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Regular Shirt - A Blue Jay And A Raccoon Were In The Park One Day...

Regular Shirt by Kari Fry

This is just one of those regular shirts, there's nothing strange or unusual about this shirt despite the fact that it features a hi five ghost in the middle. This is just the normal, totally cool looking kinda shirt a guy like Mordecai or Rigby might wear while cleaning up the park, but don't let that regularness fool you because even though it's totally normal it's still sure to make people go oooooooohhh! when they see you wearing it!

Keep your geeky wardrobe nice and normal with this Regular Shirt t-shirt by Kari Fry, it's the fun way to show your love of totally irregular cartoons about animals living totally regular human type lives.

Visit Kari Fry's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Gold Chocobo Taxi Co. Fire Spinners Night Shades My Little Chocobo

View more designs by Kari Fry | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Location Of Every Plane That Has Disappeared Since 1948

When a plane disappears it’s considered a big deal, whether it’s a passenger plane full of people or a small plane with a party of two, but large aircraft disappearances are given the most attention.

A large aircraft is defined as a “plane carrying more than 14 people” and since 1948 80+ large aircraft have gone missing, eleven of which have gone missing since 2005.

The Bloomberg Visual Data team created this interactive map, which reveals the 83 large aircraft that were declared missing since 1948, during the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in 2014.

(Since their interactive map seems to be offline at the moment here's a link to the original source, which was created by the AviationSafetyNetwork.)

It's interesting to note that only a few of the crashes happened inland, and Australia seems to have remained crash free.

-Via mental_floss

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Seagull Steals GoPro Camera, Records Beautiful Footage Of Rocky Coastline

Seagulls are known for thinking with their stomachs and not being particularly picky about what they shove down their gullets, and they're also known for living like outlaws.

That's because seagulls consider themselves above all human laws, but they're not above swiping something shiny when a foolish human leaves it unguarded.

(YouTube Link)

A couple visiting the Cies Islands in Spain watched in horror as their GoPro camera was stolen by a seagull they were filming.

As the bird flew away with its shiny prize the camera kept rolling, capturing some breathtaking aerial footage of the island's rugged coastline.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Artists Pay Tribute To Satoru Iwata

The world recently lost a video game legend, a man responsible for giving us such beloved franchises as Super Smash Bros. and Kirby, Nintendo’s mythical mastermind Satoru Iwata.

(Image Link)

Satoru helped bring Nintendo back from the brink of destruction with both the Nintendo DS and the Wii console, and his legacy at the gaming company he loved like family will never be forgotten.

 photo tumblr_nrf1a2eZvM1qf1qjho1_500_zps3niehhzp.gif

(Image Link)

But Satoru’s creations didn’t just make the world a better place for gamers, his works inspired artists of all kinds to follow their hearts and chase their dreams no matter how lofty. Rest in peace, Satoru, and thanks for all the gaming goodness!

See Artists Across The Web Pay Tribute To Satoru Iwata here

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Let Ladybaby Serenade You With A Song About Japanese Stuff

J-Pop comes in many flavors, from hip hop to dance music to heavy metal, but they all seem to have one thing in common- the themes they choose for their songs are often quite bizarre.

Some choose to sing about cute things dying, or fart exercises, but the totally hip and happenin' group Ladybaby have chosen to sing about pastries? in their latest track “Nippon Manju”.

This colorful "Kawaiicore" group is headed by a cross dressing bearded guy from Australia, who has been described as the “Bizarro Andrew W.K.”

(YouTube Link)

Keep that kookiness coming Japan!

-Via The Daily What

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We Level Up - A Gamer's Guide To Aging Heroically

We Level Up by DesignsByReg

If you think of life as one big roleplaying game, and aging as levelling up, then getting older isn't a bad thing- it's a whole new level of adventure! You develop more skills and abilities, acquire new gear, and fight a whole new slew of enemies as you make your way across the adult world map. And as you get into those higher numbered levels other adventurers come to seek your council, and you get to send them on quests to heat your soup and fetch your slippers. So as your sprite grows gray and wrinkly remember- life is an adventure, and we should all be happy that we get to keep levelling up!

Make life more fun with this We Level Up t-shirt by DesignsByReg, and show the world you're such a diehard gamer that you don't get older, you just level up!

