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Atari 2600 Bible Game Where You Play Moses Parting The Red Sea

(Video Link)

The sad history of terrible Bible themed video games started with the Atari 2600, and one of the rarest games ever made for the console called Red Sea Crossing.

In it you play Moses, who has to dodge snakes and snapping clams while crossing the Red Sea, and even though it seems like one of the most pointless games ever made it’s now considered the “Holy Grail” of Atari cartridges due to the fact that in 1983 you could only buy a copy of the game direct from the manufacturer.

From the look of the gameplay you'd be better off saving up for a copy of E.T.!

Via Dangerous Minds

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Stop Motion Animation Made Using A Year Of Selfies

Finally there’s something better to do with all those selfies you snap every time you’re out eating, drinking or just hanging with friends. Don’t post them to Facebook, nobody wants to see them anyway, and don’t send them out to everyone on your contact list- put them all together and create a stop motion animation!

That’s what Kyle Warfield did, and his year worth of selfies animation is really fun to watch. He may have done a bit of planning, and added a little digital manipulation here and there, to get the whole thing to turn out so perfectly, but if you’ve got the time to constantly take pictures of yourself wherever you go then you have time to plan ahead and create something which justifies your obsession with selfies.

Via Geekologie

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Fake Demon Baby Terrorizes Folks In The Big City

(Video Link)

If you happen to be strolling around New York City, and you come across an unattended baby stroller, chances are you're going to take a peek inside just to make sure all is well, but after you watch this video you may want to re-think your policy on stroller snooping!

A demon baby is taking the city by storm, terrorizing unsuspecting do-gooders in the name of pranky laughs and promotion for an upcoming movie called Devil's Due.

The group behind this pranky publicity stunt is Thinkmodo, and they previously pulled off a similar stunt starring a girl with superpowers who freaked out a bunch of people in a cafe. Is this the future of movie advertising? We certainly hope so!

Via Kotaku

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Kabe-don Is How Tough Guys Show Their Love

You may not be familiar with the term Kabe-don, but chances are you’ve seen the pose in movies, TV shows, comic books and animation. It’s the way tough guys show their love, by pinning the object of their affection up against the wall using arms or legs or both, and kabe-don poses are an internet sensation in Japan.

People love to stage pictures of themselves posing kabe-don style with a pet or loved one, or else they create wacked out illustrated versions of the pose which would be impossible to do in real life.

They also love adding a bit of wordplay to the pose phenomenon, changing words like gyudon (a type of beef bowl) into a bull posing kabe-don style over his intended "victim". And don’t forget Neko-don, kitty style kabe-don pics which are all the rage because, you know, the internet.

Via RocketNews24

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Over 1000 Photos From NYC In The 70s And 80s Now Online

Recently we showed you what life was like inside Brooklyn apartments circa 1978, and now thanks to the Museum of the City of New York you can see what life was like all over the Big Apple during the 70s and 80s by perusing the 1200 historical photos taken by Edmund V. Gillon which they recently added to their collection.

The images capture everyday moments, structures that are probably long gone by now, and give an overall feel of life in NYC from a street photographer's point of view. Whether you love the city so nice they named it twice, love vintage photography or dig old school style do your eyeballs a favor and check out these cool pics!

Via Gothamist

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The Unseen Visual Effects In Wolf Of Wall Street

(Video Link)

People often complain that Hollywood uses too many CGI effects in their movies these days, finding a place for a CGI character in every genre from action to drama, but what audiences don’t know, or notice, is where the real CGI magic happens in a movie.

Take Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street, for example-I bet you didn’t know that many of the shots were filmed in front of a green screen then composited into the beautiful, scenic shots you see in the movie.

It’s amazing what digital compositing and creative use of a green screen can add to a motion picture, and it’s so subtle audiences will be amazed at what they didn’t see.

