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This Is The 80's!!! - Cassette Tapes Totally Rule

This is the 80's!!! by Melonseta

Those little digital mp3 players may rule the market now, but head back to the 80s when electronics were tough, and cassettes didn't need digital memory, and those digital pods would get their shiny little butts kicked! Everything was bigger and stronger in the 80s, and if you need a little screen to tell you what album you're listening to then you're asking for a Sparta kick to the clickwheel.

Take your love of movies and music back in time with the This is the 80's!!! t-shirt by Melonseta, it's 300 times cooler than any shiny pod, and it won't fall apart in the wash!

Visit Melonseta's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to their NeatoShop for more retro cool designs:

Pulp Time Pulp Friction X-GRU Beer Time

View more designs by Melonseta | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Pop Up Restaurant In Tokyo Serves Food Shaped Like Pikachu

When Ash and his friends travel the world trying to catch all the Pokemon they can they're not hunting for their dinner, and most Pokemon don't look like they'd make for a very good meal.

However, a new pop up restaurant in Tokyo, Japan seems to think one particular Pokemon looks good enough to eat, and they're serving up colorful dishes shaped like Ash's pal Pikachu:

You won't find Lightning Rat Stew on their menu, just friendly faced food like the Pika Burger, the Pika Parfait, and the totally tasty Pika Rump Dumpling:

The Pikachu Cafe was created to promote the upcoming Pokemon the movie XY, and they'll be serving up these cute culinary critter shaped courses until August 31st, so if you're in Japan catch 'em while you can!

-Via DesignTAXI

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Historic Gravesite Lies In The Middle Of The Road

There’s a woman who was laid to rest almost two hundred years ago in Amity, Indiana, yet continues to have a physical presence in her town to this day. 

A woman whose grave splits highway traffic in two, serving as a reminder of how an armed loved one can preserve your legacy for generations to come:

(Image Via JBense)

Her name is Nancy Kerlin Barnett, and her grave is now a historical landmark that was initially supposed to be paved over during the creation of County Road 400, but the road workers were so afraid of the site that they split the lanes and paved around her grave:

(Image Via Graveyard Girl)

Some think the workers were deathly afraid of her ghost, or that superstition kept them from paving over the site, but the truth is they were most likely just terrified of Nancy's grandson, who camped out with a shotgun to make sure the site wasn't disturbed.

She may not be able to see the motorized carriages whizzing by her middle-of-the-road resting place, but Nancy''s legacy lives on as an odd piece of local lore for the folks who live around Amity, Indiana.

-Via Roadtrippers

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The World Of Futurama Beautifully Rendered In 3D

Futurama was presented to our eyeballs via image projection devices that only transmit two dimensional visuals, and even though the projected images are strictly reruns these days there is still a lot of fan love out there for the Adventures of the Galaxy Express gang.

If those image projection devices were able to transmit the show’s visual code in 3D it probably would have looked a lot like these amazing CGI Futurama visualizations by Alexy Zakharov, with lots of fine details and shiny bits.

(Video Link)

But since the show was created by Matt Groening, a guy who appreciates the value of super flat characters, two dimensional character art was a given.

The fine humanoids who worked on the show rendered the buildings, vehicles, and some of the space effects in 3D, using a technique called Toon Shading to make the 3D models look more like 2D drawings, but their CGI looked nothing like Alexy's incredibly realistic version of Futurama!

-Via Gamma Squad

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The Dark Side Of Life As A Street Magician

(Image Via Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since Criss Angel hit the street magic scene, in his bedhead, bedazzled shirts and mascara, people have begun to see street magicians as less edge and more Hollywood.

But the life of street magician isn’t all rhinestones and flash, and to survive the streets you need more than sleight of hand and a deck of cards.

A brave busker named Matthew Collins revealed 5 Hidden Dark Sides of Life as a Street Magician to Cracked, five things he learned the hard way while working the mean streets of Savannah, Georgia.

Matthew’s cautionary tales range from muggings and physical assaults to heartwarming bits about what kept him going as a street magician, tales that will give you a better idea of what that guy trying to guess your card on the sidewalk deals with to make a buck.

