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Some Of The Most WTF Moments In Batman Comics

Batman is a lot more than just a cape, a cowl and a scowl- he's a deep and interesting dude who is so multi-faceted his writers virtually never run out of new material.

But for every good story arc or issue there's another which completely misses the mark, making readers wonder “WTF?!”

Like the time Batman dyed his Batsuits different colors so goons wouldn't figure out Robin's secret identity, featuring Batman wearing a rainbow Batsuit while saying the line “they’ll find no gold at the end of this rainbow… only prison.”

And then there was the time Batman agreed to sing Christmas carols with officers from the Gotham PD- and no crimes were committed that night in Gotham, seemingly thanks to the songs sung by Batsy and the boys.

Think Batman singing is weird? Not as weird as the Caped Crusader laughing with the Joker, impregnating Batgirl or wetting himself during a mission.

See the 15 Most WTF Moments In Batman Comics here

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Director Creates The Perfect "Burger Drop" Without Using CGI

Fast food restaurants love to employ the burger drop in commercials nowadays, showing us each layer of the burger and how fresh and bouncy it is to entice us into heading for the drive-thru.

It may surprise you to know the burger used in the drop is often CGI, modeled and animated for the perfect mouth-watering look, but not all ad directors agree with using CGI in a burger commercial.

In fact, one practical effects crazy photographer/director named Steve Giralt wanted a real burger drop so bad he built an entire machine to make it happen.

He calls it the “Precision Arduino Timing Relay Imaging Controller”, or P.A.T.R.I.C. For short, and it not only makes the burger drop a breeze- it kicks buns at making ketchup and mustard collide in mid-air.

 photo slow-motion-burger-drop-machine-steve-giralt-1_zpsimwqkpsu.gif

Here's a short video showing what it was like behind the scenes while shooting this burger ad:

Deconstructed Burger Behind The Scenes from Steve Giralt on Vimeo.

-Via Bored Panda

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Average Rob Hangs Out With Celebrities So We Don't Have To

Aren't celebrities the worst? They seem all cool when they're in movies and TV shows and in concert and junk, but then you actually meet them and it's like eeeeewww! Gross!

You know who else thinks celebs are, like, the lamest people to be around?

AverageRob, now he knows what a drag it can be to hang with the rich and famous, especially when they're constantly makng messes he has to clean up!

AverageRob turns average photos of celebrities into AverageRobs, using the magic of Photoshop to insert himself into their staged definitely not staged snapshots.

And since celebrity photos can't be twice as fake the AverageRobs effect actually makes them twice as genuine and four times as real.

But don't do the math on that, math makes for sore brains.

-Via Bored Panda

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Redditors Share Their Shower Thoughts About Batman

I wonder what Batman thinks about while he's taking a shower?

He probably runs through the minutes of his last mission, thinks about how much he hates clowns and keeps a fearful eye open in case a psycho man-bat tries to jump him in the shower.

We can only speculate about what runs through Bruce Wayne's bat-tastic mind while he bathes, but the rest of us tend to wonder about pretty normal Batman-related stuff while showering.

The Showerthoughts subreddit is home to many brilliant Batman related concepts, questions and criticisms, the kind which leap into our minds while we shampoo our heads which, if left unshared, could drive us mad.

Read 10 Batman Shower Thoughts That'll Leave You Thinking "WTF?" here

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Dress Left In The Dead Sea For Two Years Becomes Glittering Couture

Have you ever wondered why mermaids wear a clam shell bikini top instead of, say, a blouse?

It's because the salt in the ocean water collects on clothing and then crystallizes, and after a while that blouse would look more like a salt sculpture than an article of clothing.

This is the concept explored by Israeli artist Sigalit Landau in her photo series Salt Bride, featuring images of a dress which Sigalit left hanging in the Dead Sea for 2 years.

The progress shots captured over a three month period show the ocean waters naturally transforming the dress into an encrusted couture dress fit for Neptune's wife Salacia.

Here's a bit about the concept behind Salt Bride

The concept was inspired by S. Ansky's 1916 play titled The Dybbuk, in which a young Hasidic woman becomes possessed by a deceased lover's spirit, though engaged to be married into a wealthy family. The story is rich with romance and sorcery, which Landau aimed to emulate. The original Salt Bride garment is a replica of the one worn in the dramatic production in the 1920s, while the salt serves to symbolize that supernatural force, bewitching the black fabric into the new appearance of a white wedding gown. The photographic process, too, stands as a metaphor: just as the garment had to be immersed to undergo its metamorphosis, each printed image was necessarily developed by liquid emulsion.