Via /Film

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Classical Sculptures Created With Cardboard And Packing Tape

Classical sculptors generally used hard materials like marble and bronze to create their masterpieces, but artist Dylan Shields has shown us that it’s not about the material you use, it’s how you use it, in his new series of classically inspired works which are made out of cardboard and packing tape.

Dylan may have gotten his start when the Amazon and Ebay packaging materials started piling up in his garage, but whatever the backstory his corrugated sculptures are quite stylish despite the low cost of materials.

His goal is to reflect classical artistic ideals in his works while using modern materials, and while these papercraft works may not stand the test of time like their marble predecessors they are a fitting tribute to the art of sculpture.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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Derelict Gas Station In Ireland Converted Into Street Art Installation

Since street art has become far more acceptable, and garnered a lot more fans due to media coverage of artists like Banksy, the pieces just keep getting bigger and bigger. The scene has gone from simple stencils painted on walls and sidewalks to full blown installations as big as a fueling station, like this incredibly colorful piece in Limerick City, Ireland.

An abandoned petrol station was turned into a public art installation, complete with candy striped mini cars, by street artist Maser entitled "No.27- A Nod To Ed Ruscha".

Here's the story behind this bold installation:

I converted a derelict petrol station in Limerick city into an interactive installation, as part of a transformative urban art project. My work often boldly juxtaposes old and new, past and present in the architectural elements, the visual grammar and choice of pallet. I hope to create work that surprises people and questions their relationship with the familiar and the norm and also how dissociated we are from the space around us. -Maser

Edward Joseph Ruscha is an American artist associated with the Pop art movement. He has worked in the media of painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, and film.

Via Street Art News

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Colorful Harry Potter Themed Illustrated Travel Posters

Fans of the J.K. Rowling fantasy phenomenon known as Harry Potter have read the books, seen the movies, and possibly even visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside the Universal Orlando theme park.

Potterheads have taken their imagination for a flight around the grounds of the Hogwarts School, or high above a Quidditch match to watch the action, so these Harry Potter themed travel posters by Caroline Hadilaksono may seem like a bunch of been there, done that.

But to those who haven’t experienced the fantasy adventure for themselves these cool illustrated posters with a retro style may be just the inspiration they need to get out of their mundane reality and into an imagination vacation!

Via The Mary Sue

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Amazing 3D Printed Geometric Sculptures By Deskriptiv

Artists are currently using 3D printers to bring works to life that were previously nothing more than the stuff of imagination, shapes and forms generally thought of as too complicated, sharply angled and finely detailed to create by hand.

Now, unshackled artists free to play with form via printed plastic are about to get wild, and nobody comes up with crazier geometric designs than German art studio Deskriptiv. With styles ranging from hard edged and repetitive to softer edged, more organic pieces the artists behind Deskriptiv studio have forever changed the way people view 3D printing as it relates to art.

Via Hi-Fructose

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Comedic Short Film - Codfish And Cyanide

(Video Link)

There’s nothing worse than going out to dinner with a significant other who is about to break up with you, except for being attacked by laser wielding thugs while on the way to that last supper. In the short film Codfish and Cyanide we hear one man’s account of how he came to look so bloody and disheveled, his excuse for being late to dinner which his future ex girlfriend isn't buying at all!

Codfish and Cyanide was written and directed by David Gesslbauer, and even though it’s subtitled, which some audiences simply abhor, this simplistic comedy is worth the read and will really put your life in perspective, making future date nights more tolerable for you and your partner. (NSFW due to language)

Via Geek Tyrant

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A Web Comic For Fans Of Roleplaying Games And Stick Figures

Rich Burlew is a cartoonist who has been hard at work on his online comic series Order of the Stick, along with another project called Erfworld, for about ten years now, and even though it starts with stick figures and ends with stick figures doesn’t mean there’s not a whole lot to love about this series.

From the obscure Dungeons & Dragons nerd references, to the delightful fantasy humor and the childlike stick figure art that somehow manages to satisfy your comic art craving without all those pesky details, this is one web comic fans of the medium should check out, and since it’s free to read you can take it or leave it without any regrets!