(Contains language that is NSFW)

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Ten-Year-Old Girl Left A Scathing Review Of Cinderella Themed Restaurant

(Image Via Orlando-Florida.net)

Contrary to popular belief, not every young girl is obsessed with Disney princesses, some have moved on to more mature interests, like fine dining and world travel, and these girls simply aren’t impressed by Disney royalty.

One such unimpressed ten-year-old left a scathing one star review on TripAdvisor after visiting Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant in Walt Disney World because she wasn’t there to get a pic with Cinderella and Prince Charming- she was there for the “highly recommended” menu.

(Image Via Brasil VIP)

She was appalled when the Prince and Princess insisted on a photo, mortified when the waiter tried to hand her a kid’s menu full of chicken nugget level fare, and downright irate when her dinner arrived “cold and relatively tasteless”.

And here’s how she felt about the clientele and staff:

"Let it be said that the entire time we spent there, [there] were little children running around screaming and yelling, chasing the princesses, and hitting each other with the little plastic wands."

"the experience was not what was expected and was a complete madhouse with a lackluster staff. Save your money and go to basically anywhere else in WDW."

Don't get on that little girl's bad side Disney, or Mickey Mouse is next!

-Via Grubstreet

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Thousand Sunny - The Cutest Pirate Ship You've Ever Seen!

Thousand Sunny by Hawkness

When the band of pirates came across their second ship they named it the Thousand Sunny, in honor of their future adventures under the leadership of one straw hat wearing troublemaker named Monkey. They decided on a lion figurehead for the front of the ship, but to the crew's dismay the mighty lion kept getting mistaken for a sunflower, which really didn't help their rough and tumble image as pirates!

Show your love of swashbuckling anime adventure with this Thousand Sunny t-shirt by Hawkness, it's the one piece no otaku's wardrobe should be without!

Visit Hawkness's Facebook page and official website, then head on over to their NeatoShop for more adventurous designs:

Ocarina Neighbor's Summer Kamui La Kamui Shinigami

View more designs by Hawkness | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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5 Nerdy Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

We all know the best way to beat the summer heat is to stay indoors, playing video games and sucking down cold canned beverages, but if that’s not an option then Dorkly’s got you covered.

They’ve come up with 5 Nerdy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat, and their ideas require way too much effort and sometimes a bit too much money.

In fact, disregard this comic and simply go back to the original plan, it’s much cheaper in the long run and won’t get you arrested for kidnapping!

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Infographic Shows How Much Underwear To Pack For A Trip

There’s one very important thing to consider when packing for a trip, whether it’s a weekend away or an extended stay, and that’s making sure you've packed enough underwear.

Good thing there’s this handy infographic created by well traveled traveler Reed Kennedy, so you can make sure your buns are covered for the entire trip.

Simply figure out how many days you’ll be away, and whether you’ll be doing any laundry while traveling, and this handy infographic will tell you how many pairs to bring along.

It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people find themselves briefless in Seattle, a pair of boxers short in Brooklyn, or thongless in Thailand when they're trying to travel light.

-Via Gizmodo

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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New Trailer For Blade Runner Created Using Anime Clips

Blade Runner is such an amazing and beloved film that it just wouldn’t be right to bring it back with a new cast and cutting edge CGI effects because it looks amazing just the way it is, but if you're going to give it new life you have to recreate it as an animated feature.

(Video Link)

YouTuber Chris Kessler agrees, and he put together a trailer using clips from various anime series like Bubblegum Crisis and AD Police, with audio from Blade Runner, which is quite entertaining to watch and Blade Runner-y in all the right places.

If Hollywood filmmakers would stop turning cartoons into live action movies and flip the adaptation process around we might see some animated remakes of movies like Blade Runner that'll be worthy of those high box office prices!

