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Unhealthy Food Spawned By Video Games

(YouTube Link)

We should all thank our lucky stars that video games aren't considered to be "just for kids" anymore, because we don't have to deal with an endless slew of inedible junk food products based on video game characters!

Now you'd be more likely to find video game themed alcoholic beverages and energy drinks, which are a far cry from Pac Man Pasta and Donkey Kong Cereal, although I'll be the first to admit that this gamer marketing angle definitely worked on me as a kid in the 80s.

--via Topless Robot

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The Strange Stories Told By Mexican Novela Cover Art

Judging by the artwork from Mexican Novelas, pulp novels that Latin America eats up like literary junk food, these stories are as terrifying as they are hilarious. Full of masked wrestlers, shadowy demonic forces, Frankenbirds and Yetis, these stories would make a person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia feel sane in comparison.

The only thing you're missing out on by not being able to read these stories for yourself is the story behind each panel, so head to the i09 link below and read the clever descriptions Cyriaque Lamar has come up for them all, or make some up for yourself and write your own SuperNovela.


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Beautifully Inaccurate 19th Century Astronomy Illustrations

These are the kind of astronomical illustrations that led to what we now know as space porn, beautiful views of space that really get those juices flowing, scientifically speaking of course.

This set of illustrations by French illustrator/astronomer Etienne Leopold Trouvelot is part stargazer's perspective, part wishful thinking, with a dash of psychedelics thrown in to enhance the vision. They're beautiful despite their lack of scientific accuracy, and they're available for viewing via the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.

Link  --via i09

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Jim Henson's Lost Screenplay, Now In Graphic Novel Form!

Jim Henson's career wasn't just The Muppets. He and writing partner Jerry Juhl worked on a project on and off over the years. The story Tale of Sand was adapted by Ramón Pérez and is now available in graphic novel form! Read a review of it at mental_floss. Link

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What A 130-mph Car Crash Looks Like From The Inside

(YouTube Link)

Watching this cool kit-car Cobra get turned into a pile of scrap metal probably would have looked a lot cooler from the outside, but at least you get to see how crazy a crash like this is from the drivers perspective! Here's how he describes the incident:

On the front straight doing 130mph, something breaks. The cobra veers hard right and off track. The car leaves a 6O foot gash in the asphalt as it veered before leaving the track and continued for an additional 500 feet off track to its resting point. I received only minor injuries to my left knee and bruised ribs.

Why he records himself driving around the track is anyone's guess, but I bet he was happy the camera was rolling the day he almost died!

--via Geekologie

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A Compilation Of Animals Playing With Tablet Devices

(YouTube Link)

This adorable compilation video features all kinds of little critters getting their game on with tablet devices. Is this the future of gaming, or just a neat way to occupy your otherwise rambunctious pet?

Either way this vid will warm your heart, and may result in scratched screens and expensive electronic devices being destroyed by puppy slobber.

--via TDW

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Wacky Flyer Featuring Guard From Skyrim

Apparently you've been caught sneaking about Skyrim, pilfering gold and soul gems and such, and now you must choose your fate- go to jail, resist arrest or pay your fine. Sheesh, if only getting arrested in real life was as easy to resolve as it is in Skyrim!

These wacky flyers have been sighted in a city that features red double decker buses (anybody wanna wager a guess from this pic?), and it appears someone has already chosen to Go To Jail. Remember-the guards are always watching, as long as you're in their line of sight, and you don't have an invisibility potion in your bag.


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Play As Your Favorite Nintendo Characters In Super Mario Crossover

The team at Exploding Rabbit have a gift for any fan of classic Nintendo games, and/or those looking to kill some time online with a really fun retro side scroller- Super Mario Crossover, a custom Super Mario Bros. game that allows you to play through as one of eight playable characters!

You can play as Link from The Legend Of Zelda, Samus from Metroid, Bill Rizer from Contra, Mega Man, even Simon from Castlevania, just to name a few.

Just think how fun it will be to smack Koopas around with a whip, or shoot Bowser in the face when he least expects it, all the while taking in the classic video game soundtrack slightly re-imagined. It's like the NES threw a party, and you're invited!

Link  --via ComicsAlliance

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Don't Poke Your Eye Out With These Bloodrayne Arm Blades

Usually video game themed weapons look like shiny plastic, perfect for cosplay but not likely to put fear in the hearts of all who oppose you. But these arm blades, inspired by the video game Bloodrayne, look like they can do some serious damage.

