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I AM THE NIGHT! - Where's A Red Robin When You Need One...

I AM THE NIGHT! by Skullpy

He isn't a bat, just a bit batty. His behavior doesn't make him seem like much of a man, more like a pool of bad jokes and silliness. But when it's time for bullets to start flying and things to start dying Wade is the man you're looking for. He'd be the perfect candidate to take over The Bat's job should that dark knight ever arrive, but Gotham doesn't have one restaurant that serves Mexican food, and without chimichangas or tacos Mr. Wilson can't get no work done...

Bring your geeky wardrobe back from the dead with this I AM THE NIGHT! t-shirt by Skullpy, it's way cooler than a Bat-shirt and is sure to make your fellow merc with a mouth fans guffaw with delight!

Visit Skullpy's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:


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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Killer - Machetes And Hockey Masks Make The Man

Killer by Max58

Some slashers have style, some have a way with words and a talent for frightening their prey before they go in for the kill, but Jason doesn't need all that. His style screams classic slasher, and instead of putting an ensemble together and preparing a bunch of scary tricks he's busy collecting weapons for the next kill. A simple hockey mask and some coveralls is all Mr. Voorhees needs to get the job done, but those who think his style is so last Friday the 13th should consider whether they're willing to say that to his face...

Show the world you have truly terrifying taste with this Killer t-shirt by Max58, and cut the boring clothes out of your wardrobe!

Visit Max58's official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more wicked good designs:

Praise The Sun Rapture Hunters Gear Sun Symbol

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The Fur Will Fly In Jurassic Kitten

When the Hollywood powers that be inevitably decide to reboot and reimagine the Jurassic Park franchise they should consider ditching those dumb old dinosaurs and replacing them with mega sized cats instead.

As soon as cats become larger than humans, so large that people are no bigger than mice in comparison, then the world is truly in trouble.

For dinosaurs can be dazzled into submission with a particularly noisy television program, but cats aren't so easily fooled.

Digital dabbler pinkahboo created some purr-fectly Photoshopped images that show what a feline-centric Jurassic Park film franchise might look like, as a warning against tampering with feline DNA...

-Via Junkee

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Urban Explorer Discovers Sad Remains Of Soviet Space Shuttle Program

The Soviet Buran space shuttle program came to a grinding halt when the Iron Curtain fell in the early 90s, and as a new era of Russian freedom began another era came to a close.

The Buran came to represent the Soviet space program in many ways- it only managed to go on one automated orbital flight, more money was put into the ship's aesthetics than the actual functionality, and it was once considered extremely important but is now mothballed.

Photographer and urban explorer Ralph Mirebs went inside one of these mothballed space program buildings, a hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, and took some still life shots of the poor Buran shuttles left to rot.

There's a sense of sadness in his photos, a melancholy feeling over missed opportunities and the space tech that ran out of time.

-Via Gizmodo

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A Guy And His Real Doll Bride...It's A Beautiful Thing?!?

These days it’s not uncommon to see people proudly flying their freak flags, because society in general is more accepting of practices and lifestyles that used to be considered deviant.

And yet those who have embraced these freedoms aren’t exactly accepted with open arms by society, and they're often forced to live double lives, leaving their "deviancy" behind closed doors when they head out into the world.

Photographer Sandra Hoyn documented the indoor life of one such "deviant" named Dirk, a man who married his Real doll and feels he has no need of another woman so long as he has his Jenny.

It's an intimate look at the life of a man who has chosen a silicone life partner instead of one made of flesh and blood, and how this strange bond actually helps Dirk feel more normal.

-Via Featureshoot (Contains NSFW imagery)

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Artist Brilliantly Transforms Disney's Animal Characters Into Humans

Even though their princesses are extremely popular Disney is best known for their animal characters, which makes sense considering Mickey Mouse is their most famous character.

Disney feature films include an animal character whenever possible, or a full cast of critters when the story fits, but despite the fur suit they're usually anthropomorphic just like the big Mouse himself.

So what would those animals that talk like, and often act like, people look like as human type people?

A talented artist named Pugletto has taken the time to transform some of Disney's most beloved animal characters into humans, keeping the stylistic essence and personality of each character intact.

See More of Pugletto's awesome animated animal transformations here

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Wood You Believe? - I Know A Guy Who Knows A Tree...

Wood You Believe? by ZumWorks

Groot is so well liked around the galaxy that wearing this shirt might make you a mighty popular person, so popular in fact that people are likely to follow you around and act as your guardian just so they can get close to the big barky guy. So think of this shirt as not only a geeky fashion statement, think of it as a way to rocket you to superfandom!

