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Crazy Christmas Greetings From Norway

Christmas is about family, food and presents to most, but apparently for some wild and wooly folks Christmas is all about vodka, ice skating and chainsaws.

If you're one of these furry critters fine folks, basically a Cousin Eddie type, then YouTuber apetor from Norway is about to become your new internet hero.

(YouTube Link)

It seems mighty hard to keep up with apetor, and his Christmas cheer is more like X-Mas lunacy, but it'll definitely make you feel good about the kooks in your family!

-Via Cheezburger

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Confessions Of A Retail Worker

The holiday season is hardest on the poor retail workers who make our consumer spendfests possible with their blood, sweat and tears.

These wage warriors stand on the frontlines of capitalism, defending their stores from invading customer armies while trying to keep their tyrannical managenerals happy.

So when you hit the stores to do some last minute holiday shopping make sure you wave the white flag and show those overstressed and underpaid retail workers that you come in peace! (Comic by AC Stuart)

Read Confessions of a Retail Worker here  

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ASTEROID AND DINOSAUR - Dinos Are Terrible Drivers

ASTEROID AND DINOSAUR by Alexander Medvedev

A lot of people think the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid that landed on Earth and caused all kinds of problems on the planet's surface. While this may be true it's only half the story, because that asteroid was piloted by a dinosaur. Turns out dinosaurs had technology that allowed them to head into space and set up shop on another planet, and those who stayed behind on Earth were considered the enemy. These are all scientific facts that you don't need to look up or anything because they're all true, and the design on this tee proves it!

Change the way people see the past with this ASTEROID AND DINOSAUR t-shirt by Alexander Medvedev, it's one cute yet controversial design!

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Watermelon Shark And Ice Cream My Helper GIRAFFE ON A SWING

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Mark Hamill Discusses A Star Wars Sequel Back In 1983

Fans felt certain a sequel to the original Star Wars trilogy would follow close on the heels of Return Of The Jedi's success, and back in 1983 Mark Hamill was all ready to star in the sequel.

Little did he know that George Lucas' prediction about it taking almost thirty years to bring that beloved space opera back to the big screen was nearly spot on.

(Warning: This video contains a minor spoiler if you haven't seen The Force Awakens yet)

(YouTube Link)

On a side note- who brings a baby to a talk show taping?

-Via Geek Universe

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Images Of Terminally Ill Patients Living Out Their Final Wish

Organizations like Make-A-Wish do everything they can to grant the last requests of those not long for this world, and we often hear about these granted wishes after the terminally ill person passes away.

But delivering an exact moment when their (often lifelong) wish is granted is what these groups are all about, and while Netherlands-based Ambulance Wish Foundation is a new org they're already making big dreams come true.

These poignant yet heartwarming photographs demonstrate that those who have lived a full life tend to wish for simpler things, like a trip to a museum or a visit from a friendly giraffe, seemingly at peace with what's to come.

See 7 Powerful Photographs of Terminally Ill Patients Living Out Their Final Wishes here

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Hilarious Video Reveals The Truth About Photos Posted Online

Photos posted on social media outlets usually only tell part of what's actually going on at that moment, so the person posting the photos comes out smelling of roses instead of BS.

It's enough to make you wonder what the heck is going on with the subject of the photo to make them feel they need to edit or fabricate moments in their lives, which they then share like visual lies.

(YouTube Link)

Vietnamese artist Ho Anh Dúc demonstrates how photos posted to social networks are made, and how dumb people look during the making of these fabricated photos.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Farmer Uses Tractor To Write A Holiday Greeting In The Snow

Many farms are covered in snow this time of year, and fifth generation family owned Prunty farms has more snow than most because it's located in South Dakota, so what's a farmer to do during the off season?

Make snow art with their tractors, that's what, and farmer Dan Prunty is quite the artist when he's behind the wheel of his John Deere 6400 tractor.

Behold the strange beauty of a man spelling "Merry Christmas" in the snow with a tractor.

(YouTube Link)

It took Dan two acres of land covered in snow ten inches thick to properly spell out a Christmas greeting by tractor, and it took his son's drone camera to film the whole scene from the proper angle. They make a great team!

-Via CountryLiving

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Vintage Photos Of Prisoners Celebrating Christmas In Jail

Inmates celebrating Christmas at the Raymond Street Jail, Brooklyn New York, 1932

Christmas falls on December 25th whether you're free to celebrate the day or incarcerated for committing a crime, and even those facing life behind bars dredge up a bit of holiday cheer at the end of the year.