From their stainless steel construction, to the rubber pistol grip handle that ensures you don't lose your grip when the red stuff starts flowing by the gallon, this is the perfect backup weapon when you're surrounded by Nazi zombies and need to make a big hole real fast.

(note: you should read the hilarious review left for this item on Amazon, which has been included in the Super Punch article)

Link  --via Super Punch

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TSA-Compliant Cupcakes Help Your Desserts Arrive At Their Destination

Worried about some pastry scarfing TSA agent "confiscating" your cupcakes for further analysis in their belly? Then get your hands on these TSA-compliant cupcakes from Silver Spoon Bakery, featuring posts with Richard Nixon saying "I am NOT a gel!", and let them make a statement for you.

Let those hungry TSA agents know you're wise to their cupcake stealing ways, or put a smile on their normally stoic faces when they get a load of what Tricky Dick has to say about it!

Link  --via Geekosystem

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Silent Hill Apparently Takes Place In School From Kindergarten Cop

This side-by-side comparison of scenes from Kindergarten Cop and the video game Silent Hill shows an eerie similarity between the two seemingly disparate stories, but are they really that different?

Both revolve around the main character searching for someone, both required translation before being released to english speaking countries, and both are quite horrifying to behold, albeit for vastly different reasons. I see some great crossover potential here, get Arnie on the phone and see if he's on board. And tell him to bring his flashlight!

Actually, the crew behind Silent Hill obviously found this school, which is actually in Astoria, Oregon, spooky enough to serve as the setting for their creeped out game. They even included posters from the movie, as a nod to the source of their inspiration.


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Impressive Papercraft Gears Of War Pistol

You may not want to use this bad boy in the rain, because as wicked as it looks it's made entirely of paper!

Crafted by Leo Firebrand, this paper replica of the Snub Pistol carried by the super soldiers in the Gears of War video game franchise looks badass, but you'd better have a backup weapon when Boomers start crawling out of emergence holes.

Check out Leo's site for more of his epic papercraft creations, they're super cool, and can be used as a grocery list when the war is over.

Link  --via Kotaku

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Video Game Themed Restaurant Will Serve Delicious Brain Cakes

This is not the sort of place you'll want to take your grandma for lunch, this is the Capcom Bar, a themed restaurant which will feature food and desserts styled after video games. Video games and food-two great things that go great together!

So, there's Resident Evil brain cakes, Monster Hunter well done meat, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney make-it-black-and-white seafood cream pasta, all of which can be enjoyed while playing an assortment of Capcom's video games and enjoying the festive atmosphere of Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward.


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An Epic Level Performance Of Musical Nerdery

(YouTube Link)

Musical nerdery doesn't get much more epic than this performance by Bit Brigade, where they play the soundtrack to Mega Man II while the entire game is being played on a screen behind them.

And when I say the entire game I mean THE ENTIRE GAME, this video weighs in at an impressive 44 minutes and, to top it all off, they're actually a really good band, so the show isn't all gimmick and flash, it totally rocks!

--via Topless Robot

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The Ridiculous Anti-Ninja Turtles Campaign From The 90s

(YouTube Link)

Apparently there was a group of Canadian moralists who fought against violent, corrupting influences on children in the early 90s, and made their message known in a propaganda film entitled Not Just Fun And Games.

These squares despised toys, and had an awful lot of bad things to say about our beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, probably because their fathers never bought them that G.I. Joe doll they always wanted.

Why pile on more hate for the poor mutants, morality police-haven't they been through enough? I mean, they already live in the sewer, what more do you want?

--via The Daily What

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T-Rex Sculpture Made Out Of Recycled Metal Parts

As if T-Rex, the big daddy of dinosaurs with a serious appetite to match, isn't badass enough in the scaly flesh, now he's been built out of scrap metal parts by sculptor Andrew Chase.

And, while this over two foot tall, and six foot long, metal sculpture is far from life sized, he would be no less intimidating than his normal sized self to, say, a mouse or hamster, or even that annoying Chihuahua next door.