Meet interesting raccoons and become the star of your own geeky galaxy with this Wood You Believe? t-shirt by ZumWorks, dancing baby groot not included.

Visit ZumWorks's Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Furry Frenzy Buggy Advice Serpent's Code Nomi Better, Man

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Apple Star - Talk About A Hostile Corporate Takeover!

Apple Star by Royal Bros Art

The Empire has taken a drastically different approach to galactic conquest ever since they joined forces with Apple- planetary residents are now converted into Apple cultists instead of kills, since they citizens are now subjugated through sales, and Force powers are used primarily to make those citizens purchase every new Apple product that is released. Lord Vader didn't like this change at first, but as soon as he was comped a new mp3 player attachment for his light saber and an eyePad for his helmet he couldn't help but be on board, because he was too busy crushing candy and posting selfies on social media to care!

Prepare yourself for an interstellar marketing campaign war with this Apple Star t-shirt by Royal Bros Art, and show the world that the Death Star was only the beginning...

Visit Royal Bros Art's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to their NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

PIKA PIKA PIKA CHU Keep Calm And Call The Winchesters OBEY Chewbacca National Quidditch Association

View more designs by Royal Bros Art | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Guy Loses Bet, Gets A Pineapple Haircut

It’s important to keep your head while gambling, because the last thing you want to do is lose your shirt.

Gamblers are better off betting money or goods you don’t care too much about, because when you start making those “If you lose you have to…” kind of bets a loss can become a mighty embarrassing ordeal.

A young man named Hansel Qiu (known as Hansel34 on the Reddits) placed a GPA/pushup based bet with his cousin, and the winner got to do whatever they wanted with the other one's hair.

Hansel lost by a mile, so his cousin turned him into a totally fruity fellow by shaving and coloring his head to look like a pineapple.

In the end it seems like Hansel came out on top, because he seems to be totally owning his wild and flavorful new hairstyle!

-Via Bored Panda

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Get That Smooth Ken Doll Look With A Lean Muscle Suit

Some guys grow up wishing they had Ken’s hair, Ken’s build or Ken’s extremely fashionable girlfriend, but it’s safe to say most guys don’t want Ken’s smooth and featureless nether regions.

But if you’re the one in a billion who actually gets tired of having stuff “down there” you might enjoy sporting one of these Lean Muscle suits from Flex Design Costumes.

It’ll give you that Ken doll feel without the messy surgery or painful recovery, leaving you free to procreate at a future time. That is, if anyone will have you after seeing you in this suit!

These image altering suits come in Lean and Mega Muscle varieties, and while they don't come cheap (lean runs around $900, mega costs $3500) they're cheaper than undergoing radical surgery to become a living doll.

-Via Boing Boing

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Gamer Tries To Buy A Copy Of Fallout 4 With A Box Full Of Bottle Caps

Bethesda Softworks has a pretty good sense of humor about their games, and often incorporates humorous elements into their games just to keep the whole thing from becoming a total downer.

The post-apocalyptic series Fallout, which they took over from Interplay in 2008, features a monetary system based on Bottle Caps. Players use bottle caps taken from Nuka Cola bottles as currency, a system which works in the game world because those particular caps are rare, but in the real world we’ve got caps a-plenty.

However, it took Fallout fanatic GatorMacheteJr seven years to save up 2,240 bottle caps, which he promptly sent to Bethesda as payment for a copy of Fallout 4.

Will his dedication to cap collecting pay off, or did he send off eleven pounds of heartache?

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Seven Times Video Game Cover Art Lied To Gamers

Video game companies used to rely on slick advertisements, word of mouth and, most of all, box art to sell their cartridges back in the day, and I remember being taken in by this box art time and time again as a kid.

The cover would often show the protagonist engaged in battle with something totally tough, for instance a ninja on a motorcycle fighting off a pack of panthers with his katana plus explosions, but the games rarely lived up to the cover art.

(YouTube Link)

The YouTube channel outsidexbox put together a video called “7 Times Epic Box Art Overpromised Wildly”, revealing some of the worst examples of cover art overselling the actual gameplay.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Fourteen Recommended Facts About Netflix

(Image Link)

Netflix became a household name by being one of the first companies to deliver streaming video service straight to your gaming console, television and computer, ushering in the age of bingewatching.

They continue to expand the boundaries of streaming video service by creating original content and bringing our beloved shows back from the dead, but there’s also a lot of stuff that Netflix does you probably know nothing about.

 photo tumblr_inline_nly9drwKrJ1t61nz7_zpsdxmcq3ai.gif

(Image Link)

As we watch their content Netflix is watching us, recording our ratings and viewing habits to deliver more precise recommendations, and they’ll soon be working with Nielsen to record viewership data and create ratings figures for streaming video.