-Via Gamma Squad

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Photo Series Shows Animals Eating Their Prey- Food Chain

It’s almost unbearable to watch some humans shovel food into their faces, and we may even call those who make a huge mess or smack loudly while they eat "animals", but watching messy humans eat can’t even compare to the disgusting way most animals devour their prey:

Photographer Catherine Chalmers is fascinated by the different ways animals eat their prey, so she created a photo series entitled Food Chain to show us how much more disturbing meal time can be.

Here's a bit of what Catherine has to say about her delicious photo series:

The project grew out of a desire to be more engaged with the natural world. Over time, I became fascinated by the strange disconnect between what people seem to want to believe happens in nature and what actually does. Humans are incredibly efficient killers, yet we are remarkably queasy at facing, or acknowledging, what we do. I’m an omnivore. Eating a chicken running around the yard is an ecologically sustainable thing to do. But supporting the industrial feedlot system of mass produced chickens, for example, is gross and distressing. I try to eat in a way that is easy on the planet. Unfortunately, though, there is really no innocence in eating. Something dies for us to live.

-Via Vice

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Buy My Barina

It looks like the maker of this video took notes from Castor, the Swedish art director we recently featured who created an epic video to help sell his old 93 Volvo Wagon, but the creator of Buy My Barina decided to go for less comedy and more slick, modern and sexy:

(Video Link)

The 99 Barina is like the Ford Fiesta of Australia, and generally not thought of as a very sexy car, but somehow the mysterious man behind Buy My Barina has succeeded in bringing the sex appeal to the little league helmet of cars.

What's more- he's auctioning off this hot little blue number for charity, with proceeds benefitting Cancer Council Australia, and whoever wins the car is going to get tired of explaining why they spent so much money on such a crappy car!

-Via Mashable

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19th Century Doctors Warn Women About Bicycle Face

(Illustration Via Frederick Burr Opper)

Whenever a new fad sweeps through the populace, especially if it involves physical activity of any kind, there’s always some Dr. Oz type ready to hand out dubious medical advice and warn against what may happen if the participants aren’t careful.

When bicycling became all the rage in the 19th century doctors acted no differently, especially because bikes offered women a sense of liberation that made these stuffy old men feel threatened. Physicians began to warn women about the dangers of "Bicycle Face", in an effort to dissuade them from becoming avid bicyclists, to no avail.

Here are the supposed symptoms of this "serious medical condition", as they were presented in a newspaper from 1897:

Usually flushed, but sometimes pale, often with lips more or less drawn, and the beginning of dark shadows under the eyes, and always with an expression of weariness. Bicycle face is also characterized by a hard, clenched jaw and bulging eyes.

Little did these doctors know that Bicycle Face was only the beginning, and over one hundred years later ladies would go totally gaga over Poker Face...

-Via AnimalNY

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Two Chimps Went On An Outing To See The New Planet Of The Apes Movie

The latest entry in the ape dystopia franchise Planet of the Apes is called Dawn of…, and even though it doesn't feature any real primates, aside from those studied and photographed while making the CGI character models, doesn’t mean this new film won't appeal to our real life primate cousins.

In fact, two chimpanzees named Vali and Sugrive from the Myrtle Beach Safari took in a showing of Dawn of… at their local movie theater, complete with popcorn and juice, and they seemed quite taken with the film:

(Video Link)

Some may see this as an adorable and innocent outing for the chimps, but we know the truth: these chimps are being taught how to take over the world by careless Hollywood filmmakers, and it's only a matter of time before they share this information with their fellow primates...

-Via Geekologie

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Eleven Inventions To Help Couch Potatoes Stay Firmly Planted

Are you so lazy that getting off the couch is becoming a bit of a chore? Looking for a way to practically live on your couch so you can avoid leaving the living room altogether, and begin a new phase of your life as a couch potato?

Then you need to bring these amazing products into your life and never leave your beloved couch again!

1. Cereal Pants-

(Image Via Cereal Pants)

First off are Cereal Pants- lounge pants with a built-in bowl in the crotch, so you can keep your snacks handy and put your lap to good use at the same time.

But where will all that food come from? Heading to the kitchen is way too much hassle, so how does a couch potato who has taken root keep food available at all times?