Visit DesignsByReg's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more gamer-iffic designs:

Pug Banana! TheLeague A LOT Of Wishes

View more designs by DesignsByReg | More Video Game T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Thunderkitty! - Don't Let Those Big Eyes Fool You...

Thunderkitty! by Raffiti

Lion-O was a mighty warrior, capable of slicing a lizardman in half with his incredibly powerful Sword of Omens, but he didn't realize the full extent of his power until he picked up a few pointers from puss in boots. Now he's like a cat possessed, softening up his enemies with that big eyed cute face then dropping the thunder on their heads with full feline force, the cuteness that kills. But there's one drawback to being so darn adorable- Panthro can't stop petting him!

Geeky mashups don't come much cuter than this Thunderkitty! t-shirt by Raffiti, don't tell Snarf but Lion-O is taking over as cutest character!

Visit Raffiti's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

We're Home Futurepuffs The Sloth Face Totochu

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The Green Place - Don't Disturb The Stilt Walkers

The Green Place by Spazzy Newton

There are those who go tellin' a tale about a place found at the end of Fury Road, like a real shiny paradise it is with lots of green things growing and life bustin' out the bloody sand. But this place ain't what they say no more, it's nothing but a pile of rot left to the stilt walking psychos. Heed my words, War Boys, and steer clear of the green place, unless you're wantin' to be losin' your shine...

Keep your geeky wardrobe shiny and chrome with this The Green Place t-shirt by Spazzy Newton, it's sure to turn your fellow Mad Max fans green with envy!

Visit Spazzy Newton's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Dawn Of The Brain Prison Panties (Black Text) Elfie Skag Wild Wings 2

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Illustrator Imagines Fashion Designers As Their Own Logos

Many fashion designers face a branding conundrum- how do you remain the face of your company when your brand signature is often reduced to a typographic logo?

Illustrator Mike Frederiqo has come up with a rather clever solution- he turns the designers themselves into their iconic logos.

So when you see that YSL logo you’ll no longer be confused about what those letters stand for, because Yves Saint Laurent himself has been conveniently cloned and is now posing as his iconic logo.

But what if your logo includes a guy riding a horse?

Well, if you’re Ralph Lauren you channel your inner equestrian with ease, posing for your own Polo logo with a dapper little bear along for the ride.

-Via Flavorwire

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All You Need To Know About Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Deadites- prepare to lose your heads, because the grooviest ghoul slayer to ever grace the silver screen is back in a new series on Starz.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead is ready to take over right where Army Of Darkness left off, and since it's on a cable network Sam Raimi can let that fake blood fly!

Collider sat down with Director Sam Raimi and stars Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless for a fun chat about the resurrection of the beloved Evil Dead franchise, and you can see a trailer for the new show below! (Barely NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

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New Blog Reveals The Deepest, Darkest Secrets Of The Felines Of New York

The cats who call New York home are a fascinating bunch of critters, and they prove that felines can adapt to and thrive in any environment, whether urban or rural.

Feline New Yorkers who roam the streets have a hard time living nine lengthy lives, and cats who live indoors must get used to staying inside all day while the world walks by outside their window.

Cat lover and comedian Jim Tews has taken notes from the wildly popular blog Humans Of New York and given the Felines Of New York an outlet for their deepest, darkest secrets. Some are hilarious, others are terrifying, but they're all just NYC kittehs keepin' it real! (Some entries contain NSFW language)

-Via Bored Panda

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Best Comic Book Related Announcements From Comic-Con 2015

Comic-Con 2015 is officially over, and boy are my hips tired from carrying around my utility belt and giant bag of swag all weekend long.

There were lots of exciting Hall H announcements about our favorite geek franchises like Star Wars and Doctor Who, some surprise celeb appearances that caused the floor to be unbearably crowded, and plenty of pop culture love to go around.

But the really important announcements haven’t been shared like those overblown movie and TV sneak peeks, leaving us to wonder- what about all the noteworthy upcoming comic book releases?

Well, your friendly neighborhood Boing Boing has put together a collection of all the comic book news that matters from SDCC 2015, including some exciting new announcements from Vertigo, Joss Whedon's new original series, and a bushy tailed new relaunch for Squirrel Girl.