Via Comics Alliance

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Violently Realistic Versions Of Beloved Childhood Icons

Everybody has to grow up some time in their life, and when we outgrow our favorite childhood heroes, like Babar the Elephant, Winnie the Pooh and Inspector Gadget, they become nothing more than beloved memories and a bunch of imaginary characters that we hope our children will like as much as we once did.

But what if our favorite characters grew up with us, going from cute and simple to totally decked out and badass? They'd probably look a lot like these updated character designs by Deviantartist Tohad in his series BADASS. One look at this series and you'll never look at those kiddie characters the same way ever again!

Via BuzzFeed

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A Secret Street Art Show Inside Condemned Building In NYC

It seems pretty logical that an abandoned and condemned building in New York would soon become covered in graffiti and totally wrecked from the inside out, but the building in this series of tour photos taken by Gizmodo's Nick Stango was home to an illegal art show put together by comedic street artist Hanksy and open only to those who were in the know about the location.

How did the folks find the place you ask? They had to locate a specific mural in front of the building which was only known to insiders, and once they'd found this secret location their eyeballs were treated to three floors of street art from Hanksy, B.D. White and many other artists in a show called Surplus Candy.

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What GTA Would Look Like As A Kids Game


(Video Link)

The Grand Theft Auto video game franchise has changed the way people see Mature rated video games, and pushed that M rating to the max with brutally honest depictions of street crime, prostitution, and gang violence. The games are too graphic for children, but what if they made a version geared specifically towards kids?

Nacho Punch made an animated short that attempts to show what the E for Everybody GTA would look like called GTA for Kids, and it's still way too hardcore for kids! I guess when you name a video game series after a major felony you're not looking to cash in on the kiddie market.

Via Uproxx

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Coffee Table That Looks Like A Flying Carpet

Here’s a coffee table that will open up a whole new world of conversation, and get your guests quoting Aladdin when they come over to visit- it’s a magic carpet coffee table from Duffy London that, thanks to the addition of a bottom shadow shape, appears to be floating above the living room floor.

The rug pattern looks like something out of an old NES version of Arabian Nights, but the floating illusion does look pretty cool, albeit a bit bulky compared to conventional legs. But if you're thinking about picking up a magic carpet table for your palace you'd better start saving up, because this table costs well over two thousand dollars, so if you want one you'd better start looking for an old lamp with a genie inside!

Via DesignTAXI

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A Poster That Explains All The Different Varieties Of Zombies

Ever since zombies went from being voodoo cursed individuals to rotting brain biters there have been a ton of variations on the same theme, with new rules and types of zombies popping up in every movie made about those shambling rotters.

But how are zombie fanatics expected to keep track of so many types of zombies? Artist Jason Thompson has created the key to all that undead madness in a print poster called The Map Of Zombies, which features all 350 varieties of flesh craving fiends from the Slow, Dumb Zombies to the scarier Aggressive Cannibals. Jason has even included the Occult and Alien types to fully round out this exhaustive breakdown, and you can see an enlarged version of the Map here.

Via Nerd Approved

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Collage Portraits Made From Various Unusual Materials

We’ve all seen mosaic portraits made out of hundreds, if not thousands, of small images color coded and placed in the proper order to make an overall larger image appear, but we’ve never seen anything quite like the collage works of Michael Mapes.

Michael uses all sorts of found specimens, ranging from photo snippets to gelatin capsules to insect specimen pins to doll parts, creating collage works which are intensely textural and just as much fun to look at up close as from far away.

He also uses elements of the original image he’s re-creating, such as features from the original painting and perhaps an even smaller version of the original hidden within the mosaic, which makes for a bit of an Inception feeling as the viewer tries to visually take in the entire piece.