2. The SmarSofa-

(Image Via Gizmag)

The SmarSofa from Gorenje Group comes complete with mini-fridge and cooling snack trays, so you never need to worry about being far from your favorite foods, and it looks all swanky too!

Or, for the ultra rich sofa resident, there's this one-of-a-kind couch created by Domino’s Pizza:

3. The Ultimate Man Cave Couch-

The Ultimate Man Cave couch has two swivel mounted flat screen TVs, mini fridge, gaming console, DVD player, paper towel dispensing headrests, and many more fantastically manly features all built into a couch that costs a cool $30k.

If you can’t afford one of these fancy schmancy couches, and your diet mainly consists of canned beverages, then maybe all you need is someone to toss you a beer every once in a while:

4. Mini Fridge Mounted Beer Cannon-

Continue reading

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Pokemon Pick-Up Lines You Should Probably Avoid

With San Diego Comic Con about to begin, and the possibility of geek love in the air, it’s a sure bet that geeky pick-up lines are being rehearsed, tested and rewritten so they're ready to be unveiled at bars and clubs around the big event.

Conversations are already going to be awkward, so why not make them even more awkward by infusing your pick-up lines with Pokemon references?

(Video Link)

Why not? Because those lines don't sound as funny when spoken aloud as they do in your head, as demonstrated in this hilarious video by Nacho Punch.

Chances are the Pokemon fan/cosplayer/trainer you’re exposing to these horribly niche flirtations has already heard every line from “Star you single?" to "Are you a cat that shoots out random gold coins? Cause you got a pretty Meowth", so you might as well give up the hunt now before you take a critical hit.

(NSFW due to language)

-Via Topless Robot

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Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro All Grown Up

If you’re dreaming of a sequel to the cult hit movie Napoleon Dynamite you’ll just have to go on dreaming, because chances are Napoleon, and his little politician pal Pedro, aren’t coming back to the big screen anytime soon.

However, if you're wondering what Pedro and Napoleon will look like when they're all grown up wonder no more:

It looks like our unlikely heroes are still best buds, and their unique taste in fashion hasn't changed much either, but how did the future incarnations of two fictional characters find themselves waiting in line at a Subway restaurant, circa 2014?

It probably has something to do with extraterrestrial ligers....

-Via Cheezburger

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Infographic Demonstrates That Nature Really Bites

Backpacking and hiking can be a fun, relaxing way to spend some quality time outdoors, and every nature lover knows it’s the best way to see critters up close and personal like.

That’s where the trouble begins- getting close to animals that see your presence in their neck of the woods as an intrusion, or a threat.

Bears, snakes, and mountain lions sometimes lash out at uninvited human visitors, and the little guys just love to bite too- spiders, ticks and scorpions are by far the biggest biters of the bunch.

Prepare for what may try to chomp down on you with this fully illustrated infographic created by Backpacker magazine, it’s handy to have around when you’re exploring the great outdoors, and it serves as a colorful reminder of why homebodies like to stay indoors…

-Via Lifehacker

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Artist Recreates His Childhood Drawings From Over Twenty Years Ago

Kids love to draw, and they don’t care what those drawings look like because why should they? They’re kids, having fun doing something that also helps them develop skills like hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, and proportion, skills that might someday develop into serious art skills.

Dutch muralist Telmo Pieper was one of those free sketching kids over twenty years ago, and to show how his artistic skills have blossomed over the years he created a series of digital paintings that reprise masterpieces created by his four-year-old self.

Telmo tries to match the forms from the original kid drawings, while adding shading and dimension to each piece, which only serves to make them look even more odd than the original sketch! Still, I would totally drive that stretchy car...

-Via Bored Panda

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Real Life Peter Griffin Spotted In Allentown

Attendees at the Allentown, Pennsylvania Comic Con were treated to an impromptu performance by a real life cartoon character, a man who looks, sounds and (kinda) acts like a real life Peter Griffin from that Family Guy cartoon show.

This spot-on cosplayer also happens to be from Rhode Island, he has a Facebook account where he has proclaimed himself to be the Real Life Peter Griffin, and guess what- nobody’s arguing with him, because this is clearly the role he was born to play!