Need to know more about the almighty Netflix? Read 14 Facts About Netflix, Recommended For You at mental_floss

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The Anti-Nuclear Animated Short That Traumatized A Generation

In the 50s and 60s fear of a nuclear war kept kids and their parents up at night, made school a lesson in disaster preparedness as kids were repeatedly drilled on what to do in case of nuclear war.

In 1952 the first hydrogen bomb was successfully detonated, showing the world that Nagasaki was on the low end of the nuclear devastation spectrum, and a new wave of fear swept through the world.

(YouTube Link)

Responding the best way they knew how artists Peter and Joan Foldes created an animated short entitled A Short Vision, which premiered on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1956.

Sullivan felt this short had a very important message, so he shared it with his viewing audience after preparing them for the horror with this monologue:

“Just last week you read about the H-bomb being dropped. Now two great English writers, two very imaginative writers—I’m gonna tell you if you have youngsters in the living room tell them not to be alarmed at this ‘cause it’s a fantasy, the whole thing is animated—but two English writers, Joan and Peter Foldes, wrote a thing which they called A Short Vision in which they wondered what might happen to the animal population of the world if an H-bomb were dropped. It’s produced by George K. Arthur and I’d like you to see it. It is grim, but I think we can all stand it to realize that in war there is no winner.”

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Milwaukee Man Messes With Airline Passengers By Painting "Welcome To Cleveland" On Roof

There are merry pranksters all around us, people who enjoy messing with the minds of their fellow human beings and making the world an interesting, albeit a bit chaotic, place to live.

These funsters derive pleasure from pushing our buttons or blowing our minds, and they get a kick out of knowing their pranks tripped someone up, if only for a moment.

Artist and merry prankster from Milwaukee Mark Gubin decided to mess with people flying into his fine city by painting a massive “Welcome To Cleveland" on his roof back in the 1970s, and it's still screwing with airline passengers to this day.

Here's the story behind his pranky paintjob:

According to a 1985 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there used to be a Northwest Airlines route from Denver to Cleveland that used Milwaukee as a layover, and the airline was obliged to pre-emptively reassure passengers via the PA system that they should not worry—the plane had not skipped the intermediate destination.

Gubin’s quotations in that article are priceless. One of them goes, “There’s not a real purpose for having this here except madness, which I tend to be pretty good at.” He also said, “It was all tongue-in-cheek, just for fun. Living in the world is not a dress rehearsal. You better have fun with it.” That’s for sure.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Put Down The Camera And Help That Cat!

Cats generally act indifferent towards their humans, in part because they can quite easily transition from pet to wild animal.

When cats become part of the human world and learn to rely on hairless apes to feed them and clean their litter box they can start to lose their wild edge.

But when they get into trouble and need assistance they look to their humans for a helping hand, but their humans are usually too busy taking pictures of the embarrassing moment to help.

So when your kitty pals find themselves in a pickle be quick and discreet with your picture taking and help your furry little friend out!

See 13 Cats Who Can't Believe You're Taking A Picture Instead Of Helping

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Adventure Time Voice Actor John DiMaggio Discusses Bacon Pancakes

Jake the Dog loves to dig in to a giant pile of pancakes, in between adventures of course, but how does the voice of Jake feel about those savory sweet stacks of deliciousness?

An interviewer asked John DiMaggio, the voice over actor who gives Jake the Dog his signature grumble, how he feels about bacon pancakes, and his response was emotionally charged and utterly delightful.

(YouTube Link)

It’s clear that John has a lot more self control than the character he voices for the small screen, but this interview might have unleashed a bacon pancake loving beast inside him!

-Via Laughing Squid

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10 Fun Ways To Upcycle Empty Booze Bottles

Enjoying a libation or ten with friends can be fun, but the next day you're left with a heavy head and a heavy load of bottles and cans to clean up.

Depending on how much you and your friends drank the night before you might end up with hundreds of bottles bound for the recycling bin, and that thing can fill up fast when your friends are heavy drinkers.

So maybe it's time to do something else with some, if not all, of those bottles. If you're a drinker and a crafter then you should be upcycling those used booze bottles into something aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Here are ten fun projects that turn bottle trash into home decor treasure-

1. Beer Bottle Tumblers-

We'll start this list with a quick and easy project, which will ease you in to working with glass and give you something cool to drink out of. Making tumblers out of beer bottles, or most glass bottles for that matter, is simple and requires simple things like string and acetone that you probably already have sitting around the house.

Beer Bottle Tumbler Tutorial Link

See also: BottleHood Beer Bottle Tumblers over at the NeatoShop.

2. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch-

This quick and easy tutorial will help you turn virtually any glass bottle into a cool and classy tiki torch, so that warm and fuzzy buzz will be accompanied by the warm glow of a flickering flame.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Tutorial Link

3. Glass Bottle Serving Tray-

Glass bottle trays can be used for cutting, serving or displaying, and they look so unique your guests are sure to wonder "how did you flatten out a bottle like that?"

Well, in order to "slump" a bottle and turn it into a flattened serving tray you'll need access to a kiln, but the rest of the process is a breeze. There is a bit of trial and error involved though, so feel free to experiment and don't use your best bottle the first time around.

Recycled Glass Bottle Serving Tray Link

Continue reading
We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Daughter Buys Ridiculously Small Crop Top, Mom Gives It To Cat

Parents have drastically different reactions to their children’s choice of wardrobe, especially when  it comes to teens dressing sey, and their reactions generally range from stricter rules and grounding to letting their kids dress however they’d like.

But one parent made a bold move and showed that the purr-fect way to get your teen to dress more modestly is to show her that the sexy clothes she's wearing look better on the cat.

A concerned mom didn't like the look of the crocheted crop top her daughter bought on Amazon, so she decided to take action by putting that ridiculously small top on the cat and snapping some hilarious pics.

The crocheted crop top was advertised as "one size fits all", so mom decided to help girls avoid embarrassing themselves by posting a review of the garment on Amazon, so young buyers will know what they're getting (squeezing?) into.

-Via HappyPlace

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Live Out Your Post-Apocalyptic Dreams With The Pip-Boy Edition Of Fallout 4

When Bethesda Softworks announced the release of a new entry in the Fallout game franchise this November gamers started to drool like Fiends who have taken too much Jet.

Then they whipped us all into a post-apocalyptic frenzy by releasing this gorgeous trailer.

(YouTube Link)

Now Bethesda has taken our Vault fever up a few hundred notches by announcing that the special edition of Fallout 4 will come with a Pip-Boy to cover up your naked arm.

(Image Link)

The Pip-Boy features a gloriously lo-rez green screen (just like in the game!), and works with most smartphones to deliver an IRL experience that literally brings the Fallout experience home.

Sadly, these special editions have already sold out on Amazon, so if you want one of your own you should look for a Mysterious Stranger to give you a hand...

-Via The Verge

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Photographer Captures Adorable Images Of A Squirrel On A Rainy Day

The rain can dampen anyone’s day, but when you’re a little squirrel without a tree nearby to provide cover you can end up all wet. That’s why squirrels don’t like to come out when it’s raining, they prefer to keep their spirits like their tails- high and dry.

So what’s a squirrel loving photographer to do when he has a tiny umbrella and a brilliant idea for an adorable photo series?

If you’re legendary photographer and squirrel fan Max Ellis you coat the tiny umbrella in peanut butter and sunflower seeds then hang it on a fishing line on a rainy day.

Max has proven he can get a squirrel to pose for a series of great pics even on a rainy day, now where can I find a tiny umbrella?

-Via Earthporm

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Here's What The Skeletons Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Look Like

Animators have to apply some real world knowledge of anatomy to their character designs, or else viewers will be bothered by the totally unnatural way which the characters move.

Characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy might look more humanistic, but they still retain elements of their animalistic anatomy, such as elongated skulls and metatarsals.

Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee revealed what lies beneath all that cartoon skin and muscle in his series of sculptures entitled “Animatus”, and dem bones look pretty good before they're broken into a million pieces by a falling anvil!

-Via IFL Science!

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Teens Try To Play The Classic NES Game Contra

Contra is the classic side scrolling console game where you and Player 2 assume the role of a Rambo look-alike and destroy alien forces, and their bases, wherever you find them.

It seems like every kid who had a NES system had a copy of Contra, and were thereby introduced to the concept of entering a cheat code to help them beat the game.

(YouTube Link)

But even with 99 lives Contra is one tough game to beat, so when YouTubers REACT gave teens three lives and three continues to cooperatively beat Contra they eagerly stepped up to the challenge...and don't do very well at all.

Don't fret teens, I can't get past the second level of Contra without the cheat code!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Explore The Dark Future With These 30 Sci-Fi T-Shirts (And You Can Win One Too!)

Science fiction films and television shows run the technological and emotional gamut, from uplifting and full of far out tech to dismally post-apocalyptic, but there's always darkness surrounding the stars.

Those who enjoy the dark futuristic stories told by sci-fi movies, video games and TV shows usually like to share their imaginative interests with the world, and the best way to do that is with a dark sci-fi t-shirt from the NeatoShop!