Via Juxtapoz

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Giant Model Ghost Ship Made Out Of Cardboard

Three guys by the name of Josh, Mikey and Joel created this massive papercraft ghost ship in only five days using nothing but cardboard and hot glue, with pictures shared via Reddit by a guy with the unfortunate name of PooPatrol, and the whole thing looks so good bands of pirates are lining up to take this thing for a trip around the bay!

The best part of this gigantic cardboard model is the figurehead, which is in the shape of a screaming female spectre who looks ready to reap the souls of any pirates brave enough to attempt a raid on this hauntingly beautiful ship.

Via DesignTAXI

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Illustrations From The Silmarillion By Aaron Diaz

The Silmarillion succeeded in simultaneously being the back story every Tolkien/Lord of the Rings fan had been waiting for and too much for many of them to handle, but whether you made it through the book or not chances are you’re familiar with scenes from the book which have been brought to life by various artists over the years.

Illustrators such as Ian Miller and Ted Nasmith have tried their hand at stylistic adaptations, and now the artist behind the Dresden Codak series Aaron Diaz has rendered scenes from the Silmarillion in his signature style.

Diaz's interpretations have a playful, animated energy about them, and each race is captured in their own distinct style. Now all we need is for Aaron to create character designs for an animated version of the Silmarillion directed by Ralph Bakshi and my geek dreams will come true!

Via Nerd Approved

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8 Bit Cinema Presents- Pulp Fiction

(Video Link)

If someone hopped into a time machine, a VHS copy of Quentin Tarantino’s beloved flick in hand, to show Pulp Fiction to a studio full of game designers circa 1987, they may have made a game that looks much like CineFix's 8-Bit Cinema version of Pulp Fiction.

It's got all the blood, drama and bad dance moves found in the original movie, but now it looks a lot more like Double Dragon than a Tarantino flick. Scenes like the club dance off and everything Bruce seem like they would have been fun to play on an old school NES. The part where you clean blood and brain bits out of the back of a car via button mashing? Not so much...

Via Animal NY

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Invader Art Spotted In Snowy Swiss Ski Resort

It’s never too cold to admire some sweet pixel art, and apparently it’s never snowy enough to stop crafty street artist Invader from doing what he loves-turning tiles of various colors into pixel perfect pictures.

These Invader pieces were spotted in Anzere, Switzerland, which is a small resort town known for the skiing, the traditional Swiss architectural style and the fact that it's the sunniest spot in Switzerland. Seems like an odd place to find an Invader mosaic, but maybe the mystery artist was on vacation at the time?

Skiing past pixilated trees may not be as fun as the real thing, but Invader's Slalom video game inspired image sure would be fun to see before hitting the slopes!

Via Street Art News

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A Burbank Deli That Encourages Animators To Draw On The Walls

Burbank is a magical place where animation comes to life, and when the hard working animators behind our favorite cartoon shows get hungry there’s only one place to go- Moore’s Deli.

Owner Robert Moore once worked as an executive chef at Dodger’s Stadium, but nowadays he has embraced his animated clientele by allowing them to add their own signature masterpieces to the white walls in the back room of his restaurant.

Robert even provides Sharpies in case the artists show up empty handed, and lovers of animation will go squee when they see their favorite characters from Futurama, Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants and many other shows adorning the walls of this cartoon oasis, and the food ain't half bad either!

Via Cartoon Brew

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Inside The Homes Of Brooklynites Circa 1978

It was the age of lounge lizards, leisure suits and some of the tackiest looking home furnishings to ever lower real estate values, the 1970s taught us about political scandal, racial relations and how not to dress, and perusing photos and home movies from the era is probably the best way for people nowadays to get a sense of what life was like way back then.

The swanky images in this series were taken in 1978 by Dinanda H. Nooney, and they show what life was like in Brooklyn during the 70s, specifically life indoors, for hundreds of people who called Brooklyn, New York home. The series, now known as The Nooney Brooklyn Photographs, contains over 500 gelatin silver prints and gives us an unparalleled look into the time before the borough became Hipster Heaven.