(Video Link)

Thankfully someone caught the whole thing on video, and even though the audio is pretty terrible, and really hard to hear at times, you kinda get the picture...oh, and he’s not punching a giant chicken so it’s not terribly exciting. Still, real life Peter Griffin you guys!

(May contain language that is NSFW)

-Via Nerd Approved

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100 Famous Bass Lines Played In One Awesome Medley

Bass lines are the bridge between the guitar and the drum, "anchoring the harmonic framework and establishing the beat", to quote Wikipedia.

Behind many of the most famous songs of all time lies a strong, catchy bass line that drives that groove and brings the song's distinctive sound home, even if you don't notice it as much as the singer or lead guitar.

Badass bass player Davie504 put together an incredibly comprehensive thirteen-minute-long medley that incorporates a whopping 100 famous bass lines from songs like YYZ, Disco Inferno and oh so many Red Hot Chili Pepper tracks, just to name a few:

(Video Link)

It's a rather long video to watch in its entirety, but if you're a budding bass player, or someone who appreciates the power of a solid bass groove, then you gotta watch Davie do his thang 'cause this guy's got talent to spare!

-Via Sploid

Check out more amazing talents over at our Mad Skills blog

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8-Bit Character Sprites Made Real

It's safe to say video game sprites weren't meant to faithfully represent what the characters would look like in real life, game designers were just doing the best they could with so few pixels while trying to keep their characters visually interesting.

Sprites are better off in 2D, and as illustrator Scott Johnson demonstrates when you try to bring those 8-bit sprites into any sort of three dimensional space you end up with a total horrorshow:

It would have been mighty hard to root for characters that look like they just crawled out of a radioactive swamp, although there's still something cute about little misshapen Link.

-Via Nerd Approved

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Girl Left Contacts In For Six Months, Amoebas Ate Her Eyeball

Contact lens wearers know the risks that come with placing that little piece of plastic directly on to their eyeballs, and cleanliness is king when it comes to keeping your eyes healthy, which means taking your contacts out, and disinfecting them, on a daily basis.

Here's an example of why it's important to take them out daily- Taiwanese college student Lian Kao left a pair of contact lenses in for six months, which allowed a microorganism called acanthamoeba to move in beneath the lens.

Acanthamoeba feeds on bacteria, not human tissue, but her eyes were already home to tons of bacteria from leaving the lenses in for so long, so as the acanthamoeba fed on the bacteria it burrowed further into her eyeball to keep feeding on bacteria, which left her blind. *shivers*

Her condition is called acanthamoebic keratitis, which can occur from not properly disinfecting your contact lenses, so take a lesson from Lian and disinfect your contacts daily!

-Via IFLScience!

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The Legend Of The Flying Tomato

When you hear an animated short is entitled The Legend of the Flying Tomato several images probably come to mind- jeering audiences made up of kids armed with rotten fruit, the next evolution in killer tomatoes, or that one Veggie Tales short they cut because it was too “edgy”.

Well, this short does start with rotten tomatoes being thrown, but the Flying Tomato in question is a little girl with big dreams of becoming a larger-than-life pro wrestler:

(Video Link)

The Legend of the Flying Tomato was created by students Michael Yates, Aurry Tan and Sharon Huang from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, but you’d never guess they created it for a senior thesis, because it looks so darn good!

-Via AWN

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Guy Tries To Recap A Song of Ice and Fire In Two Minutes, Fails Horribly

(Video Link)

Attempting to recap George R.R. Martin's entire epic series A Song of Ice and Fire in two minutes is an extremely tall order, but Slacktory host Nick Douglas was so sure he was up to the task that he let the camera roll and went for it.

He failed, of course, but Nick did manage to become so lost in his stream-of-thought ramblings that even people who have read the entire epic series will struggle to make sense of it all, thereby confusing everyone into believing Nick has actually read the entire series.

Nick’s video contains spoilers (kinda), so if you live in fear of Game of Thrones-related spoilers you may not want to tune in. Otherwise, enjoy watching Nick flounder!