All jokes aside, Andrew's metal T-Rex would make a great stop motion puppet, a worthy successor to Ray Harryhausen's classic Tyrannosaurus Rex puppet from the film One Million Years B.C. Check out all the other pics of this awesome metal dinosaur at the link below, because I feel like this guy has to be seen from all sides to be truly appreciated.

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Gauntlet Cover Art Re-Imagined

This is what the classic video game Gauntlet would have looked like if it took place in some sort of dwarven alternate reality, imagined and beautifully illustrated by DeviantARTist Mike Azevedo. In this version, you will never hear the narrator say the words "Warrior needs food- badly".

Link  --via Rampaged Reality

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Digital Tabletop Takes Board Games To A Whole New Level

(YouTube Link)

This impressive tablet-style unit is called the ePawn Arena, a digital tabletop gaming unit which debuted at CES 2012. It's billed as "the next level of Dungeons and Dragons style gaming", but I think they're missing the obvious potential as a never ending variety of board games ready to be loaded up and played, after the table's been cleared, of course.

Who needs all those heavy boxes, full of game boards, cards and supplements, when you've got this sleek number just waiting to be loaded up with all the board games you'll ever need?

Link   --via Geeks Are Sexy

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Strange Felted Wool Sculptures By Zoe Williams

The subjects Zoe Williams sculpts out of felted wool are, for the most part, critters which look good with a bit of fuzz on them, even if that fuzz is contrasted by sharp and spiky bits.

Ultimately, they look too dangerous to pet, so I'd keep my hand tucked in my shirt if viewing them at a gallery show. They're strange taxidermy style mounts meant to appeal to animal lovers, who also want to spruce up their world with a bold work of art.

Link  --via Creep Machine

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Zombified Left 4 Dead Valentine's Day Cards

These adorable Valentine's Day cards feature zombie characters from the Left 4 Dead video game series, and they're full of dorky gamer humor, putrid sentimentality, and jokes about vomiting.

So, if the apple of your eye doesn't enjoy these cards by Alexandria Neonakis as much as you do, it's probably time to start the search all over again. Is that love in the air, or the sickly sweet smell of decomposition?

Link  --via GeeksAreSexy

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Bang Your Head To Metal Cover Of Skyrim Dragonborn Theme

(YouTube Link)

This guy seriously shreds it on the guitar, and his heavy metal version of the Dragonborn Theme from the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim serves as great background music while you're bashing Blood Dragons about the head with a magic mace.

--via Kotaku

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A Preview Of Sci-Fi And Fantasy Movies Coming Out In 2012

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about the coming of a new year is the slew of new movies on the horizon, and while there are always some stinkers and serious disappointments mixed in with the rest, 2012 looks like a great year for fans of fantasy and sci-fi flicks!

The folks at i09 have compiled an exhaustive list of upcoming films, which are full of fantastic elements and storylines of interest to folks who enjoy using their imagination at the movie theater, instead of dozing off into their popcorn.

Which films are you most excited to see in 2012?


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Smart Window Goes Where No Other Window Has Gone Before

(YouTube Link)

If you're worried about a dystopian future where the view from your window is obscured by zombies, rubble piles and the occasional group of bandits, then you'll want to invest in Samsung's new  transparent Smart Window-a computer screen/window that can make the world outside look like anything you want, even the terrifying real world, if that's how you get your kicks.

You can make it look like still photos, video footage, a computer desktop, even television, if you prefer to imagine a sitcom taking place outside your window over an otherwise bleak reality. It's large, shiny, and eliminates the need to actually go outside, so what's not to like?

--via Geekosystem

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Bethesda Wins Rights To Fallout MMO

Good news everyone! A Fallout MMO is now on its way, thanks to the lawsuit between Bethesda and Interplay being settled for $2 million dollars.

Bethesda has been waiting to get to work on the Fallout online game for over five years now, so I'm sure it will become a reality sooner rather than later, and I think it would offer a refreshing change from the standard fantasy and sci-fi titles which currently dominate the market.

Gamers, what do you think? Would you enjoy playing a Fallout MMO, or are you all massively multiplayered out?


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Like Comic Books With Mature Storylines? Then Check Out Damaged

Comics have come a long way from the days of pandering to children in order to sell a product. These days, they're full of mature stories and subject matter that would make Golden Age Superman blush, and that's how I like it. To me, a comic book with no spandex clad heroes in sight means I'll be entertaining more than just my eyeballs when I dig in.