Via Dangerous Minds

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Spoof Ads Imagine Louis C.K. As Calvin Klein Spokesman

Fans of comedian and show creator Louis C.K. are aware that his initials don't stand for Calvin Klein, but Louis gets asked that question so often he's sick and tired of explaining that there's no relation between his initials and the fashion designer.

Even though there's no connection between the comedian and Calvin, it's fun to imagine what a CK One advertising campaign would look like if Louis C.K. was the spokesman, and that hilarious premise is the basis for a new spoof Tumblr called Louis CK One.

With ridiculous ads that feature Louis posing where only super toned supermodels have posed before, this is one site that's sure to bring the laughs- at least until the premise runs out of steam.

Via DesignTAXI

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MakerBot Toy Lines You Can Download And Print

One of the greatest things about the 3D printing revolution is that everyone’s ready and willing to share their creations. Those who are busy making models to be printed aren’t looking to make a fortune on their creations, they’d rather contribute to the cause by sharing their creations with the world for a low price, if not free, via download.

MakerBot has just released a bunch of different toy sets which can be bought for cheap via their website then printed at your leisure- if you're lucky enough to own a 3D printer. The sets range from super kiddie Chunky Trucks to fun retro styled sci-fi rocket ships in the Cosmic Cadets series and, my personal favorite, the fantasy series Dragons of Glastonbury, and at ten bucks a set they're just begging to be purchased, printed and played with!

Via Super Punch

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Behind The Magic- The Visual Effects Of Pacific Rim

(Video Link)

Audiences were blown away by the incredible CGI visuals in Guillermo Del Toro’s sci-fi flick Pacific Rim, so it comes as no surprise that they were created by one of the best visual effects companies in the biz- Industrial Light & Magic.

ILM spent two years creating the mind blowing viz fx for the film, and boy does their time and effort show in the finished product! Here’s a treat for both fans of the film and those who are interested in a behind-the-scenes peek at how ILM creates their digital magic-a three and a half minute long peek at how digital effects brought the dystopian world of Pacific Rim to life.

Via Nerd Approved

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Seven Minutes Of Sterling Archer One Liners

(Video Link)

He’s the animated spy with sophisticated style, a drinking problem and enough one liners to fill a little black book, he’s Sterling Archer and his appropriately titled animated series Archer has been blowing away audiences for four seasons with their raunchy adult humor and twisted view of the world of spydom.

With Archer coming back in 2014 for its fifth season, fans are craving a taste of what Codename: Duchess has in store for them this time around, so to tide you over Uproxx has put together a supercut of Archer’s greatest moments in witty repartee with Seven Minutes of Sterling Archer’s Best One Liners. (NSFW due to language)

Via Kotaku

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JuggaLOVE- A Dating Website For Juggalos

(Video Link)

Just because you wear clown makeup, base your entire life around rappers Insane Clown Posse, and were once considered thugs by those who mistook your face paint for gang affiliation, doesn’t mean you don’t want to find a Juggalo or Juggalette to call your own.

Now, there’s juggaLOVE, a dating site that caters to clown faced lovers who just want to kick back, down a few bottles of Faygo and get crazy with a fellow face painting superfan.

Created by L.A. based writer and director Chris Capal, whose favorite color happens to be Clown White, juggaLOVE is just what lonely and estranged people of all ages have been looking for, and should help keep them off the streets!

Via DesignTAXI

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Shot Putters Must Be Strong And Make Crazy Faces

The strain, the concentrated effort and the energy behind that heavy ball of iron thrown across the field by shot putters during competitions make the moments right before the shot is put priceless when they’re captured on film. But unless you record every Olympic event on your DVR and play back the seconds before the toss frame by frame you're not likely to catch these fleeting moments of facial madness.

Thanks to some fine folks from Reddit you can bask in the glory of shot putter's facial expressions with a series of candid photos, taken at just the right moment to capture all the greatness of those who launch iron balls for the sake of glory.

Via 22 Words

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