-Via Slacktory

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Kid From Nebraska Takes 63 Billion Dollar Selfie

What should you do when you're walking by an ice cream parlor in Nebraska and spot an extremely rich man, and an extremely rich and famous man, sitting together on a bench?

You take a priceless selfie and post it to Instagram, that's what, which is exactly what teen Tom White did when he spotted Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney taking a load off in Omaha, Nebraska.

Paul looks reasonably amused by the kid's candid shot, while Warren looks like he's either going to wave for the camera, or shoo the kid away.

Apparently Paul had a concert that weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska (thanks Lou!), and Warren still lives in Omaha in "the same modest home he bought in 1958 for $31,500" (thanks Miss C!), so it looks like rare moments like this may happen often in Omaha...

-Via HappyPlace

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Fuzzy and Cuddly - The Horror Of The Hundred Acre Wood

Fuzzy and Cuddly by Anthony Moreno

There's something different about that willy nilly silly old bear, he suddenly doesn't seem so cute and cuddly anymore. What happened to Winnie? Was it something the bees were putting in the honey, or did he get ahold of some of Tigger's stash? Whatever the case, the residents of that wood measuring one hundred acres had better watch out, because it looks like Pooh has a hankering for more than honey!

Your favorite childhood bear is all grown up thanks to this Fuzzy and Cuddly t-shirt by Anthony Moreno, sport this shirt around town and you'll scare the roo out of every piglet you see!

Visit Anthony Moreno's official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more big, bold designs:

Share Your Scales Girrebra Double Bacon HeinsenBurger Painted Vision

View more designs by Anthony Moreno | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Old Console - Don't B Such A MO

Old Console by ellygeh

He might be considered nothing but an outdated console these days, but back in the day B was a cutting edge gaming/computing device, and those who owned an original MO console spent way too much time playing games like King of Ice and Space Princess Adventure on him. But if you're lucky enough to come across an old console like B power him up and be nice to him, because he can also be one heck of a good friend!

You'll have an old school gaming adventure every time you wear this Old Console t-shirt by ellygeh, and it's comfortable to wear whether you're chewing bubblegum or feeling a bit lumpy.

Visit ellygeh's official website, Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more timely designs:

Mega Ghost Epic Fire Bird Encounter Creative Mode Epic Ice Bird Encounter

View more designs by ellygeh | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Mighty Pirate - Adventures In PC Swashbuckling

Mighty Pirate by Vahlia

Not all mighty pirates look all that mighty in person, some look like total fops with bushy blonde hairdos, white blouses and sassy red sashes wrapped around their waists. Looks don't mean much when you're uncovering the secrets of an island called monkey, and the undead don't really care what you look like, so give Guy a chance, don't just brush him off! In fact, if you sit with him for a spell and listen to what he has to say you may learn a thing or two about adventuring.

Show your love of classic computer games and their unlikely heroes with this Mighty Pirate t-shirt by Vahlia, it's way more fashionable than a sash and is sure to get you lots of love from gamers!

Visit Vahlia's Facebook fan page, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more adventurous designs:

My Precious The Nerd Side Pika-Man Maraumones

View more designs by Vahlia | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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(Dis)solving the Matter - You Have A Bad Imagination Young Man!

(Dis)solving the Matter by Lopesco

That boy Calvin loved to play with his stuffed tiger all day, every day, going on imagination adventures around the neighborhood and occasionally getting into a bit of trouble. Then one day his imaginative romps took a bad turn, and he started breaking things all over the neighborhood like a little thug. Soon he was pretending to be a character he called "Heisenberg", and his stories took a violent turn, resulting in the disappearance of the neighbor boy...

Explore your imaginative dark place with this (Dis)solving the Matter t-shirt by Lopesco, it's a gruesome way to show your love for classic comic strips and gritty crime dramas.

Visit Lopesco's official website, Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more wickedly good designs:

At Dawn ... NORWEGIAN STREET GIGAN! Monterrey Fire

View more designs by Lopesco | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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