Enter the newest title from Radical Comics-Damaged. It's a dark, edgy cop story with a serious noir edge, and lots of the old ultraviolence. The story centers around two cops/brothers, one of which will draw obvious comparison to the Punisher with his violent vigilante antics and attitude about killing bad guys.

Written by David Lapham (Crossed and Stray Bullets), Damaged pays homage to its obvious influences without becoming predictable, and the six issue mini series format means you will be left with a satisfying conclusion to the storyline.

The great thing about this series is it's a throwback with modern flavor, a good pulp story that is familiar yet timeless, with a cast of characters that are iconic enough to exist in any era, and beautiful artwork by Leonardo Manco (Hellblazer and War Machine) that helps sell this realistic story about human nature, inner conflict and inescapable fate.

Want to know more? Read an exhaustive review at the link to the Bad Haven article below, so you know what you're getting in to before you shell out for the books.


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Paperboy Vs. Contra, or A Bad Day On Easy Street

(YouTube Link)

When the grizzled war veterans from the video game franchise Contra take over fellow video game star Paperboy's route, due to an unforeseen decapitation, there's going to be a lot more than broken windows and ruined birdbaths on Easy Street.

This time around the guys from Contra don't even need an unlimited lives cheat code to tear up the competition!

--via Topless Robot

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The Unseen Actors Inside Iconic Character Costumes

Have you ever wondered who's inside the costume of your favorite character? From Big Bird to ALF to that dancing purple annoyance Barney, the identities of the actors inside have remained largely unknown, until you check out the gallery at Flavorwire and see for yourself who's been acting in those costumes all these years.

I'm sure most readers won't find Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) all that surprising, but did you know that 2 different people donned the Ludo character costume in the movie Labyrinth, or that the guy who donned the Alien costume in the movie franchise was over seven feet tall? Read on, inquisitive Neatoramanaut!


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Woman Pays $50k To Clone Her Dog

(YouTube Link)

The death of a beloved pet can be a traumatizing experience, and most people love their pets as they would any other member of their family. But would you pay $50,000 to clone a new version of your beloved pet from the DNA of the deceased? The lady in this clip didn't hesitate to head over to South Korea, shell out the cash and clone her deceased dog Trouble, and she seems to have no regrets about her decision.

It seems like a huge waste of money to me, considering that the cloned pet probably isn't going to have anything in common with it's genetic original beyond physical appearance, but what do you guys think? If you had $50k to spare, and you're grieving the passing of a pet, would you choose to have them cloned?

--via Videogum

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Site Specific Camo Lets You Hide Anywhere

You know that old joke that people love to tell you when you're wearing camo-"Oh, I didn't see you there, because you were camouflaged!" Well, that joke is about to become a reality, as a North Carolina company has begun creating custom, site specific camo gear. Here's how it works:

...because the patterns are created from photos that have been taken at different focal lengths it inhibits depth perception -- making it more challenging for the brain to see the camouflaged surfaces as a single object.

The camouflage may even receive a further upgrade, with the software firm applying for a patent on an "adaptive" material consisting of a vinyl substrate, a flexible image display that could adjust to the environment, and thermoelectric panels that could modify the soldier's heat signature.

Now no one is safe,  because someone may be blending in with the wall, or sofa, or even your front lawn! Better carry around a sharp stick just in case. On the other side-if you hold still too long you may be exposed to things you can't unsee, and therapy is very pricey these days, so please use this new camo fabric with care.


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Typography Made Out Of Ice

You may remember Stacy mentioning Nicole Dextra's ice typography series in her May article about a dress made out of yucca plants. (link). Well, now you can take a look for yourself at Nicole's bold statement-typography made out of solid ice, some letters standing over eight feet tall, spelling out thought provoking words that naturally return to the earth over time due to changing climate temperature.

Here's what Nicole has to say about the project:

The Ice Typography series consists of three-dimensional words fabricated in ice placed outdoors that speak to how the viewer’s gaze frames and informs the landscape. The installations have varied from 8-foot high ice letters on the Yukon River to 18-inch high letters set in downtown Toronto. When the ice texts are installed on site, the temperature determines how long it will take for them to change state from solid to liquid. This phase of transition becomes symbolic of the interconnectedness of language and culture to the land as they are affected by time and by a constant shifting and transforming nature.

Now that's what I call environmental art!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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