-Via My Modern Met

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Crude Animated Short Shows Why It Sucked To Be A Pirate

Pirates have been cleaned up and made to look like heroes, but in their day they were the scummiest, scurviest, meanest, greediest and most ruthless dogs sailing the seven seas.

Which is why it would have sucked to be a pirate- constantly sailing meant eating disgusting things like hard tack and leathery cured meats, overcrowding meant disease and urine a-plenty, and the combat was bloody and horrific.

(NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

Sam O'Nella Academy has ruined another childhood fantasy for us all with this animated short, which is probably okay considering most pirates really were terrible role models.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Aren't You A Happy Lil Fella!

That song “Put On A Happy Face” failed to mention one thing about smiling all day every day- people will think you're deranged, and instead of spreading happiness you'll be spreading fear.

But this comic by Owlturd is right, to heck with how other people feel about my maniacal grin, I feel happier already!*wink*

-Via MemeBase

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The First Contemporary Art Exhibition For Dogs

Humans assume dogs don't appreciate fine art because they often tear any artwork they find lying around to bits, but dogs explore the world with their mouths and they mean no disrespect.

In fact, if a dog's eyes worked like ours they would definitely appreciate art and stare at it more, but they can't see colors like we do.

So dog lover and artist Dominic Wilcox decided to put together an art show both dogs and their humans would find amusing, with exhibits that appeal to canine sensibilities.

'Play More' includes- paintings with colors within the dog vision color spectrum, a giant ball pit shaped like a food bowl full of kibble, a virtual frisbee screen, simulated car window experience, and dancing water jets to delight and refresh art lovin' dogs.

(YouTube Link)

See more from World's First Art Exhibition For Dogs here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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"You Are What You Eat" - Bizarre Hippie-Era Art Film Featuring Tiny Tim

A healthy diet was a big part of the Hippie lifestyle, and their dedication to going all natural extended into every aspect of their lives, from their choice of food to their taste in music.

Stuffy, corporate bands didn't thrill Flower Children at all, they preferred bands who were wild, woolly and let it all hang out on stage, like that ukulele strumming superstar Tiny Tim.

(YouTube Link)

So what does all of this have to do with Peter (of Peter, Paul and Mary) Yarrow's bizarro art film You Are What You Eat?

Well, Tiny Tim's in it, as well as a bunch of fully freaky folks showing us what it was like to hang out with Hippies circa 1968. It's like far out film food for your mind!

Read more about 'You Are What You Eat' at Dangerous Minds

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Machete Wielding Robber Finds Shopkeeper Packing Even Bigger Sword

You know you're having a bad day when a crazed, machete-wielding man tries to rob your store, but take it from the shopkeeper in this wild security video- it's best to keep calm and pull out a bigger sword.

(YouTube Link)

The shopkeeper seems like he expected some kind of medieval robbery attempt scenario to go down, but now he should consider investing in a helmet and breastplate in case the guy comes back with a crossbow!

-Via Boing Boing

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Artist Draws Pokemon By Request Even Though He Knows Nothing About Them

Pokémoning is everywhere and infecting people from all walks of life with the pokévirus code name GO, but even with all the hype and press many people don't know a thing about Pokémon.

And that's actually quite refreshing, especially when the person who knows nothing about Pokémon is an artist and Redditor who offers to draw pictures of Pokémon by request based on name alone.

Redditor netwoodle put the word out on r/ICanDrawThat by stating "I know next to nothing about Pokémon, but that won't stop me from doodling one for you." and naturally his fellow Redditors wanted to catch 'em all.

It's nice to see such fresh and unique Pokémon reimaginings after seeing the original character designs for so many years, and netwoodle's doodles definitely don't lack in the personality department.

-Via The Mary Sue

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Keep Your Wardrobe Fashionable And Funny With These Perfectly Punny T-Shirts

Pug Life by Vincent Trinidad

Puns are a unifying force that unites all language lovers, because you don't have to be highly educated, sophisticated, or grammatically inclined to enjoy a good pun.

Those who like their humor punny should consider shopping at the NeatoShop for their shirts, because their fine pun-based designs are so a-peel-ing they drive people bananas!

The love of punny begins at an early age

A. Young by Theduc

When we discover how humorous some words sound

Cutecumber by Sophie Corrigan

And begin our lifelong love affair with language

Drama Queen-Sized Mattress by linesXofXfury

Continue reading

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Daredevil Bathes In A Tub Full Of Hot Sauce

Daredevils are a dime a dozen on the internet these days, so those who choose to keep daredevilin' have to come up with more exciting and dangerous stunts to keep their internet audience tuning in.