An inmate at the Orange County Jail playing Santa with a mop and paper hat, 1940s

Most prisons don't allow inmates to decorate their cells these days, but in the first half of the 20th century prisoners were allowed to put up decorations and celebrate the holidays just like everyone else.

Prisoners at the District Jail in Washington, D.C., 1909

These vintage photographs present a view of prison life that seems almost too serene to be true, but let's not forget what the less festive parts of jail, like the "drunk tank", looked like on Christmas morn circa way back when:

Christmas morning in the “drunk tank” in Downtown Los Angeles, 1952

See more Vintage Photos Of What It Was Like To Spend Christmas In Jail here

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Retro Lover - Keep It Old School Cool, Shaggy Daddy

Retro Lover by Juliana Motzko

Those who like old school stuff are said to be retro lovers, fans of simpler times when cartoons were cooler, television shows still had heart, and graphic design was totally groovy. Back in the day shaggy guys who lounged around the house were kept as pets instead of being dismissed as slackers, the hairier the better. What happened to those simple days and simple ways that made us smile? It doesn't matter, because no matter the year retro lovers always live like it's 1969!

Celebrate your dedication to the good old days with this Retro Lover t-shirt by Juliana Motzko, it's one adorably bold design...and I ain't lion!

Visit Juliana Motzko's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Tucano Edward Love Rain Cactus Landscape

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Thanos Thermos - Drink Til Infinity

Thanos Thermos by Sterling Arts & Design

Fresh from the fray and feeling like the king of the universe, Thanos felt like he could do anything he wanted with the rest of his immortal life...so he decided to start an insulated container company. The idea sounded really marvel-ous in his head, but once again he proved why people across the galaxy call him the Mad Titan. Thanos took every bit of gold he'd plundered to turn multiple planets into a massive network of factories, and soon the first batch of insulated beverage containers rolled off the production line. Sales were slow to start, but soon the word had spread about how hot and cool his containers kept beverages, and Tony Stark even took notice of the company and started buying stock. But Thanos knew nothing of business, and didn't realize that Stark becoming majority stockholder meant his business would fail and a new war would begin...

Keep your geeky wardrobe fresh with this Thanos Thermos t-shirt by Sterling Arts & Design, it's the bold way to stay warm and look cool at the same time!

Visit Sterling Arts & Design's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Release The Crackin! Threepio's Language Center Dr. Quinn, Menacing Woman

The Greatest American Hero

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Celebrate LAIKA's Tenth Anniversary With This Beautiful Behind-The-Scenes Reel

If you're wondering what cutting edge stop motion animation looks like you should watch the films made by LAIKA, but if you want to see how each film is made you'll have to watch all of the DVD bonus features.

However, in honor of their 10th anniversary LAIKA has put together this amazing, behind-the-scenes reel that peels back the curtain to give us a glimpse of how stop motion magic is made.

(YouTube Link)

Here's what LAIKA's President and CEO Travis Knight had to say about the studio's future:

“We are committed to telling stories that are thematically challenging, aesthetically beautiful, emotionally resonant, and a wee bit subversive. By combining stop-motion animation with cutting-edge creative approaches, we’ve embraced the fusion of art and craft and technology, honoring tradition while looking toward the future. But we’re never satisfied. There’s an inherent restlessness at LAIKA. We always want to challenge ourselves.”

Read more about LAIKA here

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Not Sure How To Feel About This Girl's Gross Out Food Videos

(Video Link)

I'm not sure whether these strange videos posted on Facebook by Showry are foodporn or postmodern feminist comedy made with a South Korean sense of humor in mind, but they definitely whet my appetite for internet oddities!

(Video Link)

Showry's sexy food themed videos are meant to poke fun at the South Korean social media trend of Muk-bang, or "eating broadcasts", which feature attractive guys and gals gorging themselves on food.

But unlike the seductive cam model element found in traditional Muk-bang vids, Showry's strange foodie funtime is more likely to make viewers lose their appetites.

(Video Link)

See more from Showry at BuzzFeed

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Science Explains Why Cats Are Always Knocking Over Our Stuff

 photo eb751f44ebc5b453a2d452ae302098f4_zpsalsp2k3x.gif

Cats are nimble and said to always land on their feet, with extremely quick reflexes and the ability to squeeze into any space where they can fit their whiskers.

They're obviously not clumsy animals, so why are they always knocking stuff off our tables? Are they actually just being jerks, mocking their humans by breaking our stuff?

(YouTube Link)

Scientifically speaking the answer is no, and according to research done by Katherine Houpt, a professor of veterinary behavior at Cornell University, cats knock over our stuff to get our attention.