And if you're fresh out of credits just make your way to the end of this post and enter to win your very own NeatoShop t-shirt.

Sci-fi franchises have created some mighty memorable characters over the years

Galactic Hustlers by ArtOfCoreyCourts

They've also created some memorable worlds

Jurassic World Guardian by AndreusD

And some utterly terrifying extraterrestrial enemies

Back To The Primitive Horror (with text) by Dr. Monekers

Continue reading

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Adventurous Woman Films Her Wild Adventures Around Chernobyl

Strange things have been happening around Chernobyl ever since the 1986 disaster, but those things generally involve nature’s reaction and adaptation to irradiation, such as trees that don’t decay and animal populations that are thriving despite being radioactive.

A few adventurous people have made their way into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to study the wildlife and take pictures of the apocalyptic scene, and some Ukranian babushkas still call the area home.  

(YouTube Link)

One wild and crazy gal has taken Chernobyl exploration to the next level, a level that would be considered pure madness by many, and thanks to the internet we get to see her madcap adventures on the YouTubes.

She goes by “Bionerd23”, and there's something about the calm and collected way she handles herself while exploring the Chernobyl region that almost makes it look like a fun destination for adventure travel.

And then you hear her geiger counter start crackling away and you're reminded of just how dangerous those adventures really are...

-Via mental_floss

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Animated Short Explains What A Video Editor Actually Does

Video editors have one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated jobs in the entertainment industry, and the fact that most people are unaware of how important their work is to the look of a feature film leaves editors feeling like faceless nobodies.

So let’s change all that by revealing what a video editor actually does with an eye pleasing animated video by Dave Penn for Inside The Edit.

(Vimeo Link)

It’s likely to appeal more to abstract thinkers, but it still gives some good insight into how an editor’s mind works, and why their job is so important to the look and feel of a finished film.

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Video Game Weapons That Look Even Cooler In Real Life

Video game weapons are generally over-the-top caricatures of real weapons, and therefore wouldn’t really work in real life because even the strongest knight can't effective wield a sword this massive:

(Image Link)

But thanks to prop builders with a serious love of gaming we can now see what video game weapons would look like in real life, which can generally be described with two words- ridiculously awesome.

Imagine what your neighbors would think if they saw you pulling this shark faced Jinx’s Fishbones from League Of Legends out of your trunk:

(Image Link)

And when the neighborhood kids start acting up simply stroll out and get your mail while wielding the Sword Of Crota from Destiny. They’ll never doorbell ditch your house ever again!

(Image Link)

See 25 Video Game Weapons That Look Even Cooler In Real Life here

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Pet Lover Saves 2 Dogs, Posts Ad On Craigslist Directed At Uncaring Owners

Saving a stray dog from certain death can make you feel like a million bucks, but it can also cost you a bunch of money as you pay to repair all the things your rescued dog destroys.

Sometimes the dog you save winds up becoming a brilliant new addition to your furry family, but most of the time they’re trouble, which is how they ended up on the streets in the first place.

A kindhearted pet lover saved two dogs from death on the highway in Atlanta, Georgia then posted this ad on Craigslist aimed at their deadbeat owner:

Read the rest of this perfectly pointed post here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Amazing Performances By Actors Who Weren't Acting

Sometimes the best way to get a screen worthy reaction from an actor is to actually put them through an ordeal, physical or otherwise, so those screams and cries of pain come from a very real place.

Want a child actor to have the perfect emotional reaction to the fictional death of his character's beloved bird? Tell the kid his avian co-star died just before filming:

(YouTube Link)

Cracked compiled 5 Amazing Performances By Actors Who Weren't Acting a while back, which is the third in a series, which is full of fun moments when actors really earned that on-screen credit. (Contains NSFW language)

My personal fav- the trials endured by Arnold Schwarzenegger while filming Conan The Barbarian, which was one "cut!" away from becoming a snuff flick:

(YouTube Link)

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Doug The Pug Flawlessly Recreates Kim Kardashian's Selfies

Chances are you’re tired of seeing, and hearing about, Kim Kardashian and the rest of her clan, because they’ve been dominating the entertainment media for way too long.

But would you grow tired of seeing Kim K self obsessed selfies if they were immediately recreated by a pug?

No, you couldn’t possibly grow tired of that! Doug the pug is quite the poser, and he does an incredibly accurate impression of Kim when his people dress him up for a selfie.

Doug the pug is our only hope of removing the Kardashian regime from their gilded throne, so become one of Doug's followers on Instagram and Facebook and let a new dog have their day in the sun!

See many more amazing Doug the pug selfies and a behind the scenes video at Mashable (all images via Mashable)

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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