Read 10 Comic-Con Announcements That Are Actually About Comics here

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Orange Is The New Black Fan Trespasses On Set, Show Has Hilarious Response

Even though critical response to Orange Is The New Black has been a mixed bag viewer response to the show is mostly positive, and some fans are so crazy about the show they’re willing to break the law to become a part of the show’s backstage story.

Nineteen year old Samantha Gardella is one of these truly devoted OITNB fans, and when she found out the show is filmed at the abandoned Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center near her home she put together a criminally genius plan.

Samantha brought screenshots from the show with her to the set, which she found surprisingly unguarded, and then proceeded to match the shots up with their real life locations and take pics to post on her Tumblr.

The Internets were all oohs and aahs at Samantha's pics, but the show's producers sent her a cease and desist letter, reminding her that the set is still private New York State property.

Luckily, the show's official Twitter team had a better sense of humor, and they issued her a "shot" and a new nickname instead of a stern warning.

-Via BuzzFeed

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Berke Breathed Releases First Bloom County Comic In 25 Years

Fans of the Bloom County comic strip have been wondering if and when that illustrated home of Opus the Penguin and Bill The Cat will ever come back, and so far we’ve been waiting 25 long years.

Then, just one day after announcing it's return, our Bloom County dreams came true when Berkeley Breathed released a new Bloom County strip!

Now, if you're a comic strip lover but you're unfamiliar with Bloom County then you're about to have a lot of reading to catch up on, because it's simply the best in illustrated commentary for the discerning adult...who likes said commentary to be delivered by talking animals.

My description obviously doesn't do Bloom County justice, so you've just gotta get out there and read some Bloom County strips for yourself!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Ten Of The Worst Practical Special Effects In Movies

I’m a huge fan of practical special effects, and even with CGI realism advancing at an alarming rate I feel like there will always be a place for practical effects in the entertainment industry.

That being said, there are plenty of times when practical effects are used because of a low budget or lack of access to CGI effects, and that’s when things can go horribly wrong.

(YouTube Link)

This video by WatchMojo is a trip down the bad side of memory lane, reminding us about the times when bad practical effects made us laugh when we were supposed to be having some serious cinematic feels.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Cycle Of Video Game Addiction

They say the first step to addiction recovery is to admit that you have a problem, and then you have to put whatever you’re addicted to down.

This solution, as many video game addicts know, is easier said than done, and when your social circle includes people who are just as addicted to gaming as you the chances of making a full recovery are slim to none.

That’s why video game addicts should just learn to embrace their virtual lives, knowing there will always be new worlds to explore, new personas to adopt and new virtual friends to replace those worn out old flesh and blood ones.

Read The Cycle Of Video Game Addiction by Julia Lepetit here

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Tank Joke - Who Will Stop His Hilarious Rampage?

Tank Joke by Fishmas

The streets of Gotham were all abuzz with rumors of Mr. J's disappearance, but those rumors were greatly exaggerated. Truth is, that Joker had gone to see a gal pal of his about some heavy artillery, something big enough to do more than wing the Bat, and boy did that girl deliver. The Clown Prince was now the proud owner of one garishly painted tank, complete with cannon and top mounted sprayer which would enable him to cover the city in Joker Juice, turning everyone and everything into a clown white pile of goo...

Boys and girls and Batfans of all kinds are sure to enjoy this Tank Joke t-shirt by Fishmas, and they'll be grinning like goons when they see you sporting this comic masterpiece!

Visit Fishmas's Facebook fan page and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Za Warudo Vault Imperator Go Slimemon! Fear The Old Blood

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The Dark Crystal - Two Gelflings Versus The World

The Dark Crystal by Vincent Trinidad

There's a legend told of a planet called Thra, and a magical crystal capable of giving the planet an eternity of lush life or destroying it outright. A brave Gelfling named Jen sought to reunite the two halves of the crystal and bring Thra into an aeon of peace, but the nefarious Skeksis had sworn to stop Jen at all costs, in order to retain the crystal and its power for themselves. Little did those bird brained monsters know there was another Gelfling out there working to unite the crystal, and Kira had the power to call upon Thra's animal population for help...

Add some sci-fi movie awesomeness to your geeky wardrobe with this The Dark Crystal t-shirt by Vincent Trinidad, it's the perfect attire whether you're out riding a landstrider or hanging out at home watching your favorite Henson movie.