They also like to swat stuff off tables because of their predatory instinct to strike with their paws, so the swatting could actually be seen as a kind of training exercise for hunting. And Pretty soon they'll be hunting for a new place to live if they keep knocking stuff over!

-Via Thrivewire

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Memphis Kings - Elvis Versus The Harlem Globetrotters

Memphis Kings by Bobby Bernethy

Memphis is home to many things its citizens are proud of- the Blues and the birthplace of Rock 'N' Roll, delicious food, sweet Southern hospitality and Graceland. But there's one thing that doesn't quite sit right with the good folks who call Memphis home- their basketball team is called the Grizzlies. The name made sense when the team was in Vancouver, but the only grizzly bears roaming around Memphis are really hairy drunk guys with their shirts off. Isn't it time for Memphis' pro basketball team to change their name to something more suitable for their city, something that everyone can easily recognize as a part of Memphis culture?

Show the world you're voting to rename the team with this Memphis Kings t-shirt by Bobby Bernethy, it's a rockin' good tee whether you're a Grizzlies fan or not!

Visit Bobby Bernethy's Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Cool Story Glenn! Toronto Drakes L.A.N.C.E. Clippers You Trying To Get The Pipe?

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Zelda Ugly Sweater - Made With Triforce Infused Fabric

Zelda Ugly Sweater by Dandingeroz

It's dangerous to go out alone and uncovered, especially when it's storming outside and the winds of battle are in the air, so take it from Link and keep your torso properly covered. There's nothing like a fine and festive tunic to keep your chest from catching cold, and when that Hyrule winter comes around you can throw on a long sleeve fleece tunic and keep the chill out where it belongs. They say the first step to becoming a hero is training and practice, but I say the first step is acquiring the proper wardrobe!

You'll look like a legend in this Zelda Ugly Sweater t-shirt by Dandingeroz, featuring a fun design that's truly worthy of your video gaming greatness!

Visit Dandingeroz's NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

I Want To Believe Rockazilla Halloween Town The Lord Crow

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The Five Dates We'll All Go On, Illustrated

Most dates have certain key elements in common-the fancy restaurant that charges way too much, the dater who only agreed to go out with you for a free meal, the awkward conversation or, even worse, coming face-to-face with the dreaded babbler.

When you meet someone you really like you should hang on tight and play the dating game right, so you can go on that most amazing of all dates- the hung-over bed date!

Comic artist AC Stuart presents the succinctly named strip 5 Dates You'll Go On, which plays out pretty slice-of-life right up until the very end...

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An Honest Interpretation Of "Baby It's Cold Outside"

The song "Baby It's Cold Outside" has become a staple of the holiday season, but personally I've always found the lyrics to be a bit creepy.

The guy in the song sounds like he's trying to politely insist that the woman stay with him, and he's practically willing to pretend like there's a snowpocalypse going on outside to keep her at his side.

It's the kind of insistence that often leads to an uncomfortable situation (and sometimes allegations of sexual harassment), but at least it also led to a hilarious video starring Scott Aukerman and Casey Wilson!

-Via Funny Or Die

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Ten Of The Worst Photoshop Fails Of 2015

Image manipulation software is used on everything from social media selfies to magazine spreads these days, and some celebs won't allow images of themselves to be released without a Photoshop touch up.

This pursuit of digital perfection leads to unrealistic beauty standards, strange moments when the star isn't recognized without their "makeup", and some delightful Photoshop disasters that make us LOL.

Remember when Kim K posed nude in the desert and her posterior began to swell 'neath the desert sun? Well now ya do!

And what about the dog calendar butthole cover up scandal that made a poor little pug cry and caught the attention of the ASPCA?

Do what you want with Kim K., Photoshoppers, but leave that poor puppy alone!

See the The 10 Worst Photoshopped Pictures Of 2015 here

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Actors Who Had No Clue What Their Movie Was About

It may seem impossible for an actor to play a role on camera while having no clue what the movie they're working on is about, but money makes people do funny things.

Actors often receive scripts and don't bother to read the whole thing or ask the producers what their character and scene are all about, which leads to a "WTF am I doing in this movie?!" moment.

Judi Dench was completely lost while playing Aereon in The Chronicles of Riddick, and when she was asked about the film in 2015 she replied ""I've never watched it and I don't think many other people have."

That kind of cavalier attitude is nothing new in Hollywood, and actors have appeared in movies they hate simply for the money from the beginning, even if that hated film is later seen as a classic.

British actor Leslie Howard played Ashley Wilkes in Gone With The Wind, a role he despised in a movie he hated so much that he never bothered to watch it in it's entirety.

But Leslie didn't endure that cinematic tripe for the money- he was offered the opportunity to produce another movie if he would just suffer through a "terrible lot of nonsense" called Gone With The Wind.