That means people like Cemre Candar must resort to doing stunts even the guys from Jackass weren't dumb enough to do, like bathing in a tub filled with 1250 bottles of hot sauce.

(YouTube Link)

It's hard to imagine what stunt videos will look like ten years from now, but at this rate daredevils may start disemboweling or beheading themselves for the sake of viewership in the near future.

But then how will they know how many people watched their video?

-Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Tom Wilson Is Biff Tannen, Biff Tannen Is Pop Art

(Image Link)

Tom Wilson has appeared in many movies and TV shows, but his mug is still most recognizable as Biff (and Griff and Buford) Tannen from the Back To The Future film franchise.

After the release of the beloved BTTF trilogy Tom couldn't escape the ghost of Biff, but rather than trying to separate himself from his Biffiness Tom embraced his status and accepted that he has "become pop art."

(YouTube Link)

Tom's outlook on fame is refreshing, his passion for Pop Art is infectious, and it appears he has exorcised the ghosts of the Tannen clan with brush strokes and marvelous perspective.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Counter The Effects Of Sitting All Day With These Hip Stretches

The effects of a sedentary lifestyle are a popular research subject for scientists, and everyone who spends a majority of their day sitting hopes these studies will show them how to avoid permanent damage.

But there's an easy and immediate way to help battle against the negative effect sitting all day can have on your joints and keep your lower half moving freely- hip stretches.

(YouTube Link)

You don't have to be a yoga master, or in great shape, to do this hip mobility routine put together by GMB Fitness, but you will look silly while going through the sequence so you should probably stretch in private.

-Via Lifehacker

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Crafty Pokefan Hides Crochet Pokemon Plushies For Her Fellow Trainers To Find

Hid this guy at the park today hehe

A photo posted by Nichole (@knottynichole) on Aug 9, 2016 at 6:17pm PDT

Pokémon GO has brought people together like no multiplayer ever could, and even people who know nothing about gaming or Pokémon have a ball playing GO.

There have been a few bad GO related incidents, of course, but the GO community as a whole is dedicated to keeping things lighthearted and fun for their fellow gamers.

Going to hide these at pokestops today. #crochetgo

A photo posted by Nichole (@knottynichole) on Aug 10, 2016 at 12:50pm PDT

One dedicated player named @knottynichole has begun crocheting Pokémon plushies and leaving them at pokestops for her fellow trainers to find, adding a sense of wonder to the game.

Happy hunting! #crochetgo

A photo posted by Nichole (@knottynichole) on Aug 10, 2016 at 3:21pm PDT

Given how time consuming it is to crochet each plushie this fun urban art drop project probably won't last long, so anybody who catches one of Nichole's pokeplush should count themselves very lucky!

-Via FAILBlog

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Why A Tesla Is Better Than An Edison

It looks like it was a good thing Tesla Motors chose Nikola Tesla as their figurehead instead of Thomas Edison, because it would be mighty hard to sell families on an electric car that fries elephants.

But, as this comic by Wooden Plank Studios shows, the Edison would be perfect for drivers who are going through a particularly destructive and nihilistic mid-life crisis!

-Via MemeBase

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There's A Section Of Yellowstone Park Where You Can Get Away With Murder

(Image Link)

People go to Yellowstone National Park for many different reasons, but it's safe to say murder isn't one of them.

But as it turns out there's a 50 square mile section of Yellowstone where the jurisdictional boundaries grow a bit blurry, a place where people could conceivably get away with murder.

Like all national parks, Yellowstone is federal land. Portions of it fall in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, but Congress placed the entire park in Wyoming's federal district. It's the only federal court district in the country that crosses state lines.

(Image via Annie Vainshtein)

This is purely theoretical, of course, and when Michigan State University law professor Brian Kalt proposed the concept in his 14-page article "The Perfect Crime" he feared someone might test his theory:

Kalt knew that Article III of the Constitution requires federal criminal trials to be held in the state in which the crime was committed. And the Sixth Amendment entitles a federal criminal defendant to a trial by jurors living in the state and district where the crime was committed. But if someone committed a crime in the uninhabited Idaho portion of Yellowstone, Kalt surmised, it would be impossible to form a jury. And being federal land, the state would have no jurisdiction. Here was a clear constitutional provision enabling criminal immunity in 50 square miles of America's oldest national park.

So he immediately sent a copy to the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney in Wyoming, and the House and Senate judiciary committees, and you know what they did?

