needed a heavy metal makeover, so listeners will start banging their heads instead of nodding off.

(YouTube Link)

THEoneNILS wasn't the first person to think heavy metal when they saw Jigglypuff perform, and this video still wins the award for most ridiculous Pokémon themed mashup of all time.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Nerdist

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The Seven Types Of Pets You'll Own In Your Lifetime

Unless you grew up with parents who didn't allow animals in the house, or you're severely allergic to animals, you've probably gone through multiple stages of pet ownership during your life.

We usually start out small with a hamster, hermit crab or goldfish, a barely-a-pet pet purchased because our parents don't have faith in our abilities to care for an actual pet.

But we show them when we help keep The Immortal animal alive for a large chunk of our lives.

By that point we're officially hooked on having a pet, and we've matured so much as pet owners that we're able to overlook our animals perturbing and peculiar habits.

Let experienced pet owner and illustrator Sarah Andersen walk you through all the pets you'll own in your life, so you can either see where you've been or where you're headed as a pet owner.

Currently I'm on number 6 but the cute little guy is quickly becoming a number 7.

See The 7 Types of Pets You'll Own In Your Lifetime here (contains NSFW language)

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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This Is What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food

Flies are everywhere, and even when we don't see them they're hanging around somewhere waiting for a chance to get at our food.

They aren't exactly subtle about their intentions either, and without hestitation a fly will land on our food right when we're in the middle of chowing down, making us wonder if the food is still safe to eat.

Well, here's the thing- flies eat really gross stuff like poop, rotten meat and toxic trash, and they vomit enzymes onto their food, or our food as the case may be, before they eat it.

But that's not how flies transfer some of the over 200 types of bacteria they may be carrying around, because as this DNews video shows the nasty stuff is actually sitting on the little hairs all over their legs and body.

(YouTube Link)

-Via David Wolfe

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Perfectly Preposterous Nipple Tattoos

(Image Link)

Some people look for creative places on their body to get tattooed, so they don't end up with yet another MOM tattoo on their bicep or tribal pattern on their lower back.

For guys like these the nipple is more than just a torso accessory- it's a landmark for their tattoos to interact with.

(Image Link)

So instead of having Where's Waldo emerging from some stinky part of the body he can just hang out behind their nipple, where he'll be safe from the Waldo hunters until his shirt comes off.

People may accuse you of being a ham for getting a tattoo around your nipple, but your new ink will show them you're actually King Ham, with the power of the mighty T-Rex guarding your pec plug!

(Image Link)

See These Nipple Tattoos Are Too Ridiculous For Words here

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