Read 6 Actors Who Had No Clue What Their Movie Was About here

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The 10 Most Googled GIFs of 2015

 photo unexected john cena_zps6mk79eys.gif

Those of you who thought the internet's interest in GIFs would have died out by now were dead wrong, because the animated magic is alive and well on the interwebs!

Taking a look back at the most popular GIFs of 2015 means asking Google for their official results, which shows movie star/madman Shia LaBeouf holds the number one spot with this clip from his bizarre motivational video.

 photo shia just do it_zpsnleklvht.gif

The GIF at the top of this post is entitled Unexpected John Cena and it ranked number two on Google's top ten list, with Drake's Hotline Bling dance in GIF form coming in at number three.

 photo 102015-music-drake-hotline-bling-gif-8_zpsjjccir8s.gif

Want to see who else made Google's top ten list? Check out The 10 Most Popular GIFs of 2015 here and let your eyeballs fill up on the year's best!

<a href="http://smg.photobucket.com/user/whysteriastar/media/unexected%20john%20cena_zps6mk79eys.gif.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v600/whysteriastar/unexected%20john%20cena_zps6mk79eys.gif" border="0" alt=" photo unexected john cena_zps6mk79eys.gif"/></a>

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DEADPOOL- CHIMICHANGAS - Vote For The Guy Who Can't Die!


With all the clowns, deadbeats and villains running for President in 2016 wouldn't it be refreshing to see a candidate speak their mind and actually make a promise they can keep? Well nobody speaks their mind like that merc with a mouth Wade Wilson, and he'll make good on his promise to deliver chimichangas for us all! That's why we're urging you to ignore all those creeps, weirdos and sourpuss scumbags and vote for the guy who puts his money where his mouth should be and vote Deadpool for President in 2016. Remember- you could do a lot worse, and at least you'll get a free chimi out of it!

Get geared up for election season with this DEADPOOL- CHIMICHANGAS t-shirt by Kakha, it's the stylish way to cast your vote for the candidate who won't disappoint!

Visit Kakha's NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:

God Of Mischief Totoro Pika Tokyo Ghoul-Kaneki

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You've Been Spooked - It Took 45 Minutes To Print This Message!

You've Been Spooked by ThanksAnyway

Kyle decided to stay late because like a lot of his young urban professional brethren he was trying to work his way to the top of a money pile so he can coast through the rest of his life. He had been working so long that the green letters on his screen started to run together, and Kyle wondered when those nerds would get around to making color computer monitors. He checked his watch, noticed the time was now 9:30 p.m. and decided to call it a day. He turned off his computer, stood up and put his jacket on and began to walk towards the elevator when he heard a faint voice calling his name. He stopped and listened closely for the sound, but heard nothing. He though "must've been the wind" and started to walk away when computers all over the office suddenly sprang to life, and every printer in the place started printing dot matrix nightmares...

Take your geeky style back to a simpler time with this You've Been Spooked t-shirt by ThanksAnyway, it's sure to make an impression on those who take modern computing for granted!

Visit ThanksAnyway's Facebook fan page and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more strange and wonderful designs:

Pixix Be An Insbearation SWF Keep It Dank

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Ugly Anime Christmas Sweater - One Mighty Neighborly Tee

Ugly Anime Christmas Sweater by CoyoDesign

The holidays are the time of year when we feel like being more neighborly, and if you're looking for advice on the subject you should pay a visit to the neighbor who gives everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling- Totoro! He would make the perfect Christmas ambassador, to show folks how fun and filling the holiday festivities can be. There would be no more need of sleigh rides, we'd all ride on the catbus, and the gifts would come straight from a studio called Ghibli, makers of your wildest dreams...

Add some anime cheer to your geeky wardrobe with this Ugly Anime Christmas Sweater t-shirt by CoyoDesign, it's an adorable way to spread some good cheer throughout the new year!

Visit CoyoDesign's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Freddy And Friends Are Ready For Halloween Pixel Neighbor Black, White and No Moon Little Tree In Your Pocket

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Unicorn Zombie - What's That Magical Stench?

Unicorn Zombie by RicoMambo

Unicorns are majestic and beautiful creatures when they're alive, but when they are turned into one of the walking dead all those good looks go right out the window! If you ever see a zombie unicorn shambling around the fantasy forest you'd better hope it doesn't know you're there, or it will do a whole lot more than just eat your brains. Magical and wholesome as they may be in life, the zombie unicorn is one of the most evil creatures you'll ever encounter, and I hope you have a good healer in your adventuring party if you ever run into one in the wild!