They told Brian they'd wait and see if the issue ever came up, and according to Idaho senator Jim Risch "This is all very romantic and a great fictional thing," he said, "but I'm telling you, the states have jurisdiction." Except this statute seems to state otherwise...

Read There's A Section of Yellowstone Where You Can Get Away With Murder here

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Hilarious Photo Fails Taken At Disney Parks

(Image Link)

Visitors are understandably disappointed when they make the trip to the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim or Orlando and end up having a crappy day, but a theme park trip shouldn't be ruined by a bad photo alone.

(Image Link)

In fact, most “bad” theme park photos make better memories down the line, and even if you can't appreciate the humor of the situation at the time you'll definitely laugh about it when you look back on that day.

People really need to think before buying a sweatshirt!!! #disneylandfail @futuremrslum saw this and thought of you!!!

A photo posted by Jeanine Militello (@jeaninemilitello) on May 26, 2014 at 8:05pm PDT

And once you're able to map out your laughing place and smile about all the things that go right and wrong during your Disney Parks outing you'll look forward to your next trip.

(Image Link)

I said look FORWARD, you perverted little chipmunks!

(Image Link)

Oh, what's the use?!

-Via 22 Words and BuzzFeed

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Seven Of The Crappiest Monsters In Horror Movie History

A great movie monster will quickly become a favorite among horror movie fans, but a cheesy, low budget wreck of a monster will become a legend, for entirely diffent reasons, of course.

Jason embodies the spirit of a serial killer, Freddy Krueger creatively kills people in their dreams, and Leatherface wears a skin mask, wields a chainsaw and comes from a crazy cannibal family.

It's easy to see their appeal as movie monsters, but how the hell is a haunted spa or demonic refrigerator going to track their victims down, much less terrify an audience?

Stray cats are only scary to the young and the elderly, a disembodied hand is only scary if you can't find a bag to toss it in, and flesh eating slugs are only scary if you don't have any salt in your house.

But I will admit there's one entry on Cracked's The 7 Most Half-Assed Monsters In Movie History that sent chills down my spine- the Wereturkey in Blood Freak.

Now that beaky bastard will haunt your dreams, especially around Thanksgiving...

See The 7 Most Half-Assed Monsters In Movie History here

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Grandma Shooing Away Cat Becomes Star Of Photoshop Battle

(Image via cynicalprickk)

Photoshop battles begin with a wide range of source images, from those that look like they were made to be 'shopped to those which require a bit of abstract thinking to make work.

(Image via nvaus)

In the case of “grandma shooing a cat” the image can go both ways, because it's easy enough to cut her and the cat out, but hard to place in the proper environment.

(Image via QuinineGlow)

We know the old gal is tough and scrappy, so it's easy to imagine her throwing down with "The Greatest"

(Image via TheBlazingPhoenix)

But her pose, and the way she wields that branch like a foil, makes me think grandma may have a background in fencing.

(Image via shxwn)

See Grandma Shooing Away Cat Is The Latest Photoshop Extravaganza here

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Guy Makes An Axe Handle Out Of Gummy Bears

Gummy candy lovers can't get enough of those rubbery little treats, their vibrant colors and whimsical shapes enough to brighten up even the greyest day.

Unfortunately, we can't gobble up gummies all day long or we may become diabetic, so the best way to surround ourselves with gummy candy is to make stuff out of gummy candy.

So manly man and maker Peter Brown was asked by his Twitter followers to combine the most fun form of candy with totally macho functionality and make an axe handle out of gummy bears.

Peter made a mold from his "original" axe handle, stuffed five pounds of gummy bears in the cavity of the mold then used a clear resin to cast a durable yet delicious looking axe handle for hungry hewers.

(YouTube Link)

-Via design you trust

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Ten Of The Weirdest Bands Ever

Ever since Scooby Doo introduced me to KISS I've had a soft spot for strange bands who play bizarre music and put on wicked weird stage shows.

Then The Muppet Show introduced me to Alice Cooper and I was hopelessly hooked, and ever since then bands with freaky sounds and/or costumed stage shows just make me happy.

WatchMojo.com put together a perfectly succinct list of the Top 10 Weirdest Bands, including the adorably dark Babymetal, the colorfully apocalyptic sounds of Die Antwoord and the over-the-top awesomeness of Gwar. (Contains NSFW material)

(YouTube Link)

-Via WatchMojo

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Names For Emotions People Feel But Can't Explain

Humans are so emotionally complex we feel emotions we can't even describe very well, so all of our complex emotions tend to get lumped into generic categories such as anger or sadness.