Visit Vincent Trinidad's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more wonderfully geeky designs:

Ghost Slime Dark Side Samurai I See Humans But Not Humanity Unexpected Builder Surprise

View more designs by Vincent Trinidad | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Vigilante Training Camp - Death Is For Quitters

Vigilante Training Camp by RyanAstle

If you're looking to lose some weight and get into shape you should probably hit the gym, but if you're looking to get Queen cut then you've gotta pay a visit to the Vigilante Training Camp, where you'll find the workout of a lifetime! Between dodging the Emerald Archer's arrows, learning to become a dead shot by being shot at, and running for your life night and day there's no better way to get into fighting shape than by joining Slade Wilson's Vigilante Training Camp, which can be found only on Lian Yu Island.

Whip your wardrobe into shape with this Vigilante Training Camp t-shirt by RyanAstle, it's the perfect way to show your dedication to a lifetime of geekery!

Visit RyanAstle's Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Arrow Slade Yin Yang Super Makin' Bacon Pancakes PuffTales Bo-He-Man-Ian Rhapsody

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Mad Ash - What A Lovely Day To Catch 'Em All

Mad Ash by Kuitsuku

Ash had to pass through a desert land on his way to the Johto region, and as soon as he stepped foot on the sand he knew something was terribly wrong. The pocket monsters he encountered in this arid region were wild, untrained and unruly, and their appearance didn't match their entry in the Dex. Ash tried to capture a small, shiny monster but found his poke ball had no effect on the creature even when it was set to max power. Soon many more of the misshapen creatures started to appear, and Ash heard the roar of an engine and the mad laughter of a War Pika...

Add a new twist on a couple of old classics to your geeky wardrobe with this Mad Ash t-shirt by Kuitsuku, it's the perfect way to catch them all before they catch you...

Visit Kuitsuku's Tumblr, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Mad Tea Party Sad Beast Walking Deadgetables Ohana Means...Family?

View more designs by Kuitsuku | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Here's What Sterling Archer Thinks About Comic-Con

Archer is a big fan of drinking, womanizing and doing “spy stuff”, pretty much exactly in that order.

However, Archer isn’t a fan of Comic-Con, and he has no problem telling poor Pam how stupid it is to go see panels and movie sneak peeks. In the process that mean drunk crushes Pam's dream of cosplaying as Immortan Joe...

(YouTube Link)

So why does the Duchess of the Danger Zone have such a problem with all the Comic-Con geekery? Who gives a crap, he's a cartoon! (Video contains NSFW-ish language)

-Via Entertainment Weekly

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A Collection Of Illustrated Grooming Guides For Men

Some guys are in need of a little help when it comes to grooming, and that’s not necessarily their fault.

They just didn’t receive the proper guidance as they grew up, and were never told that growing facial hair is an art form, and beards and moustaches should be chosen according to the shape of your face.

(Image Link)

They may also have missed out on this lesson in nail trimming etiquette, which we should all probably print out and bring along with us, especially when riding public transportation!

(Image Link)

Luckily, this very informative collection of 21 Grooming Charts Every Guy Needs To See has all the answers guys need to clean up their act!

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Mind Blowing Pen And Ink Illustrations By Paul Jackson

Pen and ink illustrations can be called mind-blowing in terms of realism and fine detail, but these incredibly detailed animal illustrations by Paul Jackson, many of which feature an animal's mind literally being blown right out of its skull!

Paul is clearly a student of animal anatomy, as every detail in his drawings is spot on, and even though the subject matter may seem a bit morbid there's a playful quality to his works which softens the science.

Want to see more of Paul's works? Check out his Instagram page and prepare to have your mind gently caressed by the goodness...thought I was gonna say blown, didn't ya?!

-Via Bored Panda

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11 Times When An Original Actor Was Replaced By A Fake Shemp

(Image Link)

Poor Shemp- your name is forever associated with the worst era in Three Stooges history (even though plenty of good shorts came out of that era), and when you passed away they had to use a stand-in to complete the four shorts owed to Columbia Pictures.

These "fake Shemps" give movie and TV productions a cheesy feel, causing viewers to wonder why the studios didn't just replace the actor with somebody else, or simply write them out of the script, for the sake of production value.