Bring a touch of putrid beauty to your geeky wardrobe with this Unicorn Zombie t-shirt by RicoMambo, it's the most colorful way to change the way people see unicorns...and zombies!

Visit RicoMambo's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Space Unicorn Conquerors Tomb Rider Spider Web

View more designs by RicoMambo | More Horror T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Man Accidentally Sends Five-Year-Old Son To School In Obscene Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage these days, and those knit nightmares have gone from something you dig up at a thrift store to win a party contest to common holiday wear for men, women and children. 

But young kids don't always get why the ugly sweater they're wearing is funny, and therefore might get sent to school wearing something inappropriate for an elementary school age audience.

When Imgur user angryhamzter sent his five-year-old son to school in this ugly sweater he claims he didn't think twice about why Merry Christmas was written in yellow, that is, until his kid's kindergarten teacher pointed out the problem.

It's a hilarious sweater and a clever way to teach kids not to eat the yellow snow, now that's what I call educational!

-Via Distractify

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Student Recreates Her Mom's Italian Travel Photos 30 Years Later

Children often wonder what it would be like to walk in their parents' footsteps, to go where they have gone and see what they saw before family life grounds them.

For most of us that idea of retracing our parents' footsteps is simply a flight of fancy, because of financial hurdles and the fact that our parents usually don't remember exactly where they went.

But for college student Lydia Coutré it was easy to go where her mother had gone when she'd visited Italy thirty years earlier because her mom took a ton of photos, which Lydia used as a pictorial tour guide.

Her trip down memory lane wasn't about the journey, because she would be spending a semester studying in Italy anyway, but it was no less important when completed and posted to her blog.

Lydia's photos show us how much, or how little, Italy has changed in the last thirty years, and the whole thing was great practice for her future career in journalism.

-Via People

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Fifteen Souvenirs Movie Stars Took From The Set

Shooting a movie can be bittersweet for some actors, because they're left with nothing to remember the experience by but hours of footage and a script.

If they're lucky they might walk away with the costumes they wore in the movie, or some sort of prop, but studios generally don't allow anyone to hang on to anything from the production, A-list actor or not.

But sometimes actors feel they must have a souvenir from the set, because shooting the film meant so much to them they simply can't bear the thought of living without a memento.

The Harry Potter films mean the world to cast members Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, but the production had a strict "no props leave the set" policy in place, so prized souvenirs had to be snagged.

Daniel Radcliffe took two pairs of Harry Potter's glasses, which he says are "tiny now, but...very sweet", and Emma Watson went full klepto and stole Hermione's wand, Time-Turner and cloak.

Young actors aren't the only ones prone to snatching props from the set when they want a souvenir- veteran actor James Caan took home the iconic Royal typewriter after filming Misery, and Kathy Bates says she still has "that sledgehammer" sitting around her house somewhere...

Read 15 Souvenirs Film Stars Took From The Set at mental_floss

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This Ninja Turtles Fan Film Is A Bloody Good Time

People often assume the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series is for kids, since the cartoon series is so watered down, but the TMNT weren't afraid to get their hands dirty in the comics.

After all, Master Splinter did train the boys to be ninjas, so they should know more about chopping heads than sewer surfing, and yet there's very little blood shed in a TMNT film...until now.

(NSFW due to language and violence)

(YouTube Link)

Ninja Turtles: Veterans of the Night was created by TheMigmeisterPro (Miguel Diaz-Rivera) as his art school thesis project, and it already looks a heck of a lot better than the Michael Bay version!

-Via Polygon

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Some Of The Funniest Amazon Reviews Of 2015

Amazon continued to crush the competition in 2015 by offering Sunday delivery, talking about drone delivery and starting to offer both food and grocery delivery, so we don't need to leave the house ever again.

But for some the amazing product reviews are what really draws them to Amazon, and 2015 was a great year to read some random reviews.

From the discovery that a dietary supplement has hidden supernatural properties to the discovery that a tent shipped without a tarp has the power to cure hepatitis, all sold by the dream brokers at Amazon.

Read 17 Of The Most Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of 2015 here

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Guess Which Holiday Facts Are Actually Lies

Myths and legends are an inherent part of the holiday season, and that means many of the "facts" we've been told about the holidays are nothing but lies.

It's obvious Santa Claus doesn't really live at the North Pole, but you'd be surprised how many people think he wears red and white because of Coca-Cola, or that he's not actually tracked by NORAD. LIES!

(YouTube Link)

This simple little video from The Scene will probably be pretty easy for our readers to ace, but show it to your friends and family this holiday season and you'll be amazed by how much they don't know!


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