But indescribable simply won't work for the human race, so we create words which attempt to describe or quantify these feelings, words as complex as the feels.

Unsurprisingly many of the most complicated words on the list are in German, since the German language has many longer words made up of a bunch of shorter words, such as mauerbauertraurigkeit (wall builder sadness).

Now the next time you suddenly feel one of those oddball emotions you can give it a name!


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Angry Desert Rain Frog Squeaks With Displeasure

Man, it must really suck to be the little Desert rain frog in this video by Dean Boshoff, because the ornery little critter is so cute even his scream of displeasure sounds like a squeaky toy!

(YouTube Link)

Dean was clearly in awe of the squeaky little guy when he wrote this about the encounter:

I recorded a short clip of the defensive cry of the Desert rain frog – Breviceps macrops while walking along the sand dunes in Port Nolloth, a coastal town in the Northern Cape province, it alerted me to its presence with its fearsome war cry. I knelt down and proceeded to photograph and film this unusual creature’s behaviour.

The Desert rain frog clearly doesn't have a clue about active defenses, because if it did it would realize its ridiculously cute squeak just makes people like Dean Boshoff want to pester it more!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Michelle Kingdom's Embroidered Narratives

Aside from being one of the most time consuming of the needle arts, embroidery is also (arguably) the most personal way for a textiles-based artist to express themselves.

The artist holds the cloth "sketching" surface in their hands, pushes the needle through to create each illustrative stitch, and often literally bleeds for their art.

That's what makes embroidery art so special, but self-taught embroidery artist Michelle Kingdom truly elevates the artform by stitching wonder and mystery into each piece she creates.

A quote from Michelle on why she loves the medium so much:

My background is actually in traditional fine art but I stumbled upon the medium back in college. Combining the immediacy of sketching with a deep love for textiles and sewing, drawing with thread satisfies both of my interests. There is just something beautifully fragile, odd and otherworldly about the medium. Densely embroidered, compressed images composed entirely out of thread is a direct link to my inner world, and seems tailor made for secret thoughts.

See more Embroidered 'Psychological Landscapes' That Tell Stories In Thread here

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A Huge Collection Of Clever Movie Easter Eggs

Movie easter eggs are fun to hunt with your eyeballs and often so deliciously geeky that you want to share them with friends.

Which is why sites keep posting articles revealing the locations of movie secrets and we keep eating it all up!

In this collection of 30 Clever Easter Eggs put together by gamesradar we learn the morse code message received in Peter Jackson's 2005 version of King Kong was not an arrest warrant for Carl Denham- it actually said “show me the monkey!”.

The list also shows us little details we may have missed, like the painting of Roland the Gunslinger Thomas Jane's character is painting in The Mist, or the fact that Freddy's glove is hanging in the tool shed in Evil Dead 2.

And lastly, did you think the name of the Mexican restaurant in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy seemed a bit long?

That's because it was a big joke- Escupimos en su Alimento means "we spit in your food".

See The 30 Best Movie Easter Eggs here

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Guy Uses Sign To Assure His Mom He's Okay While Traveling Around The World

When people start traveling around the world at a young age they discover one big thing about their lives- all that travelling makes their mothers worry.

She starts demanding phone calls, postcards and social media posts as assurance you're okay, and if you're a good son or daughter you comply...when you remember.

But Jonathan Quiñonez is both well traveled and a really good son, so he kept assuring his mom of his safety while traveling the world by posting pics of himself holding up a sign that said “Mom, I'm Fine”.

The sign appears to have worked as the ultimate icebreaker for Jonathan, although the former Belgian model probably doesn't need a sign or a gimmick to get attention.

See Guy Drops Everything To Travel The World But Doesn't Forget To Assure His Mom He's Fine here

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Fan Hilariously Nitpicks Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad has been out for a few weeks now, so chances are fans who wanted to see it on the big screen already have while the rest of us who are waiting for the DVD no longer care about the hype.

Despite the critical reviews and haters the film managed to make some money at the box office, but after seeing the movie twice Jenny Nicholson was left with a hollow feeling and some nagging questions. (Video is full of Suicide Squad spoilers)

(YouTube Link)

Jenny's first mistake was feeding that monster watching the film twice, her second mistake- taking her logical mind with her to see the movie!

-Via Meme Base

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We all have to deal with our responsibilities on a daily basis, and even people who consider themselves irresponsible have a personal responsibility to maintain that irresponsibility.

Most of us work because we have mouths to feed, but as this comic from Oppressive Silence shows that idiom means drastically different things to different people...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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