Take the Sopranos for instance- actress Nancy Marchand, who played Tony Soprano's mom, passed away in 2000 and left the show with a major gap in their lineup.

So what did series creator David Chase do to fill the gap? He digitally pasted Marchand's head on a stand-in's body. Needless to say fans were not happy with this fix...

This classic mental_floss article features 11 Times When "Fake Shemps" Replaced Real Actors, read it and you’ll discover that a real Shemp beats a stand-in Shemp any day!

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Call Of Valhalla - To Live And Die On Fury Road

Call Of Valhalla by B4DW0LF

When you hear the horns of Valhalla calling you to join the ranks of your fellow War Boys, who fell in mutual motorized combat like truly shiny souls, you must drop all but your wheel and head to your new home. Within the halls of Valhalla you'll find furious new machines beyond your wildest dreams, and an endless stretch of highway longer than the fury road, where you can unleash your new ride to the max. Live mad, die shiny and chrome, and live again like a true wasteland warrior in the glorious machinopolis known as Valhalla!

Want to drive your fellow post-apocalyptic movie fans mad? Bring home this Call Of Valhalla t-shirt by B4DW0LF and show them what a lovely day it is to be a geek!

Visit B4DW0LF's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more action packed designs:

DJ Mikey Yoshi Trainer PUNISHMENT BY CHIMICHANGA Gallifrey

View more designs by B4DW0LF | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Amazingly Dreamy Digital Collages Of Animals

The digital collages created by Sarah DeRemer are delightfully surreal and totally dreamy, but whether that dream is good or bad is purely a matter of perception.

Her works give the viewer a feeling of isolation, and yet the magical elements found in each piece take that isolated feeling and turn it into a sense that you’re watching a scene being performed just for you.

Sarah's works also have a dark yet playful sense of humor that really works well with the animal subjects, since the animal kingdom is full of comedic and tragic moments, which sometimes occur simultaneously.

-Via Hi-Fructose

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Darth Vader Attends Comic-Con 2015 To Force Choke Rebel Scum

You may see a dozen or more cosplayers dressed as Darth Vader on any given day during Comic Con, but if you ever see one who can actually force choke you it’s time to head for Hall H!

This year Con attendees were accosted by a seemingly normal Darth cosplayer with a camera who was actually helping the sinister masterminds at Wired seek out and eliminate Rebel scum.

So was Darth's visit the beginning of a full blown Imperial assault on San Diego, or just an excuse for people to act silly on camera? The decision is up to you...

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Faces Of Cyberpunk

The Cyberpunk subgenre isn’t just about mankind losing touch with our humanity thanks to an (often biological) link with machines, it’s also about discovering how we can remain human as tech overruns our lives, and an individual as the mega-corps take over the planet.

This search for humanism in a world where tech is fully integrated into our lives is what comes to mind as I look at these simply wonderful images by Adrian Dadich, a concept artist from Australia.

Adrian's illustrations capture the Cyberpunk aesthetic perfectly, demonstrating how people will look when tech is integrated into their bodies and how these “upgrades” will forever change the standard of beauty.

You can see many more amazing Cyberpunk illustrations by Adrian Dadich at Kotaku

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Why Does Pepper Make You Sneeze?

The human body seems to have some very specific problems with substances we’ve been using for thousands of years, and yet we rarely know why these substances affect us so.

Pepper is one of these substances with a very specific effect on the human body- it makes us sneeze. But why does this cooking spice bring out the ha-choo in humans?

(YouTube Link)

This very informative video by Hank Green for the SciShow explains the pepper sneezing connection and touches on pepper's medicinal properties.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Artist Draws Attention To Illegal Land Development

Trees are one of the Earth’s most precious resources, providing us with everything from healthy soil and oxygen to building materials constructed out of a renewable resource, and yet there are those who don’t appreciate the sanctity of trees.

So how do you make those who would clear cut a forest for the sake of illegal land development realize they're killing a living resource?

Artist Yeka Haski decided to paint the stumps to look like shanks of meat, so the crooked developers would realize "murder without blood and cries is still a murder."

Some may find Yeka's guerilla art stunt to be a bit heavy handed, but it achieved Yeka's overall goal by bringing attention to the fact that land developers had illegally cut down hundreds of trees in the Kavgolovo Forest.

-Via Jaz Jaz

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